Statuses about betrayal of girlfriends. Heartfelt poems for an ex-girlfriend


*** A betrayed friend is a friend who has been betrayed...

*** She got used to betrayal, to pain and dirt...

*** Goodbye my friend, because friendship is not a toy...

*** You can survive your friend’s betrayal! You just need to understand that you were not her friend!

*** He who betrayed once will betray again.

*** You cannot forgive betrayal, lies and betrayal!!! especially friends!

*** It’s hard to come to terms with the betrayal of friends. But you checked how good friends they were!

*** Women find it difficult to decide to cheat, but once they decide, they don’t stop.

*** Don't trust anyone, don't tell your secrets to anyone and no one will ever betray you.

*** Friendship has changed so much that it allows for betrayal, does not require meetings, correspondence, heated conversations, and even allows for the presence of one friend.

*** A true friend always rejoices at your successes, and does not say that it’s all nonsense...

*** Betrayal can be expected from a friend, from a guy, but not from parents...

*** There is no female friendship??? Lie... A friend is a reflection of my soul.


*** The main thing is that your status is better than that of your friends.

*** I am strong... I can withstand everything... and your betrayal too... but it hurts to be strong.

*** Believing the oaths of a traitor is the same as believing the piety of the devil.

*** It infuriates me, the feeling of betrayal towards a person whom you consider just a friend.

*** I will be your most gorgeous ex. I promise…

*** Betrayal from a friend is like a blow below the belt...always unexpected and very painful...

***’s hard to survive the betrayal of your best friend...I loved him...but it turns out you also love each other behind my back.....

*** I am still able to forgive my friend’s betrayal, but, alas, I will never be able to trust this person!

*** It is easier to forgive an enemy than a friend.

*** The betrayal of a friend cannot be forgiven... but in the future we must take into account that in life there will still be such scum..

*** I despise cowardice in people when, for their own benefit, saving their WOLF SKINS, they Slander their FRIENDS!!!

*** Sometimes you don’t know what’s better, losing a friend or forgiving her for her betrayal.

*** Friendship has changed so much that it allows betrayal, does not need meetings, correspondence and heated conversations...

*** Thanks for the betrayal! Thank you for recognizing such trash in my ex-friend!

*** Sometimes you don’t know what’s better, losing a friend or forgiving her for her betrayal….

*** Those who have become very close to us will disappear anyway. And while they are with us, we must do everything possible to be remembered for a lifetime...

*** Wow, yeah... my friend doesn’t talk to me, the reason is unknown, and I’m suffering ((friend... I’ve been disappointed in her 10 times already and still forgive, but it hurts me to endure betrayal every time...(.. Not for votes ...

*** The soul that has committed betrayal perceives any surprise as the beginning of retribution.

*** The closer a person was, the more painful his betrayal.

*** And when you are disappointed in loved ones, is this a betrayal? -That's life..

*** You need to choose friends wisely. If there was betrayal, then in any case this person was not your friend...

*** Thanks for the betrayal! Thank you for recognizing such trash in my ex-friend!

*** If your friend cheated on you and you want to jump from the tenth floor, remember: you don’t have wings, but horns.

*** Betrayal by your best friend is worse than betrayal by your loved one!

*** It would be better if I got myself a puppy... A dog doesn’t betray...

*** And who are you? my friends? native? Sorry, I didn't recognize. How betrayal and hypocrisy change faces!

Statuses about betrayal of a girlfriend, friends, friend

“Suddenly the sky bent lower, and the rain began to knock on the roofs...” - what a country, everyone knocks, even the rain!

Pain. Betrayal. Resentment. Silenced the beating of the heart, I recognized this power, Revenge... yes! Her name is!

Damn the world where betrayal is called practicality.

She was devoted, but she became betrayed... just one letter that can break a person...

She was ready for betrayal from anyone. Except yourself.

There are three things in life that you can never predict, these are..... Love, Betrayal and Death.

Believe in true love, friendship without betrayal and in Santa Claus...

Erase everything from your memory, forget your promises, spit out poison with the taste of betrayal. How many days and nights will it take this time for the wound to heal?

I always didn’t understand people talking about betrayal of friends, I believed my own. Yesterday I found out what they think about me. Knife in the back…

You say smoking is the most harmful habit? But what about hypocrisy, betrayal, egocentrism?

Friends need to be chosen wisely. If there was betrayal, then in any case this person was not even your friend...

The soul that has committed betrayal perceives any surprise as the beginning of retribution.

A woman does not cheat in two cases: if she believes that her man is the best, or if she believes that they are all the same.

