Class hour “Patience is the key that opens doors”

Trying to gain everything at once has never benefited anyone. Most people lose control of their own minds once patience reaches its boiling point. By giving up, a person automatically loses the path to personal or professional growth.

Often, patience is not so much the correct setting of tasks and purposeful movement towards a goal, but the ability to refuse certain benefits in favor of future achievements.

Why is it so important to remain patient?

We all need a lot of patience sometimes. A certain reserve of patience is inherent in every person by nature and depends on the type of temperament. The only question is how long this supply will last.

To determine your own level of patience, it is enough to think about how long you can be in a state of descent while waiting for a specific result.

Patience can be associated with the ability to control oneself in critical, atypical and unfavorable situations. Without patience, bringing a serious matter to its logical conclusion turns out to be almost impossible. Having not received the expected result, a person automatically gives up. Systematic repetition of such actions creates obsessive thoughts about the futility of efforts. As a result, a person’s thinking is programmed to fear failure.

Quotes about patience and endurance

Those who know how to wait sooner or later get what they deserve. Of course, not every one of us can boast of good endurance, but it is definitely worth working on it diligently. Do you want to start re-educating yourself? Make sure you have good motivation for this.

An effective motivating tool is beautiful and inspiring quotes. Interesting aphorisms can also serve as a reminder of why you are taking a waiting position and perhaps suppressing your own emotions.

Patience is a mysterious force that equips the weak and the strong.

Patience is a wonderful quality, but over time it makes us indifferent. M. Martin du Gard.

Those who know how to wait will wait for more.

Have patience! Let the dirt settle and the water become clear, then the right actions will begin to suggest themselves.

Everything comes in due time for those who know how to wait.

There is a limit beyond which patience ceases to be a virtue. Edmund Burke.

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

The main companion of wisdom is patience. Saint Augustine.

Tolerance and patience are practically the only keys to acquiring noble qualities of character.

The Almighty answers in three ways. He says yes and gives you what you wanted. Says “no” and gives what is best. He says “be patient” and gives the best. Jalaluddin Rumi.

Where there is even a drop of love, there is an ocean of patience.

What can a lack of patience in everyday affairs lead to?

Patience is, first of all, effective thinking aimed at controlling one’s own behavior.
This is about refraining from hasty conclusions and actions that could cause harm in a particular situation. What to do when you need patience? In this case, there are only two possible options: accept your own defeat or spend additional time looking for new ways and solutions to achieve your goal. Lack of patience in daily activities leads to loss of interest in finding fresh solutions.


Look at our Lord Jesus Christ. He was shamed, spat upon, falsely testified, slandered. They also hit, beat, condemned, and put to death. Then they crucified, nailed to the cross, mocked, gloated... And having endured all this injustice, malice, human dislike for the same person as themselves, endure the dislike of His creation, like God.

Patience is the conqueror of evil

And the Lord emerged victorious from this situation. He is risen! His resurrection put to shame the unbelief, cruelty, gloating, arrogance, contempt, and conceit of man. It attacks evil... and all this through patience. Only it brings a crown, brings victory!

It can also be manifested in the creation of evil, when they wait to strike, crush the victim, catch him in their nets, kill him. But that patience is without love, and its end is worthy according to its deeds - dishonor. And although the memory of the villain lives on, it is with censure and reproach. Patience with love gives glory.

Reward for Patience

Look how they honor and remember a man who laid down his life for his neighbor. He is glorified as a hero and is remembered from generation to generation. How many centuries have passed, but many people know the prophet Moses, even unchurched people. How much time has passed, but the name of the Lord Jesus Christ has not been forgotten! It has not been erased, and the memory of Him lives on, and His name is glorified by all nations! And all knees bow, heavenly, earthly and underworld. And this is patience with love.

The ability to endure is what crowns a person. The end of the patient is glory, praise, respect, honor and love, gratitude. The patient is rewarded. Where there is patience, there is victory.

Impatience is a bad memory

Judas Iscariot showed impatience; here and now he needed to get his own piece of land, increase respect for himself, and leave a memory of himself on earth. And what is the end of his impatience? He went and hanged himself. And although the memory of him lives on from generation to generation, yes, without honor, he is endlessly condemned. I think there is no person who would dream of becoming like him and ending his life like him. And here it is impatience.

How important is it to practice patience from an early age?

Patience is an extremely important ability not only for an adult, but also for a child. The baby simply must learn the skills of patience, because later additional difficulties may arise with this.

Parents who do not want to spend time developing patience in their child may later pay with a constant struggle with the spoiled nature of the child, since the latter will get used to getting what he wants on demand. However, one should not establish too strict rules of upbringing here either. You can instill a sense of patience in a child through personal example, manifestations of love, and increased demands. Naturally, for this to happen, the parents themselves need to remain patient.

