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Quotes from Lermontov

Prepared by: Dmitry Sirotkin
They well convey the inconsistency of his personality and aspirations.

About life

What are passions? - after all, sooner or later their sweet illness Will disappear at the word of reason; And life, as you look around with cold attention, is such an empty and stupid joke...

The soul either submits to natural inclinations, or fights with them, or defeats them. This results in the villain, the crowd and people of high virtue.

Desires. What benefit is in vain and eternal desire. And the years pass - all the best years!

Life is not a reward for the vanquished.

...Life is like a ball: You spin around - it’s fun: everything around is light, clear... I just returned home, took off my crumpled outfit - And forgot everything, and was just tired.

For every bright moment or sweet moment, you will pay fate with tears and prayers.

The man is a carriage; mind is the coachman; money and dating - horses; The more horses there are, the faster and faster the carriage gallops up the hill.

How boring life is when there is no struggle.

What is the use of deep knowledge, thirst for fame, talent and ardent love of freedom when we cannot use them?

No matter what Walter or Descartes interprets, The world for me is a deck of cards, Life is a bank: fate threatens, I play. And I apply the rules of the game to people.

Moving away from the conditions of society and approaching nature, we involuntarily become children: everything acquired falls away from the soul, and it becomes again the same as it once was and, most likely, will be someday again.

In nature, opposing causes often produce the same effects: a horse falls on its feet equally from stagnation and from excessive riding.

And someone put a stone in his outstretched hand.

I go out alone on the road; Through the fog the flinty path shines; The night is quiet. The desert listens to God, And star speaks to star.

About life ethics

Learn to be happy in different ways.

And everything that he saw before him, he despised or hated.

The point is not to have more days in life, but to have more life in the days.

If all people thought more, they would be convinced that life is not worth caring so much about.

Don’t tell anyone about your misfortunes: it will sadden your friends and cheer your enemies.

A person has offended you, but you go and do him good, give him the warmth and affection of your soul, and the knot will be untied, the anchor will fall from your heart. After this, you will both live and breathe easier.

What are women's tears? Water!

Fame is luck, and to achieve it, you just need to be clever.

In a difficult moment of life, Is there sadness in my heart, I repeat one wonderful prayer by heart.

About women

Women only love those they don't know.

Since poets have been writing and women have been reading them, they have been called angels so many times that they actually, in the simplicity of their souls, believed this compliment, forgetting that the same poets for money called Nero a demigod.

Judging the soul and mind of a woman by dancing a mazurka with her is the same as judging the opinion and feelings of a journalist by reading one of his articles.

A strange thing is the human heart in general, and the female heart in particular!

Russian young ladies for the most part feed only on platonic love, and platonic love is the most restless.

There is nothing more paradoxical than the female mind. It is difficult to convince women of anything: you need to bring them to the point that they convince themselves. To learn their dialectics, you need to overturn in your mind all the school rules of logic.

Ladies have no other occupation than to hide the past dozen years.

Dresses are necessary for a woman's happiness, like flowers in spring.

About relationships

There was love without joy, Separation will be without sadness...

Everyone wants others to be happy according to their way of thinking - and thus they wound the heart without having the means to heal.

I am the one whose gaze destroys hope; I'm the one no one loves.

My love did not bring happiness to anyone, because I did not sacrifice anything for those I loved.

The person who needs you will always find a way to be there.

I will not humble myself before you; Neither your greeting nor your reproach have power over my soul. Know: we are strangers from now on.

So an abandoned temple is still a temple, a defeated idol is still a god!

All this would be funny, If it weren’t so sad...

I'm sad... because you're having fun...

Everything is clear jealousy - but there is no evidence!

About love

It’s sad, but I must admit that the purest love is half mixed with pride.

Be in love. but who? For a while - it’s not worth the effort, But it’s impossible to love forever.

Fear love: it will pass, It will disturb your mind with a dream, Longing for it will kill you, Nothing will help you to resurrect.

Respect has boundaries, while love does not.

Take back that tender look that set my heart on fire.

About a human

Joys are forgotten, but sorrows are never forgotten.

My friend, I don’t like people so as not to despise them.

If a person himself has become worse, then everything seems worse to him...

The same empty person who is filled with himself.

Those people deserve respect who, regardless of the situation, time and place, remain the same as they really are.

When the eyes are praised, it means that the rest is no good.

In the hearts of simple people, the feeling of the beauty and grandeur of nature is stronger, a hundred times more vivid, than in us, enthusiastic storytellers in words and on paper.

A genius chained to an official's desk must die or go mad, just as a man with a powerful physique, with a sedentary life and modest behavior, dies of apoplexy.

About Me

My soul, I remember, from childhood was looking for the Miraculous.

He tore himself out of his children's clothes early and threw his heart into the sea of ​​noisy life; And the world did not spare - and God did not save!

And it’s boring, and sad, and there’s no one to give a hand to in a moment of spiritual adversity.

My laughter is as heavy as lead: It is the fruit of the emptiness of my heart.

No, I’m not Byron, I’m different, a still unknown chosen one, like him, a wanderer persecuted by the world, but only with a Russian soul.

To tell the truth, no one is very concerned about my fate.

It's not death that I'm afraid of. Oh no! I'm afraid to disappear completely.

My testament: put a stone; and - let nothing be written on it, if my name alone is not enough to give it immortality!

About Russia and Russians

I love the Fatherland, but with a strange love!

Farewell, unwashed Russia, Country of slaves, country of masters, And you, blue uniforms, And you, people devoted to them.

Tell me, uncle, it’s not for nothing that Moscow, burned by fire, was given to the Frenchman?

