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Quotes from songs in English with translation

Many songs have been sung in Russian. Many of them are useful and meaningful, but there are also those that have practically no words. A similar situation is observed with English music and songs. Some of them allow you to relax, while others provide significant food for thought. Quotes from such songs are collected on this page.

Although English is the most widely spoken language, not all people on Earth can speak it or even understand what is said. That's why we added translations of popular quotes from songs from English into Russian. You can also listen to these songs for “total immersion.”

Free English learning online

For a better understanding of the English language, we have provided a variety of song lyrics in English from different music artists to choose from. In order to speak English, you need to listen to it. And for a better perception of spoken language, in this section of educational songs in English, you not only listen to English songs, but in karaoke mode you can repeat the words of the songs after the musicians. The list of songs increases every time, thereby we offer you the lyrics of songs by your favorite music performers. Each song has an original text, its Russian translation, and a list of words highlighted for memorization from the song. And also two versions of the video: one, with the lyrics of the song in English in karaoke mode; in another, an original music video by a music artist.

List of educational songs in English and American languages

ExecutorName of the songWords into songsWords to rememberLink to song
AAbbaHappy new year29724lyrics and translation of the song
AdeleSkyfall22322lyrics and translation of the song
AAkonAngel27918lyrics and translation of the song
AAriana GrandeFocus34820lyrics and translation of the song
AAquaAround the world37221lyrics and translation of the song
AAquaBarbie girl37920lyrics and translation of the song
AAriana GrandeBreak Free32622lyrics and translation of the song
AAvril LavigneGirlfriend30519lyrics and translation of the song
AAvril LavigneWhen you're gone30325lyrics and translation of the song
BBeyonceStop sign31222lyrics and translation of the song
BBeyonceSingle ladies29822lyrics and translation of the song
BBlues BrothersSweet home Chicago15611lyrics and translation of the song
Bon JoviIt's my life28227lyrics and translation of the song
CCardigansLovefool30425lyrics and translation of the song
CCarly Rae JepsenCall Me Maybe41224lyrics and translation of the song
CCeline DionMy Heart Will Go On18123lyrics and translation of the song
CCeline DionAll by myself14117lyrics and translation of the song
CChristina AguileraBound to you25726lyrics and translation of the song
DDestiny's ChildSay my name70727lyrics and translation of the song
DDemi LovatoHere we go again39320lyrics and translation of the song
DDemi LovatoLet it go29225lyrics and translation of the song
DDove CameronIf only (from "Descendants")24818lyrics and translation of the song
DDemi LovatoLightweight28723lyrics and translation of the song
EEllie GouldingBurn48124lyrics and translation of the song
EElton JohnCan you feel the love tonight17233lyrics and translation of the song
EElvis PresleyJailhouse rock26022lyrics and translation of the song
EEminemLose Yourself70049lyrics and translation of the song
EEvanescenceBring me to life30731lyrics and translation of the song
EEva SimonsPoliceman34825lyrics and translation of the song
EEurythmicsSweet dreams19813lyrics and translation of the song
FFiveInvincible23120lyrics and translation of the song
Foo FightersBest of you32725lyrics and translation of the song
FunWe are young33024lyrics and translation of the song
GGeri HalliwellCalling30135lyrics and translation of the song
Geri HalliwellIt's raining men21927lyrics and translation of the song
Guano ApesRain19620lyrics and translation of the song
Gwen StefaniFour in the morning27724lyrics and translation of the song
HHilary DuffAnywhere but here32724lyrics and translation of the song
HHimNo love13616lyrics and translation of the song
HHolly ValanceKiss kiss47024lyrics and translation of the song
IIdina MenzelAs long as your mine17520lyrics and translation of the song
IIggy PopCry For Love18032lyrics and translation of the song
JJames BrownI Feel Good19511lyrics and translation of the song
JJetsChip'n dale rescue rangers14815lyrics and translation of the song
JJay-Z & BeyonceCrazy in love59825lyrics and translation of the song
JJodi BensonPart of your world33126lyrics and translation of the song
Justin TimberlakeCry me a river53518lyrics and translation of the song
KKaty PerryPart Of Me21524lyrics and translation of the song
KKaty PerryDark Horse40431lyrics and translation of the song
KKelly ClarksonBecause of You28030lyrics and translation of the song
LLenkaEverything at Once24269lyrics and translation of the song
Limp BizkitBehind blue eyes20429lyrics and translation of the song
MMadonnaMusic23124lyrics and translation of the song
MMarilyn MonroeDiamonds are a girl's best friend25125lyrics and translation of the song
MM.C. Hammer You Can't Touch This49233lyrics and translation of the song
MModern talkingYou're my heart, you're my soul20816lyrics and translation of the song
MMiley CyrusWrecking ball32924lyrics and translation of the song
NNirvanaWhere Did You Sleep Last Night12617lyrics and translation of the song
No DoubtDon't speak20322lyrics and translation of the song
OOffspringPretty fly43423lyrics and translation of the song
OOlly MursDon't say goodbye17616lyrics and translation of the song
OOnerepublicLove runs out44118lyrics and translation of the song
OOnerepublicSay (All I need)28218lyrics and translation of the song
PPapa RoachAlive24722lyrics and translation of the song
PPinkTry29021lyrics and translation of the song
PPinkJust give me a reason35923lyrics and translation of the song
QQueenWe are the champions21420lyrics and translation of the song
QueenWe will Rock You14020lyrics and translation of the song
RRay ParkerGhostbusters17923lyrics and translation of the song
RihannaDiamonds29014lyrics and translation of the song
SSamantha JadeSoldier39716lyrics and translation of the song
ScooterHow Much Is The Fish21823lyrics and translation of the song
ScorpionsWind of change24227lyrics and translation of the song
SShakira & BeyonceBeautiful liar32823lyrics and translation of the song
TTaylor SwiftI knew you were trouble38123lyrics and translation of the song
Tom JonesShe's a lady26821lyrics and translation of the song
UUsherNumb23821lyrics and translation of the song
VVanessa HudgensSay ok28723lyrics and translation of the song
Vertical HorizonEverything you want29527lyrics and translation of the song
WWhitney HoustonI Will Always Love You12125lyrics and translation of the song
WWill.I.AmThis is love36220lyrics and translation of the song
Will SmithMen in black52431lyrics and translation of the song

