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For many people, the sea is associated with impressions of summer. After all, during the holidays, it is the beaches that most people want to go to. This is understandable, because fresh sea air, warm water and sunny weather give a feeling of joy and unforgettable bliss.

But for many great personalities, the sea means something more. In novels, writers from all countries loved to describe sea adventures associated with the dangers fraught with raging waves. Travelers do not skimp on real (and sometimes embellished) descriptions of their wanderings across endless waters.

We invite you to read the best phrases that touch on maritime topics.

Quotes about mountains

Prepared by: Dmitry Sirotkin

I present to you a selection of quotes about mountains .

In big mountains people become bigger than themselves .

Quotes are summarized by topic: people and mountains, Caucasus mountains, motivation and mountains, plain and mountains, life and mountains, flight and mountains, love and mountains, loneliness and mountains, winter and mountains, sky and mountains, climbing mountains, spring and mountains, nature and mountains, silence and mountains, happiness and mountains, relationships and mountains, women and mountains, perception of mountains, religion and mountains, dreams and mountains, friends and mountains, sea and mountains, fog and mountains, flowers and mountains, creativity and mountains, parents and mountains, alcohol and mountains, words and mountains.

People and mountains

The mountains call those whose souls are their height. (V. Belilovsky)

People trip over rocks. But never about the mountains. (D. DeVito)

I wonder what I would do if there were no mountains in my life? What could I find out about myself? (Yu. Vizbor)

A small man is small on a mountain, but a giant is great in a pit. (M. Lomonosov)

We are born, we suffer, we die, but the mountains stand unshakable. (P. Coelho)

Sunrise in the mountains is the best event that can happen to a person. (M. Fry)

Elevated temperatures combined with mountain air work unkind wonders on the human mind. (M. Fry)

A great mind, like a great mountain, is the first to catch and reflect the morning sun. (T.B. Macaulay)

What space! What enchanting beauty in all these snow giants, powerfully rising to the sky! What a variety of colors and tones in these fabulous cliffs of an endless chain of mountains, lost somewhere far, far away. How deeply all this touches the soul and heart of a person! He is overcome by a feeling of delight that is beyond human power to describe. (S. Kirov)

Mountain meets mountain more often than man meets man. (S. Jerzy Lec)

No one is free to own the land that has been famous for centuries for its beauty. And the owners of mountain spaces are everyone who loves to wander in the mountains. (Meng Hao-Zhan)

My heart is in the mountains... I am still there. I follow the trail of a deer along the rocks. I chase a deer, scare a goat. My heart is in the mountains, and I myself am below. (R. Burns)

The icy tiara of the mountains is a frame for only the mortal face. Today I'm flattening - I parted it on the granite of the castle. Today I overtook the pine camp on all the roads. Today I took a tulip - Like a child by the chin. (M. Tsvetaeva)

The mountains have the power to call us to their lands, this is no longer a passion, this is my destiny... (A. Bukreev)

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Caucasus Mountains

The Caucasus is below me. Alone in the heights I stand above the snow at the edge of the rapids: An eagle, rising from a distant peak, Soars motionless along with me. (A. Pushkin)

Magnificent paintings! Thrones of eternal snow, Their peaks seemed to their eyes like a motionless chain of clouds, And in their circle, a two-headed colossus, Shining in an icy crown, Elbrus, huge, majestic, White in the blue sky. (A. Pushkin)

Although fate at the dawn of my days, O southern mountains, was torn from you, To remember them forever, you must be there once. Like the sweet song of my homeland, I love the Caucasus. (M. Lermontov)

Before me is the harsh Caucasus, Its dense forests and chains of white-headed mountains, sullen and wild beauty. (N. Nekrasov)

To you, Caucasus, to your gray hairs, to your harsh steep slopes, to your gorges and valleys, to your streams and rivers, from the edge of the ice - to the desired south, to warmth and light - from the damp darkness, I, as if to the promised land, hastened tired and sick. (S. Nadson)

Gray Elbrus is young at heart. Powerful and passionate - just touch him. There is a universal cold in his brow. There is a crazy fire in his chest. (V. Belilovsky)

Elbrus is a mysterious ruler, a two-headed, gray-haired righteous man. I am not your brave conqueror. I am not your devoted hero. (G. Skripkin)

Motivation and mountains

You climb because you climb. (E. Hillary)

The mountains are calling and I must go! (D. Muir)