Behind every successful man is the love of a woman. Behind every successful woman's career is the betrayal of men.

The owner abandoned the bunny. The bitch deceived the bunny. I played and forgot. Broke the bunny's heart. He started drinking and became depressed, but did not resign himself to the insult. From the mistress's betrayal. The bunny turned into a monster. He took revenge on her cruelly. I chopped it into cabbage. Because you really need to respect other people's feelings.

A golden man is easier to sell.

Of all the men who are incapable of betrayal, I have only my father...

It is the betrayal of a loved one that makes you think about those around you...

Sometimes you don’t know what’s better, losing a friend or forgiving her for her betrayal...

Judas Iscariot, when he realized that he was a traitor, hanged himself. Luckily for you, you are not very intelligent at all.

Each stab in the back has its own face.

How damn good are you in the intervals between betrayals...

I swear to never fall in love again, because my heart can no longer stand the betrayal. I swear!! I want to forget the word PAIN forever... I can... you hear, I CAN!!!

Lie. Deception. Betrayal. Growing up is hard work. We see everything, but we don’t want to understand.

People love to call the most vile things by noble names. For example, betrayal is called a tactical necessity, and lying is called protective mimicry.

The world is full of similar stories. Life, love, betrayal, revenge, escape - all this is boring and has already happened...

We overcome difficulties with ease, we courageously endure betrayals and endure insults, we laugh in the face of troubles and walk with our heads held high, but the choice of dress for the evening often drives us to hysteria...

You cannot forgive betrayal, lies and betrayal!!! Especially friends!

No mortal can keep a secret. If his lips are silent, his fingertips speak; betrayal seeps out of him through every pore.

There is nothing to be done - either we indulge in love, or love betrays us.

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A person cannot go without communication for a long time; he needs to discuss what he saw, heard, consult, and brag. But it is impossible to approach the first person you meet and dump your joys and problems on him. That's why we have friends and family.

Every girl has a close friend with whom she shares her innermost secrets and desires. But often life presents an unpleasant surprise - your best and most beloved friend betrays you.

For a person who does not expect anything bad, the betrayal of a friend is a knife in the back, an event that horrifies and drives. All people are different, some experience the situation in their souls, others go into depression, stop believing people, others vomit and rush.

So what is betrayal? Is your friend deceiving, keeping secrets, revealing your secrets to a third party, or maybe seducing your boyfriend? Be that as it may, and no matter how serious the offense on her part is, it is a betrayal. This attitude towards friendship is unacceptable and sooner or later a conflict situation occurs that leads to a major quarrel.

What’s better: forget and communicate as before, forgive and stop communicating, or maybe take revenge? Hurt her as much as it hurts you now?

What to do if your friend betrayed you?

Psychologists advise not to take revenge, even if you want to. You need to treat your ex-girlfriend with indifference and ignore her. For a traitor, the fact that nothing has changed in your life will be unpleasant, you continue to live calmly and happily. Such a punishment will be severe for any person; such behavior will hurt more than any revenge.

If, nevertheless, revenge clouds your reason and you want to humiliate your ex-girlfriend, you can disgrace her. Making a mockery of other people is an easy method of revenge - you know about all the secrets of your ex-girlfriend. You can even do this carefully and anonymously so that people do not judge you, you know the weaknesses and disadvantages of this person. But do you really want to be like her? What is this for?

If your friend puts you in an unpleasant light in front of others, do not rush to do the same to her, approach the situation wisely. If a friend spreads untrue rumors about you, appeal them. Thus, the ex-girlfriend will appear as a liar and a gossip. If your friend reveals the deepest secrets that you told her, act in such a way that everyone will take it as a joke. If the traitor laughed at you in front of mutual friends, laugh with them, then the situation will go away, and your friend will look stupid.

All this is very unpleasant, but nothing really terrible happened, even if strangers found out your secrets. Soon everything will be forgotten, people have their own problems. But both you and others will know that the person who betrayed you...

If you decide to remind your ex-friend of her betrayal, do not lose sight of the fact that when you do dirty tricks on another person, no one goes unpunished. This rule works throughout a person’s life. If you do and send negativity into the environment, then it will definitely come back to you in the future. Let go of the situation and forgive your friend.

How to behave with a friend who betrayed you?

First of all, pull yourself together. If you don’t want to part with your friend, then take a closer look and watch her. After some time after such a decision, you will feel whether it is worth communicating with this person further.

Figure out why your friend treated you this way? What if this situation is also your fault? If the traitor asks to listen to her, agree and let her explain her behavior.

