Letter to a friend about friendship to the point of tears: touching words to a friend


A beautiful letter to your best friend about friendship to the point of tears, touching words to a friend about friendship: sample, example of a letter.

How to say the warmest, most beautiful, touching words to your friend? How to express your feelings, gratitude for friendship, ask for forgiveness for misdeeds and lack of attention? How to write a beautiful and touching letter to a friend to renew communication or just make her feel nice?

We will tell you about this in this article and show you several samples of the most touching and beautiful words and letters to a friend.

Statuses about girlfriends with meaning

Girls, after all, are also different, and not all of them have only certain aspirations and goals. Statuses with meaning about girlfriends just say that girls always understand each other very well.

She’s such a friend... You look at her, and she responds: “Yeah, I thought so too.”

No matter how serious life is, you always need someone with whom you can fool around

If you have a person you can run to with dirty hair in a ponytail, a pounding heart, and tears in your eyes, then appreciate it. Appreciate it like life.

There really aren't many more sensitive moments in life than when you have to inform your old friend that you're marrying her fiancé.

A friend is the best cure for depression in the world.

A true friend is like perfume - to choose one, you have to try a hundred.

Brides are usually sensitive creatures, but no one knows this except the bridesmaids. (Desperate Housewives)

A friend is a friend. You will call her at night and tell her that you have fallen in love. And she will simply say in a hoarse voice, “Sleep!” and hangs up. Then he will call back and say: “Open the door for me. Just be quiet, I’m with a bottle!”

It's great that you are my friend. After all, every time something goes wrong in my life, I have to look at yours and realize that everything is not so bad.

Of course, it's good to have a loved one, but sometimes it's so nice to go to the cinema with your girlfriend.

The main privilege of friendship is that you can talk nonsense and it will be respected.

A friend is a person who will tell you to your face everything that infuriates her about you, and will tell everyone that you are the most wonderful!

A friend is not the one who will jump out of the window after you, but the one who will say that the exit from the apartment is in the other direction.

That's what they are - friends. You fight, make up, and then, as usual, together forever.

— What is more important to you: your boyfriend or your best friend? – If a friend is the best, then she will understand that he is loved...

If you want to know about a woman's shortcomings, say something good about her to her friends.

Princes come and go, but true girlfriends remain...

I can call the most wonderful moment in my life the one when I realized that I had a friend, a like-minded person.

It’s nice when there are people around who don’t care who you are, don’t care what you are like... but it’s just important that you exist...

A friend is when she says the same thing for the 3rd time in a day, and you don’t interrupt because you understand that it’s important to her.

True friends do not compete with each other and do not envy, but help and are sincerely happy for each other...

A friend is a person who understands you from half a word, from half a glance, and when you say “he’s a dick,” he immediately understands who you’re talking about.

It happens that a sister does not become a best friend, but a friend, on the contrary, becomes a sister.

Nothing disfigures women more than the envy of their best friends.

For many women, experiencing love means discussing it with a friend.

The eternal problem of girls at school and college: they want to sit with a guy, but it’s a pity to offend a friend.

A true friend is like a bra - close to the heart and always supports!

A true friend, the one you don’t need to ask for help, she always knows when you’re feeling bad.

Dear girls, don’t worry if your best friend doesn’t like your boyfriend. It's much worse if she liked him!

Women's company is much better than men's - a friend will always understand and accept everything that a representative of the stronger half considers an insignificant detail.

The girl doesn’t even think about what she’s missing until her friend brags about it

A friend is like a perfume - to choose one you have to try a hundred.

The best psychologist is a friend with a bottle of champagne.

Girlfriend is a news service, a cafe, an antidepressant and a psychological support center.

All friends are rivals to each other. Each one just has its own price. It could be a man, money or envy.

Girlfriends are those people who know what a bastard you really are, but are still friends with you.

The loneliest woman in the universe is not the one who doesn't have a man, but the one who doesn't have a best friend. (George Santayana)

Only with a real friend can you walk all day, say goodbye for half an hour, and then talk to her on your mobile the whole way...