After all, you will never remember the time you spent in the office or when you mowed the lawn. Get up and climb this mountain already. (D. Kerouac)

I'm not going to conquer the mountains - they are as much a part of the world as people. I'm conquering myself. (V. Rutkevich)

If it's hard for you, it means you're going uphill. If it's easy for you, then you're flying into the abyss. (G. Ford)

It's not the mountains in front that you have to climb that are stopping you; it's the pebbles in your shoes that are stopping you. (M. Ali)

Never go back to what you decided to leave. No matter how much they ask you, and no matter how much you want it yourself. Having conquered one mountain, begin to storm another. (M. Monroe)

When you climb a high mountain, a huge number of mountains open up in front of you that have yet to be climbed. (N. Mandela)

From the top of the mountain you can better see how insignificant everything is below. Our victories and our sorrows are no longer so important. What we have achieved or lost lies down there. From the height of the mountain you see how vast the world is and how wide the horizons are. (P. Coelho)

When you fall into the abyss, it's too late to think about whether there was a safer way to climb the mountain. (T. Pratchett)

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Plain and mountains

People climb to the top of a mountain not to see the sky, but to see the plain. (I. Evangel)

The mountains sit in the valley, Like in an old chair, Their gaze, like shadows, is long, Their interest is ubiquitous. The years on their knees Play like children, They are the grandfathers of days And the ancestors of centuries. (E. Dickenson)

The azure of the sky laughs, washed by the night thunderstorm, And the Valley winds dewy as a bright stripe between the mountains. (F. Tyutchev)

This is not a plain for you, here the climate is different - Avalanches are coming one after another And here, behind the rockfall, the rockfall is roaring. And we can turn, go around the cliff, But we choose a difficult path, Dangerous, like a military path! (V. Vysotsky)

Life and mountains

Life is a mountain: you go up slowly, you go down quickly. (G. Maupassant)

The mountains are merciless, and so is life. (M. Levy)

Mountains are a place where you can exchange life for endless bliss. (Milarepa)

The road of life is visible from the mountain, and not from the gateway. (I. Ehrenburg)

For most people, mountains are something majestic, but far from everyday life, that is, ideal harmony. (W. Steck)

We, like water, flow through life down a mountain in approximately one direction until we encounter something that radically changes our direction. (A. Golden)

In my entire life I have never spent even four weeks enjoying myself. It was as if I was constantly dragging a stone up a mountain, which rolled down again and again, and I had to drag it up again. (I. Goethe)

There are many paths up the mountain, but the view from the mountain is still the same. (E. Safarli)

Forward, now downhill, now uphill, A straight highway runs, As if only in life, at the time, It always rushes up and into the distance. (B. Pasternak)

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Flight and mountains

Why don't people fly! I say, why don’t people fly like birds? Sometimes I feel like I'm a bird. When you stand on a mountain, you feel the urge to fly. That's how she would run up, raise her hands and fly. (A. Ostrovsky)

The mountain's dream is to fly; The flight is impossible, But her dream floats in the form of a cloud. (R. Tagore)

There are mountains - under the sky they envy the waters, and snow stars were invented as a reflection of the sky. And there are other mountains, but they have the same melancholy. and the mountains, longing for wings, came up with clouds. (F. Garcia Lorca)

Love and mountains

Love is a force that can move mountains. (D. Kunz)

What is thirty million worth if it can’t buy you a trip to the mountains with your girlfriend? (D. London)

I walked among the high mountains, along bright rivers and through valleys... And everything that my gaze met told me one thing: I was loved! I was loved! I forgot everything else! (I. Turgenev)

I love these snowy mountains On the edge of the world's emptiness. I love these blue gazes, where you are reflected like light. (G. Ivanov)

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Loneliness and mountains

In forests and mountains, loneliness is never complete: every tree, every blade of grass, every pebble is like living beings close to you, and the distant mountain peaks around which the stars gather are temples to which you send prayers from afar. At sea, loneliness is a window opening into emptiness. You see the sky, clouds, evenly rising waves, but you know that behind them there is nothing familiar to you, that a few miles below you a world begins, one glance into which can drive a person crazy. (W. Willis)

How motionless are the waves of the mountains, tightly embracing my view with an impenetrable edge! Behind them is a world full of life, And here I am alone and a sire, I gave my whole life to memories. (A. Odoevsky)

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Winter and mountains

Winter doesn't die. Death, as people understand it, does not threaten her. Winter retreats, reminds us of itself with spring frosts, the smell of autumn on summer evenings, and on the hottest days it hides in the mountains. (T. Pratchett)