Women are emotional and therefore friendship between them constantly encounters various problems, which sometimes lead to quarrels, conflicts and showdowns.

To avoid possible misunderstandings and make sure that there was a place for betrayal, carefully consider the situation:

Make sure of the betrayal 100%. Women are impulsive in life. This character trait leads to rash actions in moments of rage and despair, which are later regretted. Therefore, first of all, calm down, think about it, and only then take action against your friend. Sometimes people make mistakes, so understand the situation. Maybe your friend didn’t want to betray you, it’s just the circumstances. If your friend did something bad to you consciously, try to understand why this happened. Maybe you could have offended her and acted wrongly towards her.

Only after you fully understand the situation, make the right decision that will allow you to get out of the situation with minimal losses. If your friend acted deliberately, then it is better to break off the relationship with such a person. Such people cannot be trusted. If you decide to forgive the traitor, then over time a similar situation may repeat. Of course, this does not mean that you need to completely remove it from your life. Communicate with her, be in the same company, but show that you no longer trust her.

When 2 people betray at once

Often a disgusting act involves a friend taking the man she loves away from a girl. Statuses about unfaithful girlfriends are quite common. In them, the melancholy and humiliation contained in the words of the authors of the statements reach their apogee.

  1. You both lied to me. I believed you both.
  2. When I introduced my closest friend to my fiancé, I thought that life was just beginning. And it ended in one moment.
  3. Of course, you should make sure that next to you is not a friend, but an enemy. But how high is the price for such knowledge?
  4. I will never trust women or men again.
  5. Leave your friend with your lover and soon you will be dancing at their wedding.
  6. My heart broke into two parts. My boyfriend took 1 of them with him. And the other is my best friend.
  7. How did people, dearer than whom I had no one, turn out to be capable of dirt and meanness?
  8. The most terrible blow is dealt by a friend who has become your boyfriend’s fiancee.
  9. I will still have girlfriends and fans. But I will never allow them to come even one step closer to each other.
  10. For as long as the world has existed, close friends have been beating off their loved ones. And there's nothing you can do about it. Some people have meanness in their blood.
  11. Do not agree to be friends with a woman who is married to someone else’s spouse. For her, committing betrayal is as easy as shelling pears. And she will also explain it with ardent love. As if the one from whom she stole him had no feelings for him.
  12. I had a girlfriend and a friend. Now I have 2 enemies.
  13. Another person will heal you. He will never commit meanness. But you will never look at people the same way again.
  14. It is possible that your friend and your boyfriend will not work out in their relationship. Then they will both crawl to you with explanations of their actions. At this moment the most important thing is not to give up. They have already shown everything they are capable of.
  15. How did I manage to mistake 2 vile people for my closest friends?
  16. When a guy leaves you for your girlfriend, then you understand what loneliness means.
  17. Draw a rose on a piece of paper. Write "Love" on it. Draw a lily next to it. Write "Friendship" on it. And then burn the paper along with all the memories.
  18. Don't date a guy who has already betrayed his girlfriend once. He will betray you too. Do not be friends with a woman who has committed meanness towards a friend - she will do it again. People remain the same. They usually don't learn anything.
  19. Life started from scratch. It doesn't yet have the word "Betrayal" on it.
  20. Don't be happy when a guy leaves his fiancée for you. One day he will leave you for someone else. And she might be your best friend.

A status about a devoted friend is created quite often. It is very rare to find a page where something similar is not posted. Unfortunately, meanness is a frequent guest in our lives.

How to forgive a friend?

The opinions of most psychologists agree on one thing: in case of betrayal, it is best to simply forget it, erase it from your life. This is better for you. By forgiving, you let go of the situation and the stone from your soul, and life becomes simpler and easier.

Every person in life can make a mistake in their actions at least once. Maybe she didn’t want to do this, but now she wants to correct the situation and make peace with you. And if you decide to continue the relationship, you don’t need to remind your friend of your mistakes every time and reproach her for the offense she committed. Over time, you will understand your friendship and understand whether it can be trusted further.

Why do friends betray?

To answer this question, first of all, let’s understand the psychology of betrayal. There are cases when a person unknowingly betrays a friend. And this happens not only with friends, but also with other close and dear people. Sometimes a person does not understand that he is betraying a close friend, and the retribution is always very unpleasant.

People living at the present time misunderstand the meaning of some things and words, since it was incorrectly laid down for them. That is why such situations arise and serious problems arise in life. Most people understand that they did something wrong only when they are old, and this is a sad fact.

