martial arts quotes, aphorisms, statuses, phrases from around the world

Statuses about wrestling and wrestlers

To make the harvest of victories abundant, you need to be strong-willed, technical, and strong!

Fury in the eyes, courage in the heart, kindness in the soul.

You have to believe in yourself, especially in those moments when no one believes in you

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To make the harvest of victories abundant, you need to be strong-willed, technical, and strong!

Fury in the eyes, courage in the heart, kindness in the soul.

You have to believe in yourself, especially in those moments when no one believes in you

Every workout is a step forward. Every missed workout is two steps back

There is nothing better than living life striving to become better.

Fight is life! Training is the place where you relax your soul and body.

Smoking is harmful, booze is poison. To love a FIGHTER - advice of the Ministry of Health!

Healthy neck, broken ear. Wow, bro! Yes, you are a wrestler!

A judoka, a freestyle wrestler, a sambo wrestler, we are all great fighters.

They don’t hit with their hands, they don’t wave their legs, these are WRESTLERS - they fuck deflections!!!

Fight and fight, fall but don’t give up!!!!!

The wrestling hall is a wonderland, I went in with my ears and came out without

Mou eyes didn't remember when Xunkal came to mind =D

If you go against a fighter, you will be left without a face!!!

A judoka is a person who thinks only about three things: judo, mother and girl.

boxers rule, karatekas rule, and wrestlers sit in the back seat and show where to steer

When you fight, you never get bored, just as some people never get tired of sex, so I never get tired of fighting

First they don't notice you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win

JUDO is one of the best types of wrestling! When you are a judoka, you are both a sambo wrestler and a freestyle wrestler at the same time!

Only a shooting coach can argue with a wrestling coach.

I could have taken up ballroom dancing... I could have gone to chess since childhood... but the Lord gave me the opportunity to fight on the tatami

One throw, another pass, the opponent eats sand!!!!!

Sambo is a sport, everything is fast, beautiful, and deadly!

a fighter is not stubborn, he is consistent

Love in the Caucasian way is when you call a two-meter, unshaven goofball with a meter-long shoulder span, who engages in wrestling and walks around in all black, the sun.

There is a problem? deflection is guaranteed for you

Wrestlers are like children, they can break things!

capture, interception, pinning, holding and nine months later a little wrestler...

The struggle for survival - some have “classical”, some “freestyle”, some have “sambo”.

live to fight, fight to live!!

If you touch a wrestler's girl, you will become a mystery to the surgeon!

Loving a wrestler is pride. Forgetting a wrestler is meanness, but to be with a wrestler is an honor, because not every girl has one...

wrestling is a secret weapon that is always with you

I didn’t break my hands, I didn’t break almost anything!!! I’m just hesitating and that’s it!!

One bend and you're dead

Broken ears will come for your souls

When I am among wrestlers, I feel not like among close friends, but like among close relatives.

Don't cry Father, your son is a FIGHTER, cry is the Father whose son is a SWIMMER!!!!!!

While fighting with a pig to see who will throw whom into the mud, you gradually understand that for you this is a struggle, but for the pig it is pleasure.

wrestling free girl happy

The struggle for survival - some are “classical”, some are “freestyle”, some are “judo”.

Strength is not the result of victory. Strength is the result of struggle. When you overcome difficulties and decide not to give up, then you have strength...

Wrestlers remember, boxers make a note!

Greco-Roman wrestling: strength, agility, beauty!