When guys appear, girlfriends disappear... Even the best...

A friend is someone who recognizes you from afar and, at the sight of your distant silhouette, already breaks into a smile)

A friend does not have to be perfect; it is enough that she is there in difficult times.

Those years by which a woman reduces her age are never wasted: she adds them to the age of her friends.

A friend's obvious shortcomings can make yours less noticeable.

Sometimes we love our girlfriends more strongly and sincerely than our boyfriends

I have few friends, but each of them is an exceptional person

A secret that she did not share with her friend was to her the same as a dress hanging uselessly in the wardrobe.

A friend can do anything, the only important thing is that she is there in difficult times.

A friend is someone who has seen you without makeup, but still thinks you are beautiful.

I have beautiful friends... to save this world, we just need to come together

A quarrel between friends ends when one of them has no one to go to the club with.

Of course, I have good friends, but the affection between us is weak.

Happy birthday letter to a friend

Friend, dear friend, Oh, how long have I lived with you? We cannot live a day without each other, my earthly Guardian Angel. I’ll cry into your vest, And my heart will become happier. But this time I want to wish you good luck. Pour sparkling wine into a glass - We will drink it without a trace, Even if it’s a little bit, but that’s all, to the bottom, So that you always live in abundance, So that life is full of victories, So that men love you And every day they bring a bouquet of flowers Take turns!

My dear, kind, sympathetic and most beautiful friend, on this day you are all shining with happiness and I would like to wish you that this radiance becomes brighter every day. I want to sincerely congratulate you on your birthday. I am very glad that one day we met, and this meeting became fatal for us. You are my best friend and know that for the sake of our friendship I am ready to do anything. I will always come to your aid and extend my hand even when everyone is against you, because our friendship means a lot to me and for your sake I am ready to do a lot, because finding a true friend is not easy, but keeping him and helping him is even more difficult! I wish you to find your little feminine happiness in this huge world. Always remain as well-groomed, beautiful and gorgeous!


Many people say that female friendship does not exist, but you know that this is not true, because you and I went through all the sorrows and difficulties of life and stayed together. You are my best friend, I have no friends dearer than you and never will have them. Please accept my sincere congratulations on this wonderful day - your birthday! I want to wish you clear skies above your head, a fat wallet and boundless happiness. I also want to wish you good health, because happiness depends on it. I wish you to quickly create a wonderful unit of society and live with your loved one in love and harmony, not knowing the bitterness of parting and coping well with problems. Let only pleasant moments and positive news accompany you in life, which can please you and bring into your days a spark of brightness and solemnity, which we all sometimes lack so much.


Happy birthday my dear friend. You became the sister I always dreamed of. You will always listen and understand, and give solid advice. Do you remember when we were young, such stupid, naive girls? Now years have passed, but we are still together. I'm happy that I can be friends with you. The past cannot be returned, now we have become adults, wiser, but, as before, we can chat about nothing for hours. Of course, we began to see each other rarely, because we each have our own worries and family problems, but I’m even glad. I am happy that your life has worked out, that you are celebrating your birthday with friends, family and loved ones. Even if it’s twenty years later, I wish you to celebrate your anniversary in the same circle. And so that you are as young and beautiful as in our youth. Happy birthday, beloved girlfriend.


My beloved friend! Words cannot describe the feelings of warmth and happiness that I experience when I think about you! Thank you for always being there for me, always being able to give valuable advice, provide assistance, or just make me smile in difficult times! I appreciate every minute spent with you side by side, and I can proudly say that you occupy the most comfortable corner in my heart! Remain as sweet, positive and good-natured, and never cease to amaze us with your beauty and talents! I would really like life to light up new beacons for you, spoil you with joyful events and miracles, and also make you smile sincerely every day! May your life be accompanied by endless happiness, warmth and comfort!