Betrayal by a friend is a nuisance in a girl’s life. If you look at this story from the other side, then everything is not so terrible.

After analyzing the situation, you will understand how important this person is to you as a friend. After all, she was able to cause you a lot of pain, and even your friendship did not stop her. Even though you have lost your friend, there is no need to be upset. You don't need that kind of friendship. If you have a part in the betrayal, just learn a lesson and don’t make similar mistakes in the future.

For every person, the betrayal of a loved one brings grief and disappointment. Most people say that betrayal from someone close to you cannot be forgiven. If you look at it, each case is individual, and it is you who should make the decision, not someone else. Only a sober look at the problem will allow you to do the right thing.

When you can’t deal with betrayal yourself, it’s best to turn to a psychologist who will help you make the right decision and teach you not to be angry with your friend.

The main thing to remember is that there is no need to cry or worry after such situations. You are surrounded by people who are capable of truly being friends, take a closer look. Yes, even when forgiving a betrayed person, it is difficult to forget the very fact of betrayal and it is difficult to start trusting other people again. But you need to live on and it’s better to do it with a light soul and without the burden of revenge on your heart.

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Is there anything more offensive than being betrayed by a friend? Girlfriends may behave poorly for a number of reasons, many of which have nothing to do with you. She may be jealous of you, secretly annoyed with you, or suffering from low self-esteem.

It is not necessary to find out the cause of betrayal in order to cope with it. Here are some tips on how to get over your friend's betrayal and regain balance in your life.

What one would call betrayal, another would perceive differently. Find out whether your friend's actions were truly a betrayal and give yourself some time to reflect. When you finally respond, let it be from a place of forgiveness and strength.

The first step to leaving a friendship behind is forgiveness, especially when you don't feel like forgiving. Make the decision to forgive, process all the emotions that arise, and over time your feelings will transform. But the first thing to come is the decision to forgive.

If you are having difficulty forgiving, try the following exercise. Think of your heart as a container for all your emotions. Visualize the anger and hurt you feel because of your friend's betrayal and imagine how it takes up space in your heart. Now visualize a happy thought/image, such as meeting a new friend or feeling in love.

Imagine how these happy thoughts and images try to fill the space of your heart. Watch how they lack space because of the anger and resentment that remains in their hearts from their friend’s betrayal.

While this visualization exercise may seem like a simplistic view of forgiveness, it can help you realize that the pain and negativity from your friend's betrayal should not linger in your heart, coloring the present moment or getting in the way of positive emotions altogether.

If you continue to hold onto a grudge, you are limiting your opportunities to experience good things in your life. Make a conscious decision to let go of any residual feelings of resentment until thoughts about your friend's action fade from your focus.

While it is admirable to be able to sincerely tell your friend that you have forgiven immediately, the reality is that it may take some time before you can consciously return to the friendship you had before. Moreover, the chances are that your friendship will never be the same again.

This does not mean that you will no longer have any friendships, but you will have to give your emotions time to mature so that you can return to your previous relationship. Just because you've forgiven her doesn't mean your friend has regained your trust. While you shouldn't bring up her betrayal over and over again, you should be careful not to say that you've "figured yourself out" when you haven't already.

Friendship can become stronger after betrayal, but this will not happen overnight. Your friend may genuinely want things to go back to the way they were before, but you should let her know that the process will be slow and you won't rush it. Meet with a friend and plan leisure time together, but “monitor” your feelings. The way you spend time together will likely be different than before.

For example, you may feel more comfortable if:

  • You will be together in some company.
  • You will limit your leisure time together (short dinner, meeting for coffee and no more, etc.).
  • You will agree on some limits on topics of conversation if they are involved in betrayal. For example, if your friend slept with your ex, avoid the topic for a while. If she's been gossiping behind your back, be careful not to talk about other friends with her unless you're sure it's worth doing.

If it pains you to have to take these steps, it should! It is not easy to survive the betrayal of a friend, but there is nothing impossible about it. It is possible that you will have to explain to your friend what you need in order for there to be trust between you again.

For example, you might prefer that your friend stop calling you for mindless chat for a while because you don't care about the little things in her life. Or maybe it would be better if you go out to dinner with her instead of meeting at your or her place, because the cafe seems more neutral and safer for you. Express what you need in a gentle manner. Even though your friend betrayed you, your emotional background will always be better if you behave with dignity and are not fooled by pettiness or the desire to explain to her.

Ending a friendship is always difficult, even with someone who has treated you badly. You'll likely feel guilty about ending the relationship, which is why you'll want to make sure it's something you really want before you officially break up with your friend. But once you do, don't beat yourself up about your decision later.