Aphorisms of hand-to-hand combat from the Kadochnikov school

1. Understanding the process is higher than knowledge as such. 2. Perseverance is the key to the secrets of mastery. 3. To win a fight, strength alone is not enough; knowledge, skills, abilities and intelligence are required. 4. If the enemy takes you by surprise and you are still alive, he is in your hands. 5. The more losing the situation, the more winning it is. 6. Give in to reduce resistance. 7. Don’t strive to be stronger than your opponent, but look for where your opponent is weaker than you. 8. Do everything with minimal effort. Too much force backfires. 9. Remember the hidden wisdom: “Give to achieve.” 10. Slipping away without losing contact is the goal of your struggle. 11. In class, don’t be afraid to seem funny and clumsy. 12. Fear and anger are appropriate and necessary. Fear should not disappear completely. 13. Relax, try to relax as much as possible. 14. Everything must be done consciously. 15. There are no prohibited techniques in self-defense. 16. How to win? Anyone! 17. Without defense there is no attack. 18. Under no circumstances enter into a fight if there are other options for the development of events. 19. In a fight, don’t strive for effect, strive for efficiency. 20. Do not spare the enemy if he really threatens your health and life. 21. In a fight, never rely on one single blow or action. 22. Don’t be afraid of minor injuries, try to avoid major ones. 23. Always be prepared for an unexpected capture or attack. 24. When repeating movements, repeat them in a new way. 25. Slow repetition provides the opportunity for analytical activity, which is related to what you want to get and your desire to expand your horizons. 26. The spirit of the system is the spirit of victory, regardless of the type of weapon, since you can win in any way. 27. In hand-to-hand combat, your state of mind should not differ from everyday life. Both in combat and in everyday life, you must be purposeful, but calm. 28. Understanding the meaning of the system in all its breadth makes it possible to see the application of the system in all areas of human life. 29. You should not have a favorite weapon or technique. Don't copy others, act according to the situation. 30. You can have your own personal style only when you know the optimal styles. 31. Working out is a part of your life that strengthens your spirit. 32. It is difficult to understand yourself without having an idea about others. 33. Periodically step back from the motor task in space and time, this will allow you to see it on a different scale and perceive it holistically. A series of logical steps are fused and allow a leap in solution to be made. 34. Change the price, the meaning of individual elements of the motor task. Changing value criteria transforms logical analysis and allows you to build a different chain of reasoning. 35. Any excuses for your passivity and laziness are unacceptable. 36. Be patient if you are moving forward too slowly. The beaten path laid by others has ended. Now you are a pioneer, and a mountain road is not a highway. There has never been a system like the one you teach before. 37. Have a positive attitude towards the need to make decisions in situations of uncertainty. Where there is certainty, there is no room for creativity. 38. The system teaches creativity, ease, “convenience,” and beauty. If we don't create in class, we don't teach. 39. Have a sharp eye and a strong hand. You are one on one with the student, think about him, polish him, hone the edges of his talent, in a word, create him both as a person and as a person. 40. Don't expect an easy victory. As a rule, such a victory is won by others... 41. Be winged both in thoughts and in actions. Small goal, small result. 42. When testing for strength, the chain breaks at its weakest point. Technique, tactics, physical and psychological preparation are on the same level. The loss of at least one of these components from the series will lead to a break in the chain, i.e. to defeat... 43. Defeat kills the weak, but adds strength to the courageous. Defeat helps the strong to open up the reserve storehouses of the spirit and analyze what they have lived through. 44. You cannot demand from a student what you did not give him. 45. For the absence of enemies, one must pay for the lack of success.


1. To foresee danger, you must first thoroughly know yourself, and through yourself, other people and the general laws of the development of the world. 2. Foresight based on solid knowledge and special sensitivity developed in self-defense training sessions will allow you to be in the right place at the right time. 3. To prevent (anticipate) danger, learn to curb your emotions with your mind, develop skills and abilities. If this is not the case, then the normal reaction to danger will be tension. If you are the master of your emotions, then the reaction to danger is relaxation and calm. 4. If there is no way to avoid danger, act. Knowledge of the laws of world development, technology and tactics of self-defense will give you confidence in your abilities and in victory. 5. Improve your body and mind through systematic training to repel possible danger. Elements of physical and psychological self-defense combine the enormous capabilities of the body and spirit. 6. Focus completely on your goal and actions, do not allow your mind to deviate from what you planned. 7. Expand your horizons - the ideas and information you need can be found in areas far from strict scientific approaches to world phenomena. 8. You can't always win, but you can always make yourself undefeated. Victory depends on the enemy, invincibility depends on yourself. 9. Don’t be afraid of curses, don’t strive for praise, they won’t bring you anything new. 10. Don’t rush things, let the process unfold on its own. 11. Know your own depths, and you can speak to the depths of others. 12. Know where you stand and know what you stand for. This is your foundation. 13. Be clear about your goal, then you can achieve it without fuss. If you know your goal, then successes and failures equally move you forward. 14. Learn to be led - in order to learn to lead others. 15. The skills and abilities acquired in classes according to the system are intended to become servants of your intentions. Use them (your weapons) carefully, using them only as necessary. 16. Focused attention, absolute peace of mind, confidence and goodwill are features characteristic of the state of working as a partner. 17. When performing any techniques, keep the center of gravity as low as possible in each of them. 18. When performing any movement, keep your body relaxed, making efforts at the very last second. 19. Do not concentrate your strength in the shoulders or upper body when performing any action. 20. Use every free moment to enrich your knowledge and improve your skills. 21. The purpose of the lesson is not to memorize a few effective techniques, but to reveal the characteristics of your mind and body. 22. Tell yourself that you cannot live without constant training of your mind and body. 23. The main and fundamental mistake a person makes in behavior with others is a personal approach to communication. A person is a representation of another, but the world is not as it appears to us. Each of us is part of the world, therefore, each of us is clearly not the same as he is seen by others. Always play your game, do not allow yourself to be drawn into personal relationships. 24. Having retreated, you move forward, and your opponent, flaunting his strength, remains in place. 25. Anyone who is hostile against you is really not focusing on you, but on himself. 26. A person with a sufficiently flexible psyche can perceive new ideas and rebuild, remaining adequate to the changing environment. He is aware that the world is changing, and he must change with it - there are no eternal and unchangeable positions, they are determined and coordinated by life. There is a constant reassessment of values ​​and streamlining of the hierarchy of ideals. 27. In a fight, life is the criterion and there are no rules, the referee will not stop and no one will help. 28. Learn from your mistakes - don't get caught up in them.