Basic principles of developing patience in a child:

  1. Parents must once and for all give up openly demonstrating their impatient attitude in the family circle, even if the child has an obnoxious character. This will allow you to gradually instill in your own child the necessary attitude towards what is happening.
  2. You should not be overly impatient when visiting public places, for example, while waiting in line at the checkout line at a store. Minor misunderstandings when dealing with strangers will certainly not teach your child to behave patiently.
  3. It is worth thinking about gradually moving away from fulfilling the child’s urgent demands. Of course, it is simply necessary to come to the child’s aid, but only in cases where the child really cannot cope with the task on his own.
  4. Even when your child’s consistent attempts to figure something out do not bring results, you should not do it instead. Otherwise, the child’s requests for help may become systematic in cases where the task needs to be done really quickly and efficiently.

Aphorisms about patience

Everything comes to those who know how to wait. (Lev Tolstoy)

Never lose patience - this is the last key that opens all doors. (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

Many people believe that patience in a moment of defeat is a sign of weakness. In my opinion, this is a mistake. It is anger that is a sign of weakness, while patience is a sign of strength. If a person defends his point of view on the basis of convincing arguments, he maintains self-confidence and sometimes even smiles, proving that he is right. If his arguments are unfounded, and he is about to lose face, then he becomes furious, loses control and begins to talk nonsense. People rarely get angry if they are confident in what they are doing. Anger usually strikes us in moments of confusion and confusion. (Dalai Lama XIV)

Tolerance of the majority: they don't mind if an ant gets in their way. (Sigmund Graff)

A patient person has a lot of intelligence, but an irritable person shows stupidity. (Bible)

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. (Jean Jacques Rousseau)

The ability to tolerate failure is the hardest to achieve, since this quality directly depends on the belief in happiness. Faith prepares a person to endure any difficulties. (Oleg Torsunov)

There is a limit beyond which patience and tolerance cease to be a virtue. (Edmund Burke)

He who is able to endure is able to achieve whatever he wants. (Benjamin Franklin)

We cannot stand people with the same shortcomings as us. (Oscar Wilde)

A moment of patience in a moment of anger prevents thousands of moments of regret. (Unknown author)

Patience should lead to better relationships. If you tolerate correctly, the relationship will improve; if you tolerate incorrectly, it will worsen. If you feel that you are developing a negative attitude towards people, it is better to change something. This is not the right patience. (Vyacheslav Ruzov)

If we want to cultivate patience, then we need someone who would wholeheartedly want to harm us. Such people offer true opportunities for the practice of patience. They test our inner strength as no guru can test it. In general, patience protects us from despondency and despair. (Dalai Lama XIV)

The real sign by which you can recognize a true sage is patience. (Henrik Ibsen)

Patience and respect in family negotiations will “grind out” any conflicts. (Oleg Roy)

A person with a huge reserve of patience and tolerance goes through life with a special degree of calm and tranquility.
Such a person is not only happy and emotionally balanced, but he is also healthier and less susceptible to illness. He has a strong will, a good appetite, and it is easier for him to fall asleep, because his conscience is clear. (Dalai Lama XIV) Print / Save as PDF / Send by E-mail


Patience is an extremely useful skill that needs to be used if the situation really requires it.
Often, a person gives up just before the finish line, but it only took a few steps to get to what he wanted. People who never manage to bring what they start to its logical conclusion should draw strength from motivation, which may be the desire to defeat oneself for the first time in a difficult but completely solvable situation.

The future of each person promises certain prospects. Therefore, it is worth trying to demonstrate more patience, thinking carefully about the available personal reserves. It is necessary to spend energy on developing patience here and now, because after a while it may be too late.

How Victory is Given

But if you think carefully, how was victory achieved? Here are two peoples at war, one is an invader, and the other is defending itself from the conqueror, trying not only not to allow itself to be enslaved, but also to defeat its enemy. And who wins the battle? Aren't you patient?

Patience is the key to the doors of heaven and worldly humility

Nobody likes a protracted battle, because it is exhausting, you get tired of it, and most importantly, from a long stay in hostilities, the soul begins to yearn for the world, and little by little despondency creeps into the heart for the old life. But despondency does not betray your strength, it undermines them and relaxes them. Our Lord Jesus Christ says:

Through your patience you will gain your souls” (Luke 21:19).

Patience is the path to Victory

How important it is in our lives to be able to endure. Patience does not murmur, does not complain, does not become irritated, is not dissatisfied, does not become embittered, and does not take revenge. When patience is in good spirits, it forgives, has mercy, and is compassionate. Patience does not lose heart! And patience does not complain, is not indignant, is not indignant, does not feel sorry for itself, does not get angry, does not curse. Patience does not respond with evil to evil; it endures everything. And this is Victory!

How to become patient

Martyrdom is long-suffering. And where do you learn patience if not from the martyrs and confessors of the Orthodox Church? Their martyrdom is the pinnacle of the virtue of patience. But everything starts somewhere. The ability to endure must be cultivated from small beginnings. Tolerate little: a reproachful word, an unkind look, a harsh word, an unfair attitude. Please tolerate someone’s dislike, someone’s imperfection. Be patient without judging another... because someone is also putting up with you.

The Lord has given us, who believe in Him, a little duty: not to condemn anyone, to love everyone and forgive everyone, and not to lose heart in sorrows. And all of Christianity is in these obligations.

Happy holiday!

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