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Quotes from rap songs

The sky decides everything - remember, no matter who you are

I have forever learned the lesson given by the evil world,

Again, I repent of all the sins in the world, baby, I’m guilty.

You can't melt all the snow, but you can warm a piece of ice in your palm. – Olga Marques

Don’t listen to anyone, only your heart - it knows everything - Max Korzh

You need me more than I don't need you. I don’t need you any less than you once did. – Kravets

You're not evil, no, of course not, you're a saint and it's all about me

But no one taught me to say the word stop! - Guf - Only today.

You're not like everyone else, you're just a mystery. – Basta

Snatches of serious adult words no longer prevent me from dreaming...

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Life, waiting for something, flows and cotton wool is rolled out for a long time to come. And the one who never contributes anything to the development of the swamp will go to hell. – Triagrutrica

Where's your love, bitch? - Max cake

In the pauses, between breaths, the rascal changes the air to the one who is rude.

And it doesn’t matter that there is no foundation, it doesn’t matter; if you believe our memory, this has never bothered us.

I'm jealous of you - I'd give up on someone else

Women want love, stability, honesty. Basically like all people. – Basta

But when everyone leaves, stay, sit next to me. – Olga Marques

And it’s so cool to share warmth even with those whom we will never meet again in this huge world. – Olga Marques

And even if the whole world turns to dust, I will carry your heart in my hands. – Olga Marques

If time stands still for a moment. – Caste

But only those who are rich in their love alone are rich - Olga Marquez

And which of them is right is all the same to me, I need both of you.

I'd slow down myself if I could

Never say goodbye to your urologist. - Max cake

Where there is money there is evil, where there is success there is envy. - Max cake

It feels like time is wasting, it feels like it’s running out of charge, it’s such a bad feeling, come to terms with it or decide to make big changes in your life. – Caste

You are blind if you live in dirty paper happiness without a drop of tenderness or a drop of passion. – Basta

Love is blind is a fact for most onlookers. – Caste

There must be something more behind the words than just smoke. – Gunya – Attack.

Even with soot you can paint happiness. – Basta

It's great on Mars! – Noise MC


And what different people lose their faces, fearing God no more than the police patrol. © Pencil

I scored goals in a row past the goalkeeper, Three at a time, like I took three grabs of a khimar.. © Vitya AK ft Tip

In this head there is still rap brother © Zhara

While in this case you were making a demo, we were making bullets © Lyon

You should have seen how he used to behave on tour, Mountains of grass plus a sea of ​​alcohol... © Basta ft Guf

Whatever happens, know that you are not alone. There are many of us, we are strong, we will win! © OD White Rap

...and the little trains that don’t go to the kindergarten, they are blown out by the smoke they give here.. © Rem Digga

Do you want to impress me with your rap? Stuff the recitative with something significant.. © Basta ft Guf

The boys go off into the sunset. Everything they have with them is in their backpacks. © bastaakanoggano

Your friend will have a titanium penis transplanted, but it’s a struggle between tables, ceilings and walls... © the Chemodan

And behind them the boys are racing: they read songs with obscenities from their bodies to the music. Uh-uh, turn it down. -We are rappers, we don’t give a fuck. © Eastern District

I will be a father, everything will be fine, I am sure, It will be a boy and in any case he will be in the subject! © TheRealGuf

This is my year, my day, my hour © Steam

From dawn to sunset, the rays of the sun illuminate the vatokata.. ©TopolTo Brothers © The_16Bit

And the types are in the trash, they will knock you over © Brick Bazuka

I have very specific priorities: In the left pocket is what is harmful, In the right pocket is what is forbidden.. © TGC

A couple of minutes have passed since the beginning of our acquaintance, and you are already moaning that sex with you is space.. © 9 Gram

Peace to all locals. ©TheRealGuf

You can't trust someone who bleeds for 5 days in a row and doesn't die.. © South Park.