Lyrics in English

English phrases-reflections on life

In this category, various remarks with meaning will be given, one way or another related to the philosophy of life. Let's learn these beautiful phrases in English and work with the translation into Russian.

  • Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. - A person is least sincere when he speaks openly about himself. Give him the mask and he will tell you the truth.
  • Failure does not mean I'm a failure. It does mean I have not yet succeeded. — Failure is not a stigma that I am a loser. It's just a sign that I haven't reached my goal yet.
  • Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe. — Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. And I'm not very sure about the universe yet.
  • Success is not in what you have, but who you are. “Success is not what you have: it’s who you are.”
  • Do not squander time – this is stuff life is made of. - Don't waste time - this is the thing life is made of.
  • Be careful with your thoughts – they are the beginning of deeds. - Be careful with your thoughts, because actions begin with them.
  • Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood. — Life is lessons of success that must be lived to understand them.
  • Remember that the most dangerous prison is the one in your head. - Remember that the most dangerous prison is in your head.
  • The inevitable price we pay for our happiness is eternal fear to lose it. — The inevitable price we pay for our happiness is the eternal fear of losing it.
  • Not the power to remember, but it's very opposite, the power to forget, is a necessary condition for our existence. “It is not the ability to remember, but its opposite, the ability to forget, that is a prerequisite for our existence.
  • The memory warms you up inside, but it also breaks your soul apart. “Memory not only warms you from the inside, but also tears your soul apart.
  • Stretching his hand out to catch the stars, he forgets the flowers at his feet. — Stretching out his hands to the stars, a person forgets about the flowers that bloomed at his feet.
  • When you start thinking a lot about your past, it becomes your present and you can't see your future without it. - When you start to think a lot about the past, it becomes your present, behind which you can no longer see any future.
  • For the world you may be just one person, but for one person you may be the whole world! - For the world you are just one of many, but for someone you are the whole world!
  • I learned that it is the weak who are cruel, and that gentleness is to be expected only from the strong. “I learned that cruelty is a sign of those who are weak.” Nobility can only be expected from truly strong people.

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Vyacheslav Lobanov
Vanity fare -Early in the morning.Wonderful composition! Please make a translation.
Kirill Rudynsky
Blackstar 27th. And a few more Live ones.
Alexey Ivanov
Adele is rich from within. As I see this photo, immediately in her head “It’s me”.
Nikita Uryupov
“Rocky Raccoon checked into his room” is translated as “Rocky Raccoon checked into his room” and not as “Rocky Raccoon is always on the alert”
Begin English. English for everyone.
the author's translation is our everything.

Natalya Gorshkova
Finally, in the group about Britain it came to a real British treasure!!