Happy birthday to my best friend! Where's my big mug of apricot jam? Or should I immediately drink a jug of kvass for you? No! Champagne Yes with pineapple I raise for you! I want to wish you a long, very long life. Joy and happiness to you. Treasure our friendship. Be cheerful, dear. Happy Birthday dear!

Statuses about best friend

You don’t even need to tell your best friend anything, she can see in your eyes what you’ve done...

A best friend doesn’t get angry with you over trifles, doesn’t get offended over trifles, doesn’t notice your shortcomings... But, nevertheless, you shouldn’t test the strength of her good attitude towards you.

If you fall, your best friend will definitely help you get up... As soon as she stops laughing.

Your best friend is a person who you don’t even need to tell anything, she can see in your eyes what an idiot you have done.

The best friend is the one who says several times a day: “You’re a fool...” and then adds: “I’m all about me!”

The best friend is when you have such words, hearing which the two of you start laughing hysterically, and everyone else looks at you like you are idiots...

The best friend is the one who says - You're a fool... and then adds - she's all about me!

Your best friend will understand you even when you are talking absolute nonsense.

How often do you wish your best friend lived in the next room?

The best friend is the one in front of whom you are not ashamed to appear without makeup.

Yes, we hate each other. But that doesn't stop us from being best friends.

Your best friend doesn't tell you what you want to hear. She says what you really need to know.

The best friend is the one with whom you walk down the street and laugh at the whole neighborhood, and you don’t care what others think, the main thing is that you feel good and have fun together! And this is the main point!

The best friend is when you ask her to wash the dishes at home, but it doesn’t work anymore!

- I don't care about the prince. I don't care about all the guys. But I don't care about you. I really need a friend.

Every time I look into my friend’s eyes, I forget that we are just friends, not sisters.

A million memories, 10,000 “own jokes”, 100 shared secrets and 1 reason: best friends.

You can't hide anything from your best friend

We are like missing pieces of one whole. We're just best friends!

A best friend is a person who will tell you to your face everything that infuriates her about you, and will tell everyone that you are the most wonderful person on Earth!

The best friend is the one with whom you think: how good it is that we are both beauties!

The best friend will never ask - why? She just goes to the store, buys it, brings it, opens it and pours it.

There are many values ​​in life... some people care about their loved one, others their best friend, but when there is neither one nor the other, the MOST faithful friends remain - friend contact and friend Asya

The best friend is the one with whom you dream that you will have a big house for 2 families, cool husbands, 5 children each and a bunch of small dogs...

If your husband ran off with your best friend, you will miss her very much.

Still, sooner or later, the best friend becomes the best enemy.

The best friend is when... She is jealous of your attention to others... She will point out your mistakes... She will stop you if she feels trouble... She starts another adventure with you... She will support you in difficult times... She will grab your hand and will not let you leave if you quarrel ... She will not exchange you for someone else... She will not flatter... She will not suffer from envy... She will not try to annoy... She will not rejoice at your failure... She will never forget you...

The best friend is not the one who will say that everything is fine, but the one who will say - Everything is bad, but I’m with you!

If you can’t even talk about it with your best friend, then it’s a complete ass!

How difficult it still is without a real best friend...

If my best friend was a guy, I would marry her.

The best friend is the one who forgets about her problems because she understands that yours are much more serious...

SHE WILL FOREVER BE MY BEST FRIEND...she knows too much about me...)

your best friend knows so much about you that you either have to kill her or be friends with her until death.

Are you best friends or just friends? - We are simply the best!

Best friends are when: - Give me some chewing gum. - I have one... Laaaaaand, half, goat.

There is no better friend in the world than a best friend!

Only the best friend, in response to “Give me some gum,” gives the whole bag.

What happened to you? - I feel bad... - An ambulance? Or a psychologist? — A psychologist? No... I need a bottle of martini and my best friend.

The best friend is like a bra... close to the heart and always supportive

The best friend is the one with whom you constantly have to delete your message history after correspondence...

It’s so cool when you and your best friend have been together since childhood, then there is something to remember, from funny moments to shamefully funny ones.