Someone drinks Jaguar, someone drives it © Mezza

Bearded Osama is more alive than Tupac © Slim

At first, everyone wanted to become more mature as soon as possible, Some of my friends’ heads were ripe.. © TGC

My city is cool, they’re bringing it here from St. Petersburg, dudes are burning on the Internet, look at the curlers on their chests, listen, fuck off. © the Chemodan

I think everything is clear in my eyes, That I was not brought up on Sisame Street.. © VibeTGK

Well, let’s say I’ll come to my senses when he lets go. I’ll finish my studies at the university and serve—to hell with it. © VIBE TGK

But I have never seen a feeling stronger than this love for you.. © Loc Dog

You, like a hero of the ancient scriptures, grinned in the light of the moon, The winds fed you dust, the sorcerers fed you with magic.. © GROT

.. words should be stone © Rem Digga

A little cloudy today, crap... © Assai

You can be eaten so quickly eat yourself ©Bess

...I don’t deep-press, I’m just silent when I draw... © Bore

If I were in power, I would be the fucking Vasya.. © OD White Rap

You will come to us in a tank, you will leave in a wheelchair © the Chemodan

Take your brains with you, let's go play people. With each new game you become smarter. © Pencil

My roots go into the thorny jungle: Rostov is on the player, my mother’s nerves are on edge.. © TGC

I didn’t forget about God, I almost forgot about my friend, I forgot about those bitches that I previously held by the hand... © Pra (Killa'Gramm)

But he has competent hints, they will put them in their places, I see you wandered off, well, good luck to you, bro.. © Semi-soft

Fuck, so answer me, man, How much does the Bonaqua company owe to the junkies... © the Chemodan

Hip-hop is my credo, my dope and my drug. © TGC

Our life is a theater, and we are the actors in it. Everyone has their own role, but who are you? © Noggano

Red lipstick, you're the right girl, But you hit zero five, it's a pity dad doesn't know.. ©KIRR9

Everything that came before me - reset to zero: Life is a sea, now let’s dive. Just come on, trust me and we will teleport you straight to heaven. © Kravets

Our life is a theater, and we are the actors in it. Everyone has their own role, but who are you? © Basta

Do you want to know how I earned my bread? I smoke, I rap. I smoke, I rap... © ST

Damn it, Yakuza, Triad, Cosa Nostra, Children of the 90s grew up early in Russia.. © NINTENDO

Yes they give.. © Rem Digga

I was written off, removed from the list of the living, I was at zero, now zeros are sticking to my fees.. © Basta/Guf

Fuck it, we feel good in the ranks of the outcasts And, again, I threw the cash away for something else.. © the Chemodan

The quality of the staff depends on the number of money © Guf

We are all surrounded by rudy lobots, ugh fuck, people are robots.. © Yamihe

The first thing I did was go out onto the balcony, look around, fill the bong

© 4'K It's a bitch when there are two eggs in the heat.. © AK-47

From an early age I loved snow, watched it fall, listened to rap, looked for those who needed it.. © Yamych VO

And from that day, somehow strangely but rightly so, it stuck with me and continues to this day... © TheRealGuf

I will be forever young and forever drunk, eternal smoke, smoldering marijuana...

©st_stoizsta And you... Earth and don’t get it wrong At the Dynamo station you would have been kicked in... © the Chemodan

We see how boils and ulcers are long overripe, Dead branches tearfully pray for crowns even in April.. © GROT

Ultimately, I will be declared insane, But these lines will make you pay attention... © TheRealGuf

Bag on the back, in the morning to the gym... © 4'K

Not the Potters and obviously not Gary, But we have the philosopher's stone, boy.. © the Chemodan

One day God decided to give me a crown for the top of my head, So I met your cute freckles... © Rem Digga

At night I kill myself with whiskey, writing letters to you. I'm obsessed with you, and this is the first sign.. © Loc Dog

The right rap will make anyone rock © Noggano

Beer, beer, weed, weed and THC sticker on the windshield.. © TGC ft Jahmal

Stop burdening yourself, everything will be cool! Let these minutes set you up for positivity.. © Kempel

Lyuba in a blouse believes that morning will come, the sun will rise and the country will screw its people.. © the Chemodan

Really grabs you by the balls and strangles you, When we lay down, the water and the land sway... © Dirty Louis ft Brick Bazuka

Today-Tomorrow was yesterday, and Yesterday-Today was tomorrow... ©TheRealGuf

Do you want to sleep ? Let us put you to sleep. © Brick Bazuka

Guf are you dead? - No, it killed me. Strongly? -Fucked up so much... © Guf

Did you break up? Yes, so what? She has school, I have rap. © Vitya AK

The other day my father called, we didn’t talk for long, I sold my Zhiguli and bought a used Volga.. © 25/17

You saw the UFO, there it is, there it is... Let's shoot at it, shoot at it ayo © The Chemodan

Fates are broken by the women you want.. © Assai...