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martial arts quotes, aphorisms, statuses, phrases from around the world

An extensive collection of quotes, aphorisms, and sayings from a variety of sources on the topic of martial arts from a variety of authors. Are you looking for a beautiful aphorism for your text? Want to use a clever quote in an important conversation? Or do you just want to put a beautiful status on VKontakte or Instagram? Then use our list of martial arts quotes compiled on this page.

- Yes, you are a jack of all trades... Maybe you can say something about karate? - Easily. First an anecdote. “At school, a physical teacher and a labor worker got into a fight at graduation. Trudovik won, because karate is karate, and a hammer is a hammer.” Everyone is laughing, and Kasyanov is laughing loudest of all. Tags: Alexey Vyazovsky // Viktor Seleznev // funny quotes // martial arts //

The enemies around you are generated by your desire to push out your own ego. I'm not special, I just spent a lot of time on martial arts. Now I'm showing what I can do. There are many people in the world who can do the same. Tags: Jet Li // enemies, enmity // ego // quotes about yourself // martial arts //

Studying martial arts will make the naturally intelligent even smarter, and the naturally stupid less hopeless. Tags: Daidoji Yuzan // martial arts //

The main task of martial arts is to educate a person. If used correctly, you can get a wise leader who sees through the fog and understands the will of the gods. Martial arts serve more than just military purposes. Tags: Rebecca Kuang // Opium War // Jiang // martial arts //

This is not advertised, it is not customary to talk about it out loud, but none of those who tried to sniff out and make public the rules of the adepts of Darkness simply live long. They don't live long... but they don't die quickly either. At all times, the poor and oppressed have consoled themselves with the thought that in death everyone is equal. But immortal gifted ones appeared. Yes, this immortality is technical - rather non-mortality, because anyone gifted can be killed. Yes, over the last hundred years, not a single gifted person has died a natural death, except for the adepts. And if the wider community finds out about this, they will go crazy with rage. After all, how can you come to terms with the idea that your life will be short and not comfortable, but for adepts life will continue well and forever... And now I see in your eyes that the whole deep meaning of the demonstration of darkness has reached you. Yes, our future life as adepts is an equally risky demonstration of skills. And if you do not maintain control, then you will not be allowed to stand still, calmly controlling the entire course of life. Combat Resilience is a way of taking continuous action to learn to control a skill at a reflexive level. Tags: Sergey Izvolsky // Warlord. Dark Pact // Von Kohler // motivational quotes // martial arts //

When it comes to battle, those who have chosen the path of warriors must think only about destroying the enemy, suppressing compassion and all human feelings. Kill everyone who gets in the way, even if it is Buddha himself. This truth is the basis of the basics of martial art. Tags: Kill Bill: Vol. 1 // Hattori Hanzo // martial arts // wrestling // warrior //

Your lie, I respect karate. This is a very necessary thing in the household! “A wife with a black belt means a strong family, perfectly raised children, an extremely polite mother-in-law and a faithful, loving husband.” Tags: Alexey Vyazovsky // Viktor Seleznev // funny quotes // martial arts //

No martial art will succumb to you as long as you are determined to be evil. Tags: Secret Guard // Donald // educational quotes // evil // martial arts //

