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Quotes - Just Forward (100 quotes)

To believe in themselves, some people need very little - their own thoughts, for example, while others may get confused in doubts, and the result of such doubts will be the failure of one or another task. Someone needs inspiration, without it a person will not be able to make their dreams come true. Some people have enough inspiring quotes, thanks to them a person gets inspired and only moves forward. You can see some such quotes in this collection. This section contains the best ones. So, quotes - Just forward.

Over the years, a person moves not only forward, but also backward. What seems like a long-lived past to a twenty-year-old, seems surprisingly close at hand at fifty.

The tree also needs evaporation and frequent refreshment with the help of winds, rains, and cold weather, otherwise it easily weakens and withers. In the same way, the human body generally requires strong movements, activities and serious exercise.

The one who walks will master the road.

Successful people get ahead by using time that others waste.

The meaning of our life is continuous movement.

Life is like driving a bicycle. To maintain balance, you must move.

More gifted people lead society forward, making life easier for others.

It's easier to go forward than in the right direction.

Don't look back: what's done is done. Go further.

“Mental power will never calm down, never stop at the known truth, but will always go forward and further to the unknown truth.”

Running is good for you, so they said. If I stop, the world will stop.

I have to go. When you are on the move, your feelings are not as suffocating as at night, when you toss and turn in bed, gathering the blanket into a tight ball so that you have someone to hug in your sleep.

I don't have fast or slow marches. Forward! And the eagles flew!

Salvation is in motion.

It doesn’t matter that you walk slowly... the main thing is don’t stop.

When going forward, know how to turn back.

If the world moves, it is only because of love.

Movements are like words, and words are like love...

Let the women go first!

Oh, tell me you filmed this in SLOW-MO.

Just look how she moves! Like jelly on springs - back and forth, back and forth. There's probably a motor or something inside there.

Moving forward, science constantly crosses itself out.

To reach the goal, you have to go.

I just have to run and keep jumping. One two Three! Do not stop. The third jump is always higher. It's physics or something like that.

Sometimes you just need to go and not stop... When you stop, you no longer know what to do.

We ourselves must become the changes we want to see in the world.

Social movement is the only way for natural and lasting change in society.

We must only move forward, even if we can only crawl!

Obstacles are those scary things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

The time will come when all these clerks, lawyers, managers - the class that provides services - will begin a social-personalist movement to acquire shares in large enterprises.

She was one step ahead, even if she was late.

We must call for, rather than wait for, inspiration to get things started. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration rarely breeds action.

Life is an endless meaningful movement!

Make movement for the sake of movement. Only here and now.

When you know what you want and you want it bad enough, you will find a way to get it.

Yes, the vector leads and beckons from within. We choose: duty or love, light or darkness, hug or hit - in fact, the path is always ready. He is waiting for us to give and take and not be afraid of happiness and obstacles. So that we choose only our own with our hearts and do not look back with horror.

Now you are freeing yourself from what was following you. The perfect plan for your life is being realized. Do not be sorry about anything. What is not meant for you will go away. You did it, you did it, the frozen river returned to movement.

I didn't fail. I just found 10,000 ways that don't work.

...and somehow we lived without unsolicited advice, and we will continue to live. Each of us has a vector inside us, and we think and move along it. We ourselves choose where the rake is that cannot be avoided. We hug our loved ones tightly with our souls when we suddenly meet them on the path of life. We bypass strangers if possible, or at least do not let them enter the doorstep. And if the “crossroads” is too difficult, we pray that God will make the choice.

I'm going to keep going until I win - or die. Don't think that I don't know how this might end. I've known this for years.

Never, ever let others convince you that something is difficult or impossible.

Our life is a magic watch, a mechanism made of a thousand parts. The pulse in my temples is beating like little walkers. We move from joy to sadness, From unhappiness to happiness, having made a circle - We run like a shadow on a dial. The watch sometimes rests, and then again rushes off somewhere. <…> The mechanism of the clock cannot be deciphered... How many years will I be measured? But I happened to understand one thing: the main wealth is People.