It happens, someone plays on spoons, someone warms up © the Chemodan

I have long forgotten everything that I would have learned, What you wanted to become, I have been for a long time.. © Basta

You wanted an underground from the dirty slums, Where the narrow pupil is, the Russian rapper.. © the Chemodan ft Triagrutrika

The deaf heard what the dumb said, the blind saw it and tweeted © MEZZA

When the lanterns sleep, the shadows wake up, People who are trying in vain to outrun time.. © Legends PRO

Night covers the city. You will never know who writes these inscriptions on the fences.. © TGC

More staff, less tobacco... Asphalt below, clouds above... © TheRealGuf

Did something happen to you? Tell me what it is. I’ve been shooting for you since birth.. © Guf ft Basta

Where there were a bunch of alien, intrusive words, Someone simply remained real. © Misha Mavashi

My house is a brothel, and the walls are bare concrete. Pigeons to match the eternally gray sky from car smoke © kasta_ru

We are born again against the backdrop of urban locations, Let’s learn to live again, not to grovel.. © GROT

Hundreds of channels are broadcasting, radio stations are making noise. Birds are flying away, no one should stay here... © GROT

None of these guys will miss a chance, And little brother talked to everyone face to face.. © Smokey Mo

The MC will turn on the microphone and growl into it, But his rap is like the new Orbit with the taste of urine. © the Chemodan ft Eastern District

My wife and I waited a long time for the arrival of an important person, we were worried, we were afraid that something would not suit him... ©TheRealGuf

On dried branches, vultures of the system, They don’t give a fuck about people, they don’t give a fuck about manners. ©KIRR9

I close my eyes and see the mountains... Far from the city, I feel free.. © Krec

Across the road on red, I don’t care if it’s dangerous.. © Defoliant

The sweatshirt is in shambles, It’s awkward for three missed calls from my mother.. © Ram Digga

Tomorrow is a new day, turns are inevitable. The elevator pulls home, counting the floors.. ©Ant_Flamasta

Each of us argues with this world to ourselves And the dark nights are fraught with stories.. © 25/17 ft GROT

How I managed to change so quickly, How I grew up without having time to part with childhood. © Legends PRO… CENTR

Again, someone else gives you roses, And I no longer write songs about love.. © Fiska Advaita & Yamych Vostochny

Let's fuss before we play in the box And here the market is not for the X-Box, but for the damp sleepers.. © Ram Digga

Damn it Yakuza, Triads, Cosa Nostra Children of the nineties grew up early in Russia... ©bastaakanoggano

During the day I eat smoke, and at night I write about what I see.. ©TheRealGuf

And so she left, and I dreamed about it so much, but I didn’t get hard.. © Lesha Maestro

We have a different wave and it pumps us up. May good luck accompany us all! © Basta/Guf

Butterflies in my stomach, this is love for you, You can’t hide, you can’t hide.. © Smokey Mo

Do you remember that chase when we were driving stupidly? And in the rearview mirror - guys in uniform... © Casta

You're right, maybe you shouldn't wait, but I'm waiting for a miracle.. © Ant

They don’t have enough real hard fucking, so that they can fuck with wild sex and fuck... © Kempel

How beautiful this world is, I’m blown away... © TGC

We are sick of lust, those fat fuckers, We wanted to eat caviar, but not so much... © the Chemodan

You don't need to tell your mom this. If she finds out, fuck me... © Kempel

Lord, give me strength, strengthen my faith, He who was last will be first.. © Ezekiel 25/17

In my opinion, right now someone will be ata-ta. If this someone will continue to behave this way. © TheRealGuf