How quiet it became on the mountains from the freshly fallen snow. In what slow circles the smoke rises. And in heaven, what tender bliss. (K. Balmont)

It was in January, there was a Christmas tree on the mountain, and angry wolves were wandering around this tree. (A. Barto)

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Sky and mountains

There are mountains under the sky. They envy the waters, And like a reflection of the sky, they invented the stars of snow. And there are other mountains, But they have the same melancholy. And the mountains, longing for wings, came up with clouds. (F. Garcia Lorca)

Well, how can I tell you what a mountain is? The mountain is the sky, covered with stone and snow, And in the sky there is unearthly frost, unearthly heat, and such a wind that it has never been anywhere but the sky. (Yu. Vizbor)

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Climbing the mountains

What a pleasure it is to contemplate the majestic mountain ranges and be above the clouds! What else in the world can be so whole, so complete, as climbing mountains. (K. Gesner)

The peak cannot be conquered. You stand on it for a few minutes, and then the wind sweeps away your traces. (A. Bloom)

Ascension is an ideal device that takes an accurate electrocardiogram of spiritual qualities. As well as shortcomings. And at the same time, this is a unique sharpening tool that can restore the shine of a saber to courage that becomes corroded in the sluggish bustle of the city. (Yu. Vizbor)

Quietly, quietly crawl, Snail, along the slope of Fuji Up to the very heights! (K. Issa)

Spring and mountains

Driven by the spring rays, the snow from the surrounding mountains has already fled in muddy streams to the flooded meadows. With a clear smile, nature greets the morning of the year through a dream; The skies are blue and shining. (A. Pushkin)

The silver river flows quietly in the evening kingdom of green spring. The sun sets behind the forested mountains. A golden horn emerges from the moon. (S. Yesenin)

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Nature and mountains

Nature created mountains to punish people when she wanted to humiliate them. (P. Brückner)

The forces of untamed nature - wind, clouds, storm and cold - find their strongest expression on the mountain tops, giving the heights the aura of wild nature in its most extreme and undisturbed state. (E. Bernbaum)

Grove on the mountainside. It's as if the mountain is intercepted by the Sword Belt. (M. Basho)

The world consists of mountains, sky and forests, the world is only a dispute between two children's voices. (B. Akhmadulina)

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Silence and mountains

Have you ever heard an avalanche roar in the mountains? Just after the avalanche rumbles off, absolute silence comes. You stop understanding where you are - she’s so 100 percent. It’s just very quiet... (H. Murakami)

There, in the mountains, where the villages are lonely, Where the elders' cheeks turn pink, And in the eyes of the girls there is Peace, - There the peaks glow with joy, And between them, along the gentle gorges, Everything sings and breathes Silence. (R.L. Stevenson)

Happiness and mountains

The whole world wants to live in the mountains, not realizing that real happiness is in how we climb the mountain. (G. Marquez)

Summer is the time of happiness. When the beautiful hours of the year return among the trees, in the mountains or on the seashore, those that we have been waiting for and hoping for since deep winter, those that finally open to us the golden gates of leisure - we will be able to enjoy them for a long time, deeply, for a long time , voluptuously. Let us have a nobler measure for them than the one with which we measure ordinary hours. (M. Maeterlinck)

The whole world is in the palm of your hand - you are happy and silent And you only envy those others a little - whose peak is still ahead. (V. Vysotsky)

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Relationships and mountains

In the mountains, special bonds arise between people. That's why I'm so irresistibly drawn to them. (Bear Grylls)

You are dear to me through and through, as terribly, terribly dear as I myself, without any comfort, like the mountains. (This is not a declaration of love, but an explanation of fate). (M. Tsvetaeva)

I have never met a tree that was against me. I have seen many mountains, but I have never seen one that opposed me. The whole existence is very friendly. (Osho)

I look at the mountains, and the mountains look at me. And we look at each other for a long time, without boring each other. (Li Bo)

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Women and mountains

Women buy things at sales for the same reason that makes men climb mountains: because they exist. (S. King)

Snow lies on the mountains and valleys, like a naked woman, with pride and voluptuousness revealing her sparkling body towards the warm sun. Soon the warm sun will melt everything. What then? (B. Kaufman)

Oh, how close and affectionate you are, my climber, rock climber!.. We are now connected by one rope - We have both become rock climbers! (V. Vysotsky)

