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Statuses about business

If you are looking for business statuses, then you are pursuing some goal related to getting rich. For example, you are an Oriflame manager and want to attract the attention of potential clients and extend an invitation to them, or you are just starting to engage in trade or other type of entrepreneurial activity and want to establish yourself as a success in business.

In this article, we are happy to share our excellent selection of finds, among which you can find motivating statuses for business, statuses about business with meaning on the Internet, as well as a number of others that you can take for VK or put on your Instagram profile. We also recommend watching several of the attached videos, they also motivate and charge you for success!

Statuses for working on the Internet

After the work pages have been created, you need to set the status . People to whom you offer friendship will definitely visit your page. They may be interested in your biography, see what groups you are in, and what games you like to play. Under your photos and established status, many people can put “classes” and even share the necessary information with their friends. The established status immediately either interests our new friends, or, on the contrary, forces us to “move away.”

There is no need to worry about “unfriending”. This is inevitable, since all people have different interests and professions.

Update the status, preferably every week. Since the number of friends will constantly grow, statuses need to be set for all age categories. For students, for mothers on maternity leave, for housewives and for people looking for work.

Alternate statuses , not forgetting to enliven your pages with new photos. Constantly join any thematic groups, participate in voting and discussions. In a word, be the center of attention all the time. Your page should always attract people's attention. It should be “alive” and natural. Copy the statuses and save them in a separate folder on your computer.

Insert the status you like on your page in a special window, and be sure to add the corresponding picture.

If you can’t copy the status you like, then you need a special program. Do you want to know how to copy any texts and pictures on sites that prohibit copying? THEN, YOU COME HERE

“Work on the Internet, 2–3 hours a day. Income is real and material. Try your hand. Put + under the status “ Work in a legal Internet project!” Suitable for everyone! Requirements: 2–3 hours of free time and a computer with an Internet connection. Salary 17 times a year, everything is fair without delays. The business is based on disseminating information and sending emails. If anyone is interested, put the class under the status and the number 7 in the comments. I’ll send the information to everyone.”

“Work for mothers on maternity leave. No sales, no investments. Everything is legal and official. Stable income 17 times a year. Put + in the comments, I will answer you"

“Working on the Internet, for mothers on maternity leave. Do you want to earn money without leaving home? Do you want to create a bright future for your children? There is an exit! Work 2–3 hours a day. Does not require sales or investments. Interesting? Write in PM. I’ll send you information“

“Working on the Internet is for everyone! No risks or sales. Everything is legal. The salary is stable and without delays. Work is necessary! No freebie! Anyone interested, write in a personal message"

“I share information about making money on the Internet. Ready system of work. Relevant for mothers on maternity leave, housewives and students. Reach a stable income of $1000 after 7–8 months of work. Interesting? Put + under the status and class!”

“Looking for a job? You've already found it! Everything is legal. No sales or investments. The job requires a computer and the Internet. 2-3 hours a day without leaving home. The salary is stable 17 times a year. Don't miss the chance! Start a new life without loans and debts!!! I’ll send you all the information via PM after your message.”

“Official Internet business for everyone!!! Do you want to sleep until 10 am, forgetting about the alarm clock? Home business that requires 3 hours of free time and a computer with an Internet connection. Real salary from $1000, after 7 months of work. Training is free! I recommend it to anyone who wants to earn money without leaving home!!!! Put + under the status or write in a personal message, I will answer everyone."

“I will share information about legal online earnings for free! I didn't find any cons. The salary is stable and without delays. Real prospects and career growth. The work does not require investment or sales. The business is based on email distribution. 3 hours of free time and a computer are a must! I will send information to your email. Write in PM"

“A job for everyone in a large cosmetics company! The salary is stable from 20,000 rubles. Everything is legal. Training is free. Do you want to change your life and become a happy and independent person? Then write in a personal message right now. I will send all the information to your email.”

EVEN more interesting!!!

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Salary statuses

While the plumber Sidorov was walking home, inflation ate, drank and partially hid his salary.

The simple wisdom of the Russian people will never cease to amaze me! It is impossible to earn all the money, but it is possible to drink all the money!

I watched the news, got upset, and decided to close all my accounts in Cyprus. Then I remembered that I didn’t have any accounts there, and I became even more upset...

For gas, for electricity, for the Internet... For a new meter at the entrance... Education for children, intercom... Taxes, pension fund... Office rent, mobile phone... Another loan for a refrigerator... Security, courses, sports and a house... And you were, my salary?

Money is evil. Money can not buy happiness. He who is strong in spirit is rich...What else can you do to calm yourself down before you receive your salary?

The distance PARIS - DAKAR is nonsense!!! The distance between ADVANCE and SALARY is where the test lies!

Why is there so much month left at the end of the salary?