If you don’t want to mark time, you need to look for new ways. You cannot create the future by endlessly analyzing the past.

To achieve success, stop chasing money, chase your dreams.

Time does not rotate the Universe - the Universe moves It!

Make the world move, it's your world!

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day after day.

And it doesn’t matter that there is complete uncertainty ahead, the main thing is to start moving. And then it will be visible.

But everything moving is stronger than the stationary. Water is stronger than rock.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people don't want to do. Don't strive for it to be easier, strive for it to be better.

Life is a movement; there is no place for “i’s”, final conclusions or immutable rules.

To live life to the fullest, you need to be in constant motion, and only then will one day be different from the next.

One victory does not lead to success, but a constant desire to win does.

Day turns into night, night into day, and this continues as long as the world exists. There is no end or beginning, only movement along a closed line...

Even the smallest step is worth the sacrifice if it is a step forward.

Make your dreams come true, or someone else will hire you to make theirs come true.

She still has a chance to change something, to approach life from the other end. And she wants to use this chance! This is what the heroines of her favorite books always did. Not all of them got what they wanted. More often it's the other way around. But all the same, it was movement, action, and not stagnation. When you stand still, death comes to you.

Life is a game. It all depends on you, your ideas, your thoughts. You just need to get your ass off the couch and move forward, albeit slowly, but to the top!

Success is a ladder, you can’t climb it with your hands in your pockets.

Difficulties and problems are not constant. They will pass. This is the law of the Universe. Everything is in constant motion and change. Nothing is permanent or static.

Even if you can, don't change the past for anything. Don't turn possibility into reality. Nobody knows what the future holds for us. It is precisely because the past cannot be changed that people can continue to move forward.

Success is moving from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.

No, I wouldn’t want to freeze in peace: Trembling is the best human destiny.

Don't be afraid to move slowly, don't be afraid to stand still.

The secret to success in life: Be prepared for opportunities before they arise.

Time is motionless and, accordingly, has neither beginning nor end. The idea of ​​time as something moving and causing change is an illusion. And time itself, in essence, is an illusion.

How much does your life weigh? Imagine that you are carrying a backpack. Its straps cut into your shoulders, did you feel it? Now put everything that makes up your life into it. Start with any little things. From the nonsense of trinkets that you collect - feel the weight has increased. Now larger things will go: clothes, household appliances, lamps, linen, TV - the backpack is already very heavy. And then there’s more: a couch, a bed, other furniture, and your car also goes in the backpack. Your home, no matter what it is or how many bedrooms it has. Try to stuff it all into your backpack. Now take a walk. A bit heavy? We do the same thing to ourselves every day, hanging so much on ourselves that we cannot move, and movement is life.

Always remember that your determination to succeed is more important than anything else.

Knowledge is added only through movement, and fate finds the one who seeks it.

Time moves differently on different days, depending on the mood.

He who does no more than what he is paid for will never get more than what he gets.

And therefore, already feeling the grin of impending disaster, running my fingertips along the tense nerves, I again said to myself “Sois sage. Sois chic.” and walked forward. Without looking at public morality, or at customary traditions, or at reproach, or at praise. Trusting only myself, the barely perceptible whisper of the soul and the rhythm of the heart, now freezing in silence, now starting to gallop, from which the lungs began to greedily grab air and the skin became hot.

Life is a tango, in which the main thing is movement. If you stop, the dance will stop, if you stop, life will stop.

We find in life only what we ourselves put into it.

… I never understood why the music you listen to should decide what clothes you wear, or what color your hair should be. If there is a philosophy in this music, then you can live by it, but I don't see why you should be part of a clique, a scene, a movement.

There is no balance in life. Every moment is either a movement towards perfection or degradation.

If you were born without wings, don't stop them from growing.

Movement is life; movement towards a goal is intelligent life, movement into the unknown is creativity.

Sometimes a step forward requires a step back.

If the problem can be resolved, there is no need to worry about it. If a problem cannot be solved, there is no point in worrying about it.

I walk slowly, but I never move backwards.

Without movement, life is only a lethargic sleep.