The best friend is the one with whom you constantly have to delete your message history after correspondence...

Best friends are those who are too lazy to go to the first lesson, but they still meet before it and hang out together!

A normal girl has one best friend, not a million.

Correspondence with my best friend is incriminating evidence about my whole life.

Your best friend is the one you brag to about how you made the cake, and instead of saying, “Cool, well done, will you let me try it?” says “Nobody got poisoned??”

Your best friend knows your past, believes in your future, and now accepts you for who you are.

Lena’s breasts have already started to grow, but Katya’s have not... But they were best friends. =)))

It is very difficult to find a best friend - after all, the best one is already mine.

It's just terrible when you start to see your best friend as a potential rival...

The best friend is the one who knows the song of your heart and tells you its words if you suddenly forget them.

Beautiful compliments to your best friend in your own words: recommendations for use, examples

How to correctly say beautiful compliments to a friend?

To a friend

Use the following tips:

  • The compliment should sound sincere. Make sure that there is no ambiguity or ridicule of the girl. Instead there will be simplicity, clarity. For example, say: “I love your sense of humor, you are my best support .
  • Never exaggerate. A small effort of girlfriend benefits will be appropriate. However, if you decide to tell a plump friend that she is very thin, she may even be offended. Here it is better to say: “Your individuality is admirable, you have a wonderful soul .

Also remember the following rules:

  • Always remember that words must meet many criteria, for example, the image of the girl, the time, and also the situation when you will say them. Here you can say: “You just put on gorgeous makeup for this photo shoot .
  • Words should be friendly and sound confident. During a conversation, only a smile will become a sign of openness and your sympathy. It wouldn’t hurt to say: “You are so dear to me that I can no longer imagine a day without our communication .
  • Pay special attention to who exactly the compliments are addressed to. Don’t overdo it with solemnity, but sometimes good words spoken unexpectedly can offend your friend. For example: “Katyusha, your beauty, both internal and external, makes you ideal .
  • Avoid using irony and sarcasm in your own praise.
  • The ideal indicator that you are speaking truthfully is that your facial expressions and gestures should correspond to your words. It will look very strange if you say that your friend is very dear to you, and your eyebrows will be frowning.

Give only short compliments, otherwise you will end up with a whole monologue. This, of course, is difficult to perceive, therefore, the girl will get tired and will not understand what is important you told her.

Choose words that match the girl’s outlook, for example, if your friend has a higher education, tell her how smart she is.

But, if the girl only graduated from college, focus on her appearance.

  • It’s a pity, but it’s quite difficult to hear pleasant words from the lips of men - they don’t understand why it’s necessary to regularly talk to their beloved about her beauty, femininity, and charm. Therefore, compliments from a friend can be a great substitute as they are almost as nice.
  • In friendships between women, good words have a special meaning. For example, this: “You charge people with a great mood and optimism. Only you can save any situation .
  • Besides this, many things are not noticed by anyone except your friend. For example, small changes that you have made in your hair or clothes. A compliment on this occasion will bring a lot of pleasure to you and your girlfriend. Here it is appropriate to say: “God, with this hairstyle you can compete with any most beautiful actress .
  • Often the objects of statements are the parameters of a friend’s appearance, her figure, haircut, face. The matter may also concern the positive qualities of a girl (character) or a good assessment of how a friend behaves, what she does. For example: “You work out in the gym so purposefully and intensely that your figure is already simply perfect .
  • You should talk about the advantages, for example, “Olga, your hair looks simply amazing .