Natalya Gorshkova
As for Bellamy’s love for Russian composers, at a concert in St. Petersburg he shouted in Russian “Thank you, Rachmaninov! Thank you, Tchaikovsky!” You can hear it perfectly at the beginning of the song))
Karina Osipova

Yury Semenov

Elena Razuvaeva
They are simply the best and unique. So many great songs. It is simply impossible to select the best one. Probably those who write about Take on me have not heard of others))
Artsiom Horlau
specifically googled it. here: At the beginning of June 2010, the famous singer Lady Gaga admitted in an interview with Larry King that she was diagnosed with lupus.
Petr Epronosyan
Where is Pink Floyd in the USA? It seems like The Wall would be the best-selling album in the USA.
Mila Skobinskaya
The group was created in 1972 and until 1984 they released an album almost every year. Then came a creative crisis that lasted almost a decade and a new album was released only in 1994. Further work was uneven; the last double album, Long Road out of Eden, was released in 2007 and did not become a notable event in musical life. The group consists of seven people, despite the fact that they created more than a hundred musical compositions, only one brought them popularity - Hotel California. You can listen to the rest on - music mp3 Peter.
Maria Andreeva
is not The Wall (I don’t want to lie, how many millions of copies have been sold, several dozen for sure), but The Dark Side of the Moon, which sold 300 million records and became one of the best-selling albums in the history of music.
Petr Epronosyan
Yes, I know about Dark Side. But it is in the USA that the Wall is one of the three best-selling. Although both albums are masterpieces.
Maria Andreeva
are good, but for some reason I like Wish You Were Here the most. Thousands of goosebumps throughout the entire listening experience. But what am I talking about? It’s generally impossible to listen to Floyd without getting goosebumps.
Petr Epronosyan
completely agree) In general, my favorite group from Britain. Although there are The Beatles, Queen and many other great bands.
Kirill Kasyanov
was ahead, they really stole Jetho Tull. But at least not like Status Quo did with You're in the army now
Sveta Molokova
checked out the translations... clicked on the first link.. “1949 Take me upstairs, put white socks on my feet. I sing my sweet little song; you admire the blue polish on my nails. "What it is?" You answered: “It’s a terrible mess upstairs, don’t be scared.”
Hamster Ivanovich
Oh, it’s better not to translate them at all, otherwise the desire to learn English will disappear.
Elena Borisova
Chopstick & Johnjon — Pining Moon It’s strange that there is no translation of this beautiful song, please do it:)
Alexey Bazhazhin
It’s better not to translate their songs at all! )
Vlad Ivanchenko
already wrote the same thing about Madonna. When knowledge of the English language throughout the country is at a more or less proper level, then of course you can post Scorpions lyrics in public pages, but for now that’s it
Alexey Bazhazhin
It’s just that when you find out the meaning of these songs, often even the meaning is there and our pop music is better, you don’t even want to listen to them anymore
Masha Lifshits
Better to listen to children's songs:)
Hel Crosby
It would be better if there were the Beatles or The Who instead of Rihana, this is much better)
Denis Evdokimov

Igor Panchenko

Alexey Sokolov
website is good. I looked not because of Rihanna, but because of the translations and chose other performers to my taste!
Dmitry Alexandrov
Norm Eminem
Nikita Osadchuk
It’s interesting that the two most popular groups in America are from England
Leontiy Zainchkovskyy
I don’t think many Americans know that Led Zeppelin is from England. We were driving in the car, and I put on ACDC, so they told me that it was very American, he was very surprised when I told him that these were British Australians, although the guy is quite erudite.
Natalya Shkilenok
Pink is amazing! I love her very much!
Tatyana Nazipova
amazingly terrible translations))))))))))) Google translator? the song still contains both slang and metaphor, which cannot be translated quickly)
Alexandra Tikhomirova
It was high time)) A brilliant person and musician. Because of his “Ghosts” I became addicted to the language))
Alexandra Tikhomirova
One does not interfere with the other. But the words of many of his songs are simply necessary to understand.
Andrey Funk
But the story with the children remains so incomprehensible
Alexandra Tikhomirova
everything is clear there. After Michael’s death, the “victims” already admitted that they slandered him because of his parents’ desire to make money. The father of the first boy committed suicide shortly after this statement, by the way
Olga Zobnina
On November 5, 2009, Evan Chandler committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a .38 caliber pistol, due to the terrible headaches that he had suffered for a long time and which he could no longer withstand.
Ekaterina Samsonnikk