Even if you are very talented and put in a lot of effort, some results just take time: you won't get a baby in a month even if you get nine women pregnant.

If you don’t move anywhere, you begin to gradually move away.

“There’s no way back for me anyway?” - asks. - Well, how can I tell you? By and large, no, of course. But this is the biggest one. In the sense and only in the sense that there is no turning back for anyone at all. All roads lead forward and only forward.

Personally, I love strawberries and cream, but for some reason fish prefer worms. That's why when I go fishing, I don't think about what I like, but about what the fish like.

For those who do not move forward, everything passes by.

If you move strongly against the current, the wind will change direction, but if you can understand the current, the wind will come into your palm.

The lesson I learned and followed throughout my life was to try, and try, and try again - but never give up!

There is no movement in a straight line, movement is always cyclical.

In love there is no good and evil, there is no creation and destruction. There is only movement. And love changes the laws of nature.

We must only move forward, even if we can only crawl!

To move forward, we must look back and rediscover priceless truths: that all reality is based on moral standards and that all reality is subject to spirit.

Moving, just moving without stopping, is more important than rushing.

Sometimes you just need to go and not stop... When you stop, you no longer know what to do.

Do not stop. Don't let yourself be slowed down. Move forward with dignity, honor and integrity.

The main thing in this world is not where we stand, but in which direction we are moving.

I used to say, “I hope things change.” Then I realized that the only way for everything to change was for me to change.

You should not change the direction of your movement based on someone else's opinion.

Movement is the storehouse of life.

R. G. Nazirov The ban on looking back (On the origin of the folklore motif)

Thea. On the advice of his father, Deucalion built an ark in advance and in it he escaped death along with his wife Pyrrha. All other people died; For nine days the ark rushed along the waves of the flood and finally landed at the top of Parnassus. The Oracle of Themis on Parnassus, when asked by Deucalion and Pyrrha how to revive the human race, answered that they needed to throw “the bones of their mother” over their shoulders. Deucalion realized that their mother was the earth, and her bones were stones. The stones that Deucalion threw over his shoulder turned into men, and the stones thrown by Pyrrha turned into women; So they walked without looking back, and sowed the land with people, reviving life. Throwing over the shoulder reflects the same prohibition on looking back.

Let us add that science has long assumed the eastern origin of the myth of Deucalion and Pyrrhus; Some scholars believed that this myth was borrowed by the Greeks from Mesopotamia with its famous “flood mythology,” which gave rise to a similar biblical myth.

To this day, throwing over the shoulder appears in a number of superstitious customs. In Russia, they threw a pinch of salt spilled on the table over their left shoulder to avoid a quarrel; It was customary to spit over the left shoulder so as not to “jinx” someone (usually a child) with spoken praise. French peasants at a crossroads, not knowing the right path, throw the key over their shoulders and choose the road on which it fell. Basically, these customs are of late origin.

What is the reason for the prohibition to look back during the rebirth (return) of living beings?

The prohibition, it seems to us, is based on an archaic feature of human psychology: the indistinction between subject and object. It is known that the ostrich, escaping persecution, hides its head in the sand. But isn't that how our human children cover their faces to avoid being struck by lightning during a thunderstorm? Not seeing a mortal threat means not being seen by it.

Such a naive idea (“don’t look at the demon so that he doesn’t see you”) is contained in the climax of Gogol’s brilliant story “Viy”. As soon as Khoma Brutus looked at Viy, Viy, in turn, saw him, the devils grabbed Khoma, and he died. Truly, we will never cease to be amazed by Gogol’s clairvoyance and his penetration into the most archaic layers of culture.

In the same way, the sight of Medusa the Gorgon, according to Greek myth, turned people and animals into stone: to avoid this, Perseus, when performing his feat, looks not at the sleeping Gorgon, but at her reflection in his mirror shield. In our current understanding of the word, Perseus v i d i t Gorgon, when he kills her, is like a submarine captain using a periscope to see an enemy cruiser into which he launches a torpedo. But from the point of view of the ancient Greeks, Perseus did not look at the Gorgon, and therefore could not be seen by her.

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