In words

  • The main goal of these compliments to a friend is to emphasize all the positive qualities of a person.
  • You can speak praise not to your friend, but, for example, to those things that are quite dear to the girl. For example, they can relate to the results of business, achievements, even children: “Your daughter is very cute, she looks like a little angel .
  • The compliment is indirect: “Mom’s friend is beautiful, stylish. . "
  • Compliments that emphasize your feelings about how your girlfriend influences you: “Next to you, I feel much more fun, more beautiful, better, brighter, younger.”
  • If, for example, your friend says that her house is dirty, then you can reassure her by saying: “A talented person always has a creative mess.”
  • Cheerful, with humor. For example: “You are as smart as me.”
  • Sometimes it will be interesting to scare a girl, but not too much, and then say something nice: “How dare you do that? You only spent 30 minutes and the dish turned out great.”
  • Opposed . Initially say something negative, then suddenly turn the statement into a positive one: “You may be a great artist. No, you are the most talented and coolest artist.” The most important thing here is that the good words can outweigh the bad. Otherwise you will get the opposite effect. With the help of contrast, such compliments become brighter and unforgettable.


  • Compliments-responses. Basically, such statements are very similar - these are good words spoken in response to other compliments. They exist in the following types:
  1. Disagreement with bad things coming out of your mouth, for example: “You are not an absent-minded person at all, you are quite attentive.”
  2. Another option could be: “You can speak well” or “I was able to find in you a person from whom I can learn something.”
  • Emotionless . If your friend is modest and reserved, say these words to her. For example: “You have a cool car. Where did you buy it? The friend will only have to agree with this statement and say where she bought the car.

Statuses about true friendship between friends

True friendship is when the message “I’m sick” is answered with “Are you AWFUL??”!

Female friendship ends where the guy appears.

When a friend says to me: “Are you crazy?”, I answer her: “You’re a fool!” And she understands me, this is friendship!!!

A true friend is one who hates your ex more than you do.

Friendship between women is just a non-aggression pact.

A girl can drink a bottle of whiskey, beat a guy with her purse and walk home along a dark street alone, but she will go to the toilet with a friend.

Female friendship does not exist, there are only those who are ready to assent in exchange for the same service.

Friendship is when you send your friend on a date, and then spend the entire evening being angry with her because you have nothing to do.

Friendship is when you fall, and your friend laughs and falls next to you.

Friendship is not 538 friends on the site, but one friend in life, whom you won’t tell anyone, because you’ll have to go there with her, so as not to worry about how she’ll get there!

You need to be friends in such a way that your children will become friends later.

Sometimes female friendship is not only a unity of souls, but also a non-aggression pact.

Friendship is impossible between two women, one of whom dresses very well.

The friendship of two women is always a conspiracy against the third!

True friendship multiplies joy by two and divides sorrow in half.

This is true friendship... It’s bad, you call her and through your tears you say: “It’s bad,” and she responds: “I understand, I’m already on my way.” This is a friend... And not someone who constantly calls and complains!

Do you know what friendship is? This is mutual understanding and support, support and protection, hope and a constant source of joy. A true friend will always respond to your request for help and will be there even when it’s hard for him. You just know that you can rely on such a person at any moment. But many of us wonder: is there friendship between girls? You just need to push away from the usual stereotypes and understand that everything depends on people, on their characters and upbringing, but not on gender.

A touching letter to a friend about friendship: how to say “I’m sorry”

My dear friend,

Forgive me if I am not always there for you, but remember that I am always with you, even if we are far from each other, you are always here in my heart.

I'm sorry I didn't call you every day to ask how you were doing so you could share your joy or pain with me.

I'm sorry that I often dumped my problems on you, I talk about myself too much, and sometimes I even tell the same story over and over again.

I'm sorry that sometimes I didn't answer your call...maybe I was just having a bad time and needed some time alone. But this was wrong, because that’s what girlfriends are for, to share both the good and the bad with each other!

Forgive me, dear, I did not always listen to your advice, and when I was told to do something, I did the opposite.

I'm sorry that sometimes, when you needed to complain to me, I was somewhere with someone, but not with you... Forgive me!

But know that all I want is to see you smile, because when you are happy, I am happy, and when you are sad, I am 2 times sadder!

Cool statuses about girlfriends

-Are you the only one so crazy? - No, I still have a friend.

There is nothing better in the world than eating candy with your best friend!