An advance can give you hope, but a paycheck can kill it.

You will never make money if you think they are making it.

What is funny to an American is a salary to a Russian.

And why is everyone eager to get this higher education? In our office of 25 people, only two have higher education - a technician and a plumber.

Three stages of poverty: 1. No money; 2. No money at all; 3. You will have to change dollars.

I came to work to work. And not to answer stupid questions - why am I sleeping here drunk.

Today I came to work in the morning, and the boss called me in and gave me a scolding for no reason whatsoever! Then I had to struggle all day so that justice would prevail.

Subordinates have two vacations, the first is their own, the second is the boss’s vacation!

Lately, paychecks have started to feel like change...

Receiving a salary is good, but giving it to others is even better...

Chief to his subordinate: - Ivanov, you are fired! - Fired?! It’s strange, it seemed to me that slaves were being sold.

I am against salaries in envelopes! Personally, I am for salaries in bags!

- My God, how I love you all! - Oh, did they give you your salary today?

Vacation for Russians lasts two months, since they spend two weeks preparing for vacation and two weeks leaving it

Today the boss gathered everyone and called everyone from his cell phone. I listened carefully to the melodies that we set for his call... There will be no bonus.

The hardest thing for women to get a job! Everyone needs 18-year-old girls with 30 years of experience, two degrees and grown children!

They are representatives of the most ancient profession. They sleep for money. They are watchmen.

If you haven’t been paid, you don’t want to work; if you have, there’s no point.

The stupid habit of waking up in the morning and going to work kills no worse than cigarettes and vodka, but it does not bring pleasure at all.

The director has arrived. He himself does not work and prevents others from working.

The working day is divided into “before lunch” and “before leaving”

The first five days after the weekend are the most difficult.

Every security guard dreams of retiring so he can just watch TV and do crossword puzzles all day long.

There are no fools who work for free... But there are so many fools who work for thanks!

I work so hard that the horses turn around.

I borrowed money from my best friends. I bought a new iPhone. I stopped communicating with these rogues.

Money doesn't buy happiness - a man with ten million dollars may be no happier than a man with nine

According to the results of a sociological survey, the most popular printed publication among the people is money.

Don't be afraid to spend a lot, be afraid to earn little.

Pain, screams, pleas for mercy and justice. Agony and universal sadness. All this fits into three words - tomorrow to work

Decent reward

Sometimes people still receive decent pay for their work. Share your thoughts on this matter to motivate your friends to change their lives for the better and follow your example.

  1. It's nice when your efforts are appreciated.
  2. I believe that everyone can earn a decent living. You just need to not sit still and look for people who will appreciate your talents and skills.
  3. Until you allow yourself to receive big money, you will live in poverty.
  4. I cannot afford to be a poor person.
  5. Money is not the main thing. The most important thing is to realize yourself. If this succeeds, the money will appear by itself!
  6. If you agree to work for pennies, you will be treated like a slave. Remember that you have self-esteem!
  7. Not only talented people, but also persistent people earn good money. Develop your will and don’t be afraid of change.
  8. Until you believe in yourself, no one will believe in you.
  9. Constant development is the key to success and financial well-being.
  10. I notice that most poor people are simply too lazy to look for themselves and develop their talents. It is sad.
  11. Everyone complains about low wages, but you rarely hear complaints about your own laziness, fear of change and indecisiveness. It’s better to realize what’s stopping you from being rich than to whine and suffer all your life.

Unhappy with your salary? Don't be afraid to say it directly or start looking for a place where you will be appreciated! Change your life for the better and don’t forget that money is not the most important thing.

Quotes about making money

Many quotes about making money are related to business. For example, Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma once said:

“When you start a business, it means you give up a steady income, sick leave and annual bonuses.”

Russian entrepreneur Alisher Usmanov noted that not everyone should be a businessman, since this is not given to everyone. He said:

“Everyone is given the opportunity to work. Not everyone can be a businessman based on the results of their work, but you have to earn money for yourself.”

Sometimes the phrases of not only real people, but also fictional ones are of interest. Thus, the hero Heesung Nam from the work “Moon Sculptor” remarked:

“The world is like this: if you can’t study, you won’t be able to earn money!”

Public figure and women's rights activist Clara Zetkin realized that money is hard for men too:

“It is not only working women who suffer because of the pitiful pay for their work. Male workers also suffer from this.”

The famous publicist and businessman Robert Kiyosaki once remarked:

"People say, 'I want to be rich.' The question is: “Are you willing to do what it takes?”

Andrew Carnegie once noted that a person who owns great wealth also bears great responsibility for it:

“Excessive wealth is a sacred trust which its owner is obligated to bring to bear in his life for the good of society.”

American comedian William Fields spoke beautifully about the difference between a rich and a poor person:

“A rich man is just a poor man with money.”

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