- What if I drop my sword? — The steel must be part of the hand. Will you drop your hand? Tags: Game of Thrones // Arya Stark // Syrio Forel // sword // martial arts //

My martial arts style is Chinese vinaigrette. Tags: Jackie Chan // style // martial arts //

I understand. The character of the Broken Sword is not about the sword. It is about the ideal of fencing skill. The master's first achievement is the unity of man and sword. When it is achieved, even a blade of grass can become a weapon. The second achievement is when the sword exists only in the master’s heart, not in his hand. Then the enemy can be hit a hundred steps away with bare hands. But the highest achievement of the art of sword fighting is the absence of a sword either in the hand or in the heart of the master. Then the warrior is in harmony with the world. His hieroglyph is not about death... it is about peace. Tags: Hero (Ying xiong) // Lord of Qin // meaningful quotes // skill // martial arts //

- If you really want to become strong, I can tell you the right way. - Will I become like you? “If you come there and practice, you will definitely become strong.” - Exactly? Exactly? Exactly? - Only one condition... If you live. Tags: The strongest student in history, Kenichi (KenIchi: The Mightiest Disciple) // life quotes // strength // martial arts //

Your opponents are your most important teachers. Learn from them. Study their fighting style, adopt the most effective techniques and turn them against them at the most unexpected moment. Tags: Alexey Vyazovsky // Viktor Seleznev // motivational quotes // martial arts //

Knowledge of the body lies through knowledge of the Spirit. He who does not know himself will not know karate. Tags: Masutatsu Oyama // motivational quotes // martial arts //

In the films, it’s not like he fought very sophisticatedly. Of course, I like to throw high kicks and take down opponents with karate techniques, but it seems to me that simply demonstrating physical strength looks no worse. Especially when it is demonstrated by such a healthy guy like me. Tags: Dolph Lundgren // quotes about yourself // martial arts // strength // masculinity //

I have never been violent, but contact combat helped me assert myself. They beat me, I beat me - and I liked it. I worked out like a man possessed: I chopped hundreds of bricks and boards, constantly got into fights on the streets, and came to training, having warmed up first, so that I could immediately jump into sparring. Tags: Dolph Lundgren // quotes about yourself // martial arts // cruelty //

At first I was just a karateka trying himself as an actor. Today I became an actor. Tags: Dolph Lundgren // quotes about yourself // martial arts // acting //

— Jokes are good, but what about the song? - Sorry, I won’t remember the whole song in five minutes. If only I can get through the first verse. What people say is not indifferent to us. Not going to karate has become indecent. Everyone around is repeating one thing - jeans are no longer in fashion. Nowadays people wear kimonos in any weather. We had never heard of karate before, but now we hardly admit it. I bow playfully, receiving applause for another song from “Earthlings.” Only now I remembered the first verse from it, it’s too catchy. Tags: Alexey Vyazovsky // Viktor Seleznev // martial arts //

Both calligraphy and martial arts are both based on the combination of strength in the hand and spirit in the heart. Tags: Hero (Ying xiong) // Nameless // martial arts //

Rule one: be on your feet and ready. Rule two: show who they will be dealing with. Rule three: figure out the leader. Rule four: the leader speaks first. Rule five: never give up. Tags: Lee Child // Jack Reacher, or Shot // Jack Reacher // rules // martial arts //

- Well, tell us how you cut it! “I cut him, but not with a knife, dude!” - Yesterday you definitely told me that you stabbed the bastard! “I slashed him with these hands!” I have a steel kung fu belt. Bruce Lee was my sensei. <...> - Someone ended up in the hospital because of you. And you don't even have bruises! - That's it! - Because I'm a karate specialist! Do you understand, no? And for such pros, all the bruises are not on the outside, but on the inside! And they don’t show their weakness! Tags: They were swapped / Trading places // Billy Ray Valentine // funny quotes // martial arts // lies, deception //

Martial arts and music are different from each other, but they have one common principle - both strive to achieve their highest state. Tags: Hero (Ying xiong) // Nameless // martial arts //

Martial arts were invented by the weak to successfully counter the strong. Tags: The strongest student in history, Kenichi (KenIchi: The Mightiest Disciple) // martial arts //

I feel sad when I think that I only showed how martial arts hurt people. I didn’t get the chance to prove that the most important thing is not the fight. This is the knowledge of the harmony of Yin and Yang, the balance between black and white. Only by knowing harmony will you become great. Tags: Jet Li // pain // fight // quotes about yourself // martial arts //

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