Dad always warned me against drinking and men. But he didn’t say a word about cocaine and girlfriends!

It's always scary to meet a friend's new boyfriend. Especially if you slept with him...

And why is she so jealous of me... after all, friends should share everything.....

I’m always very worried when a friend doesn’t answer the phone, suddenly she was kidnapped and raped, but I wasn’t.

Women's happiness - bald friends...

I want to have a friend in my old age whom I could call and yell with enthusiasm in an old, trembling voice: Well, old goat, when are we going to spend our pension?!

Take care of your best friends, close friends, it sucks when you have no one to go to the toilet with or just call while you go to the store.

Years go by, our heads turn grey, wrinkles grow, but my friend and I like the same men!

Your friend forgot about you and she has a boyfriend? Set the status to “Damn! I think I fell in love with my best friend's boyfriend..."

We can only send our friends 100 times a day, laugh at their embarrassment, and they will not be offended, but will say: “fuck you” and will laugh with you

A woman doesn’t need many friends to be happy, just one – bow-legged, cross-eyed and bald – is enough.

The most interesting thing is when you are sitting at home, looking out the window, you see your friend walking with someone, you call her, and she tells you: I’m sorry, I won’t go out today.. Mom won’t let me go..

My friend and I are so similar, one is sick, the other is shell-shocked.

Wow, friend, there’s a VKontakte gift for you: the sheep is so glamorous...)

Cool compliments to a friend: examples

Cool compliments to a friend often stroke one’s self-esteem more than attention from a man. Try to express compliments to your girlfriend in your own words, so that the girl knows that every word is spoken sincerely, from the bottom of her heart.

If a girl has a wonderful sense of humor, then you can tell her the following:

  • Your eyes are so beautiful. But the right eye is more beautiful than the left.
  • Even bugs stick to you.
  • You are beautiful even during the day.
  • Look at your own belly button, it's tied up so cutely.
  • Don't be sad, otherwise your breasts will stop growing.

The most important thing in a good friend is the ability to make her laugh in every case, so that the girl is sure that changes for the better await her in the future.

Statuses about a friend's betrayal are sad

False friends, like shadows, follow us on our heels while we walk in the sun, and immediately leave us as soon as we enter the shadow.

But this is how man works, Our cruel current age. Your friend let you down, she divorced you from your boyfriend.

Choose your enemies carefully. But also friends, because they can become enemies.

Betrayal by a friend is a control shot in the head...

Betrayal by a friend is like a blow below the belt...always unexpected and very painful

A friend is the best person in life, she will support you and understand, but if she offends you, it will be the worst pain!

I will drive away the dull pain that hurts my heart like a knife. I could forgive everything, but not betrayal and lies!

The betrayal of a friend cannot be forgiven... but in the future we must take into account that in life there will still be such scumbags...

Betrayal is pain, whatever you call it, there is no resentment, because being offended is stupid, no anger, because it is a waste of energy... Just aching pain!!!!!

Betrayal by your best friend is scary!!

Never leave your best friend alone with her boyfriend - it could end in their marriage...

Thanks for the betrayal! Thank you for recognizing such trash in my ex-friend.

When you lose your best friend, the whole world goes to hell with her.

The betrayal of a friend cannot be forgiven... But in the future we must take into account that in life there will still be such scum...

Betrayal by your best friend is worse than betrayal by your loved one!

Betrayal, like the law, has no retroactive effect.

You can't trust anyone these days! Remember, girls, a friend is the most terrible enemy who knows everything about you...

Of course, there are situations when conflicts occur, and no one has yet canceled betrayal, but this can happen between two men. The only important thing is what meaning two people put into the word friendship, how much they value this relationship and respect each other’s interests. A true friend will always give in and make sure that her soul mate feels good. Just discard all the myths about female friendship by reading statuses about girlfriends on our page. We are confident that reading these statements will change your attitude towards friendship and human relationships in general.