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Perception of mountains

There is neither honesty nor deceit in the mountains. They are simply dangerous. (R. Messner)

The mountains were beautiful, but harsh... Mountains rarely forgive mistakes. (S. King)

Mountains, mountains! What kind of magnetism is hidden in you! What a symbol of tranquility is contained in each sparkling peak! The bravest legends are born near the mountains. The most humane words come from the snowy heights. Some people are afraid of mountains and claim that mountains choke them. Aren't these people afraid of big things? (N. Roerich)

The only things better than mountains are mountains that you have never been to before. (V. Vysotsky)

Religion and mountains

My father used to say that a walk in the mountains is the same as going to church. (O. Huxley)

— Do you see the Fifth Mountain? - asked Elijah. “No matter from which side you look at it, it will seem different, although it is still the same mountain.” That’s how everything that surrounds us is: these are different faces of the same God. (P. Coelho)

I don’t understand anything, mountains: Your anthem sings blasphemy or a psalm, And you, looking into the cold lakes, Are you busy with prayer or witchcraft? (N. Gumilev)

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Dreams and mountains

Mountains! Their snow-white, dazzling domes against the backdrop of unimaginably blue and deep blue - aren’t they a symbol of the human dream, the call of which has been disturbing daring souls for centuries? And isn’t each of us given our own height in our chosen work? (M. Turkevich)

I love mountain peaks. Among the heavenly emptiness Their strange ruins burn, How unfinished are the dreams and thoughts of the Architect of nature. (A. Maikov)

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Friends and mountains

My friend, I need you like a mountain peak where I can breathe freely! (A. Saint-Exupery)

Contemplation of the great beauty of the mountains can only be complete when a friend is next to you. (Ya. Arkin)

The path to the heights is open to anyone, Heights who love fearlessly Where the ice ax rings and where the heart rings There the friendship of the brave is born! (N. Tikhonov)

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Sea and mountains

From a mountain top, even a stormy sea seems like a smooth plain. (K. Abe)

Mountains must be earned, but the sea gives itself freely. (P. Zannoner)

Mountains are frozen waves, water is flowing mountains. (Feng Jicai)

Blue mountains are approaching all around, The blue sea is in the distance. The wings of the soul rise above the earth, but do not leave the earth. (V. Solovyov)

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Fog and mountains

At dawn, as the November night slowly turned into a colorless morning, fog came from the sea. It swirled, rising along the slopes of the mountains, sliding into the valley, filling it to the brim... The fog brought amazing silence and stillness to the valley. (T. Jansson)

November. The fogs have become thicker and more impenetrable; they go away for a long time, reluctantly, clinging to wooden fences with tulle hems. The distant call of the river is heard - cold, foamy, it runs, gasping, ahead of itself, telling everyone that snow is approaching the mountain pass, she saw it, she knows. (N. Abgaryan)

Flowers and mountains

Violets in the mountains sprouted through the stone. (T. Williams)

We enter the mountains as if we enter a garden. Its top is in snow-white bloom. Its trunks are sheer and boundless, And the glaciers hang like petals. (Yu. Vizbor)

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Creativity and mountains

Great poets, like high mountains, have numerous echoes. Their songs are repeated in all languages. (V. Hugo)

In America, in the Rocky Mountains, I saw the only reasonable method of artistic criticism. In the bar, above the piano, there was a sign: “Don’t shoot the pianist - he’s doing the best he can. (O. Wilde)

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Parents and mountains

Parents are mountains that you spend your whole life trying to climb, until one day you notice that you yourself are playing their role. (M. Levy)

Usually love fizzles out quickly, especially when it has to go uphill, from children to parents. (D.S. Halifax)

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Alcohol and mountains

The wine of your whole life keeps going. Anyone who doesn’t drink is a burden to themselves. And give wine to the mountain - the mountain will dance. Wine will bring youth to the old too! (O. Khayyam)

Sometimes on a Friday evening, climbing a flight of stairs is tantamount to conquering a mountain peak without special equipment. (Yu. Tatarkin)

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Words and mountains

The mountains taught us to speak silently. (V. Shataev)

I can spend hours looking up at the mountain. It may seem strange, but I am talking to the mountain. I try to understand whether she is waiting for me or not, whether she will let me in or not. (G. Kaltenbrunner)

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As you can see, quotes about mountains are primarily related to the themes of people, the Caucasus, motivation, plains, and life.

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