Lyubov Stepanovna
I found very nice translations of the same Muse songs
Citizen Survived
yes, Mews lyrics are good, especially the later ones. And sometimes you probably don’t need to translate)) it’s better to English)))
Evgeny Rumyantsev
I myself am at least more of a fan of electronic trends in music, especially the early ones, however, I note that one cannot help but admire the work of these guys, their sound is incredibly mature, but the main thing is that they combined harshness and amazing melodicism in the sound.
Sinyaya Pugovitsa
Super! Nothing else matters!
Maria Andreeva
Fuck Nothing Else Matters, give me the first three albums. (When will there be comments like “Mustaine gave Het a rein”?)
Karina Mnishek
I can’t judge the beauty of these particular people, because for me they both don’t shine much, but you also compared 23 and 30! Look at Gaga, when the hit poker face or just dance just came out, she’s 22 and she looks really good) And you say “but” like it’s better to be an ill-mannered slut, but beautiful! You know, constantly looking at naked boobs also gets boring, especially since you can’t see them there without a magnifying glass!
Evgenia Filatova
has talent and Cyrus is the spoiled daughter of rich parents
Dmitry Viktorson
There are the most whiners in rock in Russia - this is Animal Jazz - they are the champions of Russia in whining... and so, Radiohead are generally the world champions in whining in the "Rock" category
Vitaly Sotnichenko
Dmitry, You are forgetting the main thing, you are biased, Radiohead is not a rock band, and never has been, it’s a cliché)))
Nikolay Kacher
Sometimes it’s useful to know English poorly: at least you don’t understand what kind of garbage they sing in your favorite songs
Tima Tsurov
I heard that after listening to a couple of Bieber songs, the sucking reflex is triggered
Sofya Gavrilova
⬆Bieber’s defenders have been found, let’s form a rescue service, I see volunteers from the comments above)) You know, now you are also a herd, there are many of you, defenders xD
Maxim Melanchenko
Strong and independent people stand up for Bieber... You should read the translation of his songs and his biography. Compare the maturity of his songs with his age for a start, then groan about the herd opinion
Maria Lobanova
Evil tongues I’m wondering, what bad did Bieber do to you?
Andrey Ustyugov
He is respected in the states
Andrey Chernyshev
maybe youngsters, or little girls.
Nikolay Potapov
I don’t like how they force Bieber to tear his ass in half and how he gets out... but I also don’t understand people who, when they see him, begin to rant about how much they hate him, although most know as much about him as he does about these people - n and what, however, haters simply pick up someone else’s stupid opinion... (actually just as empty))))
Roxana Frolova
The guy realized himself. What can you brag about yourself? Just by sitting and swearing at him? For him, this is also advertising and money.
Elena Ivanovich
There is nothing so terrible about Bieber. We have no one to brag about at all. Just look at the lyrics of Russian rappers, whose songs definitely make your ears bleed.
Vladimir Belikov
I don’t understand the hysteria in this discussion. Well, I don’t like Justin Bieber (by the way, I don’t know who this is, although I’ve often seen this name) - what’s the problem? On the same website, just go up one menu item and read this: “There are more than 30,000 translations of songs on our website.” There is a chance that among 30 thousand songs everyone will find several that are suitable for them. And there is a selector for the first letter of the artist's name.
Alexey Starostin
I completely agree with Vladimir, there is no arguing about tastes, I have heard a lot of crap addressed to him and I can say with confidence that he is no better or worse than all other pop and simple performers. Personally, I liked a couple of his songs. If you don't like it, don't listen!
Tatyana Usmanova,
well, you are literate(((there is no double negative in English. “No, girl, don’t cry” sounds like Do not cry, woman
Vladimir Belikov
There is no double negative in English, and it does exist. Moreover, it can be a vulgar, but very popular deviation from the norm (I don't have no money.) or quite grammatically correct (Double negatives are not uncommon in the English language).
Viktor Onyushev
no, no, but sometimes it happens.
Tatyana Usmanova
But not in this case, right))?
Vladimir Belikov
is exactly in this case in many American songs. And even more so in the songs of a representative of the Rastafarian subculture. And of course, this is wrong, but it happens very often.
Tatyana Usmanova
, don’t convince me that “no cry” can be translated as “don’t cry”)))!
Vladimir Belikov
I will not convince you. You can see for yourself that this is the meaning by listening to the song or finding its lyrics in a search using the following line: +»no woman no cry»+lyrics Here is a fragment: 'Ere, little darlin', don't shed no tears, No, woman, no cry. Come on, dear baby, don’t shed tears, Don’t, woman, don’t cry.
Andrey Fargus
Still, the “no woman, no tears” option is more interesting in my opinion)
Yaroslav Sokolnikov
but he is wrong. What is meant here is “no, woman, don’t cry.” Let's chalk up illiteracy to Jamaican vernacular.
Andrey Fargus
thanks for the correction, but I understood everything perfectly from the previous comments. I wrote “in my opinion.” I meant that he was “closer” to me, so to speak. And I won’t be able to listen to this song like before... Sometimes ignorance is better than literacy.
Irina Vashchenko
It's a pity, there is nothing from Joanna Newsom.
Irina Vashchenko
Artyom Ostapchuk
Add a translation of The Steets — On thr Flip Of a Coin . Exelent track
Valentina Glazkova
Please, can anyone determine what this song is or who performs it
Eduard Danilchenko
Please tell me if your songs have copyrights, is it possible to use your songs in covers in Russian?
Mila Vershinina
Please add translations of the texts As I Lay Dying, Trivium and Our Mirage
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