The Russian people, this hundred-armed giant, would rather endure the cruelty and arrogance of their ruler than his weakness; he wants to be punished - in fairness, he agrees to serve - but he wants to be proud of slavery, wants to raise his head to look at his master, and will forgive him for the excess of vices rather than the lack of virtues.

I was involuntarily amazed by the ability of the Russian person to apply himself to the customs of those peoples among whom he happens to live.

About the poet and poetry

What is the life of a poet without suffering? And what is the ocean without a storm?

The poet is dead! - a slave of honor, - Fell, slandered by rumor, With lead in his chest and a thirst for revenge, Hanging his proud head.

Words descend on thoughts breathing with power like pearls.

About fate

And if there is definitely predestination, then why are we given will, reason?

The law of fate is indestructible; We are all insignificant before him.

A person who certainly wants something forces fate to give in: fate is a woman!

About passions

Below him is a stream of lighter azure, Above him is a golden ray of sun. And he, the rebellious one, asks for the storm, As if there is peace in the storms!

Alas! he does not seek happiness and does not run from happiness!

Oh happiness

What is happiness? Intense pride.

Believe me - happiness is only where they love us, where they believe us!

We do not value earthly happiness.

About self-love

Oh self-love! you are the lever with which Archimedes wanted to lift the globe!

Self-love, not the heart, is the weakest part of a man, like the heel of Achilles.

He does not know people and their weak strings, because his whole life he has been focused on himself.

About death

Well, die, then die! The loss for the world is small, and I myself am quite bored. I am like a man yawning at a ball who does not go to bed only because his carriage is not yet there. But the carriage is ready - goodbye!

Nothing can happen worse than death, and you can’t escape death.

Thinking about imminent and possible death, I think about one thing: others don’t even do this.

About evil

Evil begets evil; the first suffering gives the concept of pleasure in torturing another; the idea of ​​evil cannot enter a person’s head without him wanting to apply it to reality.

Why, why, where does evil come from? If there is a God, then how can there be evil? If there is evil, then how can there be God?

About spiritual cold

And we hate, and we love by chance, Without sacrificing anything, neither malice nor love, And some kind of secret cold reigns in the soul, When fire boils in the blood.

And life already torments us, like a smooth path without a goal, Like a feast at someone else’s holiday.

About contemporaries

In a gloomy and soon-forgotten crowd, we will pass over the world without noise or trace, without abandoning to the centuries a fertile thought, or the genius of the work begun.

About friendship

Of two friends, one is always the slave of the other, although often neither of them admits this to himself.

There are strange people who treat their friends like they treat a dress: they use it until they wear it out, and then they throw it away.

About miscellaneous

Sadness is a cruel ruler.

A million, but here you don’t need a face, no mind, no soul, no name - Mr. Million - that’s all.

On the ocean of air, Without a rudder and without sails, Silently floating in the fog Choirs of slender luminaries

There there is good for good, and blood for blood, And hatred is immeasurable, like love.

Interestingly, the themes of quotes are generally similar in Lermontov and other Russian poets and writers, but their content stands out noticeably even against this not very cheerful background.

Here is what Vissarion Belinsky wrote about one of his meetings with Lermontov: My God! How much aesthetic sense this man has! What a tender and subtle poetic soul he has. No wonder I was so drawn to him. I finally managed to see him in his true light. But he's an eccentric! He, I think, regrets that he allowed himself to be himself even for a minute - I’m sure of it...

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Sayings of great people about the Russian language

    That the Russian language is one of the richest languages ​​in the world, there is no doubt about it. (V. G. Belinsky)

To handle language in a haphazard manner means to think haphazardly: imprecisely, approximately, incorrectly. (A.N. Tolstoy).

There are no sounds, colors, images and thoughts - complex and simple - for which there would not be an exact expression in our language. You can do wonders with the Russian language! (K. G. Paustovsky).

The Russian language is inexhaustibly rich, and everything is enriched with amazing speed. (Maksim Gorky).

You marvel at the preciousness of our language: every sound is a gift; everything is grainy, large, like the pearl itself, and truly, another name is more precious than the thing itself. (N.V. Gogol).

Take care of our language, our beautiful Russian language is a treasure, this is an asset passed on to us by our predecessors! Handle this powerful tool with respect; in skillful hands it is capable of performing miracles. (I.S. Turgenev).

True love for one's country is unthinkable without love for one's language. (K. G. Paustovsky).

Language, our magnificent language. There is expanse of river and steppe in it, In it are the screams of an eagle and the roar of a wolf, The chanting, and the ringing, and the incense of pilgrimage. (K.D. Balmont).

Pushkin also spoke about punctuation marks. They exist to highlight a thought, bring words into the correct relationship, and give a phrase ease and proper sound. Punctuation marks are like musical notations. They hold the text firmly and do not allow it to crumble. (K. G. Paustovsky).

The beauty, greatness, strength and richness of the Russian language is abundantly clear from books written in past centuries, when our ancestors not only did not know any rules for writing, but they hardly even thought that they existed or could exist. (M.V. Lomonosov).

The Russian language in skillful hands and experienced lips is beautiful, melodious, expressive, flexible, obedient, dexterous and capacious. (A.I. Kuprin).

In days of doubt, in days of painful thoughts about the fate of my homeland, you alone are my support and support, oh great, mighty, truthful and free Russian language. It is impossible to believe that such a language was not given to a great people! (I.S. Turgenev).

The Russian language is inexhaustibly rich and everything is being enriched with amazing speed. (M. Gorky).

You marvel at the preciousness of our language: every sound is a gift: everything is grainy, large, like the pearl itself, and, truly, another name is even more precious than the thing itself. (N.V. Gogol).

Our beautiful language, under the pen of uneducated and inexperienced writers, is quickly declining. Words are distorted. Grammar fluctuates. Spelling, this heraldry of the language, changes at the will of one and all. (A.S. Pushkin).

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