It's hard to understand why some people we care about treat us badly, but don't beat yourself up about it. Bad behavior is something your friend has to deal with, not you. Give your emotions time to settle after a friendship breakup, and then go meet someone else.

The best way to get over your girlfriend's betrayal is to spend time with friends who treat you well or meet a few new ones. Add to this the processing, and the betrayal will be left behind, as well as any residual emotions that may be hidden somewhere deep inside you.

  • Never show your back to a friend - no matter how hard you argue, it’s better to remain silent out of anger, but don’t turn away!
  • When you rise, your friends will know who you are. When you fall, you find out who your friends are!
  • Only a true friend inflicts the greatest pain. Although he is the first one to come later with a can of brilliant green.
  • I used to think that we needed to take care of friendships and good relationships. And now I realized that I need to protect myself - from hypocritical people who, smiling in your eyes, quietly hate behind your back. Let it be better for one person to remain nearby, but he will be real.
  • How good it is that the person himself realized that he was no longer worthy of being your friend and removed himself from friends!
  • Statuses about betrayal of friends - Of course, there are no irreplaceable people... There are simply people whom you don’t want to replace.
  • Accept your friends as they are, do not try to correct them, otherwise you will create enemies.
  • Friendship is like a book. You can burn it in seconds, but writing it will take years.
  • Every year I become convinced that friends have an expiration date!
  • The quieter the friendship, the truer it is.
  • When you lose a friend, you feel very bad, but it’s even worse if you suddenly realize that you never had a friend.
  • Know that in friendship there is a rope, and when you break it, you will never tie it deftly: you will still find knots.
  • The most painful thing is when you fully realize that the friends with whom you have been communicating for a very long time become strangers. And those whom I recently met become closer.
  • True friendship is like human health: you don’t pay enough attention to it until you lose it.
  • We choose friends; time leaves the best ones.
  • Close and faithful is not the one who shouts about it at every corner. And who quietly does and helps. Despite everything.
  • In friendship you cannot lie if you are trusted. And trust if they lie to you.
  • We want true friendship, but we constantly betray without thinking.
  • The most terrible pain and resentment you feel is at the moment when your devoted dog bites you.
  • You have nothing to lose when you lose fake friends.
  • One of the most important problems in life is to figure out who your real friends are.
  • Never leave old friends. You will never find someone to replace them. Friendship is like wine, the older it is, the better.
  • I recently realized that true friendship is possible if you know the person well. That's why true friendship doesn't exist.
  • Friendship requires nerves of steel, family walls and a heart of stone to count losses.
  • I had a friend, but he died. More precisely, the man remained, but the friend himself died. So it goes.
  • Sometimes, those whom we have managed to forgive, we no longer want to hug.
  • I was cheated again, betrayed again, but I don’t care anymore - I’ve developed an immunity.
  • Sometimes friendship turns into just another avatar on your friends list.
  • I don't want to have enemies, so I don't have friends...
  • The true value of wealth is learned when it is acquired, and the value of a friend is learned when it is lost.
  • I am indifferent to the stabs of an enemy, but I am tormented by the pinprick of a friend.
  • To a person who betrayed love, I could find an excuse that it was just a hobby. But I can’t do it to a person who betrayed friendship.
  • True loyal friends are just a myth, a legend invented by someone. Sooner or later they will betray you, believe me, I know...

Goodbye friend

Very often, meaningful statuses are created about a friend’s betrayal, short and unusually succinct. The girls try to reproach their friends who stole them and at the same time warn others against being too gullible. Sometimes it seems that they simply do not have the mental strength left for long statements.

  1. Whatever you call it betrayal, its essence will not change.
  2. Meanness is the most terrible sin.
  3. It is easier to survive loneliness than the deception of a loved one.
  4. Nothing characterizes people more clearly than betrayal of friendship.
  5. Don't look at life through rose-colored glasses.
  6. Change of status: “Best friend” to “Despicable traitor”.
  7. If you want your loved ones to stay with you, do not abandon them in difficult times.
  8. A strong person will extend his hand to you, and a weak person will pretend that he is even worse off.
  9. Betraying someone else's trust is the same as stabbing a person in the back.
  10. Save me, Lord, from my enemies, and I will somehow get rid of my friends myself.
  11. Rose-colored glasses break with their lenses inward.
  12. Don't call people animals. You are insulting animals.
  13. And I don’t feel sorry for the fact that it’s over. It's a pity that nothing started.
  14. Lies kill the truth. Meanness destroys friendship.
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