Compliments to a friend in your own words on her birthday: examples

If you want to please your girlfriend with pleasant words on her birthday, then try to focus on a certain dignity.

Use the following examples of compliments to a friend on her birthday:

  • Your hair is amazing today, you are the most charming birthday girl.
  • You have such a bright lipstick that makes your look unforgettable, such a birthday girl will be remembered by everyone.
  • A new suit perfectly emphasizes your graceful waist.
  • Wear stilettos every day, not just on your birthday. High heels are made just for your beautiful feet.

For a girlfriend
We also suggest that you take a closer look at the following compliments to a girlfriend. They will never be superfluous:

  • The world would be a much better place if there were many people like you living on earth.
  • You smile so sweetly, your smile is so sincere.
  • You are every inch the perfect person, and every year you become even better.
  • You always look so beautiful that all the men around you lose their minds.
  • You can disarm any person with your own smile.
  • You are an amazing person. You get pleasure from the minimum, but you can bring it in large quantities.
  • It's good that I have you in my life. I now know from whom I can learn good things and smile at the people around me.
  • You are stunning. You are a collection of all the best - femininity, beauty, tenderness...
  • You are an independent person, but deep down you remain a naive girl who dreams of a prince, no matter how old you are.
  • You are a kind, patient person. Many may envy your character.

About my beloved friend

I love my girl friend! Only she can endure ten hours of stories about how bad he is and how much I love him!

Someone is in a love relationship... And I have a great friend over there...

Yes, I have several real girlfriends, but we don’t really like each other.

I love my girlfriend very much. And I know that perhaps she is now reading this entry and smiling.

Are there normal, adequate people? And then there is me and my best friend.)))

I will give my friend only to those hands that will love her more than I do.

You don’t kiss your beloved friend when you meet her and don’t call her a bunny, but you say “stupid” and wave your hand, but she still continues to love you, calling you a chicken.

Essay on the topic My friend

Where does friendship begin? The question seems easy at first, but in reality it is much more complex. There is no uniform principle, no template according to which friendship between people begins. It does not depend on age, intellectual development, or social status. Quite a lot has been said and written about love, but very little about friendship.

I started making friends with Nastya in 3rd grade. We lived nearby and studied in the same class. In grades 1 and 2, our parents picked us up from school, and then we had the opportunity to choose our own way home. It was, of course, longer, but much more interesting.

After a long hike around the school, we walked along the road to a few trees growing like an island at the fork between my house and hers. There we stopped, chatted, discussed school. Then we started visiting each other.

I won’t forget the first time I went to visit Nastya. Everything was interesting to me, especially her mother’s work, because she is an airport employee and wears a uniform. She always treated me to something tasty.

We began to spend more and more time with Nastya. We sit at a desk together, do general tasks, chat on the phone in the evenings, and on weekends we go to my grandmother’s garden to help her a little and get a “reward” for it: peaches, nuts or grapes.

Our favorite sport is badminton. We play in the yard until late in the evening. Sometimes other guys join us and we start the competition. It gets a lot more interesting.

A distinctive feature of my friend is her long hair. They are fiery red. Nastya says that over time they will become darker. She is thin and has been dancing for many years, almost since early childhood. She always has a smile on her face.

She often helps her classmates with their homework, but Russian language and literature are not good for her. I try to help her with these items. Her handwriting is round and large. We tried changing it, but nothing worked. They say that handwriting reflects a person's character. Nastya is a very gentle, open person, always ready to help.

In the life of every person there should be at least one true friend. He will be with you in difficult moments of life and happy ones. Friendship is tested by time. I hope my friendship will last a lifetime.

About meeting friends

When meeting a friend it is difficult not to smile, even if it is very bad

Damn, how I want to find a real friend, even on the Internet...

When they meet, friends kiss each other because they cannot bite

I was normal. Honestly. Until I met this psychopath who I call my best friend!!

You don’t kiss your beloved friend when you meet her and don’t call her a bunny, but you say “stupid” and wave your hand, but she still continues to love you, calling you a chicken.

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