On the day when society becomes just dust, Flashes in the sun will make us shut the fuck up © the Chemodan

These neighbors are downstairs. Someone is fucking his wife. Someone is hanging curtain rods. © Center

Bits for money, suddenly, if this were the case, I would exchange this bits for a Chevrolet Impala.. © Pencil

I will bring a little bit of goodness into this world. Bro. Sconce. Bravo. I will bring a little bit of goodness into this world. Bro. Sconce. Bravo. © Jahmal

What is needed for love? So that your friends like him, Or enough so that you don’t feel bored.. © Pencil

Do you want me to tell you a secret? Memory fades over the years, but the years fade away instantly.. © TGC

Whispers about this time through peoples and countries, Falcons and owls carry the hoarse cries of shamans.. © GROT

I'm not Igor, but I'm still Cool.. © Vitya AK

Love looks so stupid, especially in the morning, in a strip club... © Mezza

He who is the master of his word is a slave of his ideas. © Haack

Opposite the voice is an emptiness of a hundred hectares, It is in the depths of the armored chest that a fire is blazing.. © GROT

In general, I have never been spoiled with money, in the morning I washed my hair under cold water... © AK-47

Imagine, ninety-fifth year, Gorbushka Me Against the World, the old lady is trying to pronounce.. © TheRealGuf Lyokha, RT

The boys bought a studio together and started fucking up the river in real life © Basta ft Guf

Don’t care about tradition, live under wires, go bald at 25... © the Chemodan

Clouds are floating clouds... © bastaakanoggano

No, I am not without sin. Especially with beer. By the way, when I’m drunk, I’m cute. © Paragrin ©paragrisha

Life is like zebra stripes, smoke curls like a snake.. © Smokey Mo

A duel - who has stronger nerves, He repairs me - I am his rapist. © Noggano

The flame shines in the eyes of those begging for help, We must survive and build a new world for children.. © GROT

A healthy spirit is rare in a healthy body. The soul can fly, but the flesh is a cage. © 25\17 ft Misha Mavashi

Light through the window, a pen and a piece of paper, smoke to the ceiling, a beat like a hammer... © Brick Bazuka

Everything will be fucked up when you're ready © Zanuda

Forgive me, mom, for growing up early, for causing pain behind the wound © Basta

If there were plans, I would add an Audi channel or a 2 Liter Subari to them.. © 4'K

Rap is not stamped, it is an art © ST

And I love Smoke Blue Smoke Bury me young ©Lock Dog

You don’t see doubt in the eyes of a fanatic, It’s three times more dangerous if it’s a fanatical genius.. © Smokey Mo

I would give foundation to every shmara, They wouldn’t give me a medal, well, fuck it. © The Chemodan

Through binoculars I see behind the moon An ant crawls through hydroponics, cool... © Guf feat Murovei

Now that the name of the dream team is on everyone’s ears, we will slowly envelop this entire globe... © 5 Whores

And I would have given up on rap a long time ago, We don’t do it with “F” © LM[Re-Play]

I speak for those who are constantly eager to fight, who cannot be changed, who will remain themselves.. © TGC

My God, the man is inside, and all around I see only slut. A spring inside, a sensibly placed blow. © Rem Digga

Yes, I know, happy people don’t watch the clock. Right now it’s either late evening or early morning... © OU74

You can call me malicious, but age is not a reason to become an adult.. © TGC

Crosses are like women, you fit into them too © L'One

One day people came up with a black wind, they were interested in the appearance of death... © Assai

Benjamin is too old to play games with you. © SMOKY MO

Well, that’s all it seems, why is it so difficult? He, she, they, lived... © DLS Family

I will be forever young, forever drunk, Eternal smoke of smoldering marijuana © ST

Life is a holiday - hello, hello © LM[Re-Play] ft KoLT(LMash)

There is a hood on my head so that they don’t burn cabbage soup, Only a strong shield plays in my headphones... © Brick Bazuka

Father, why are you quarreling with your mother again? It’s too late for me to go outside, but it’s early for school.. © ST

Behind my glass, the world was built strangely.. A lot of laughter and very little staff.. © KIRR9

A luxurious kingdom with an amazing scope invites everyone for pennies.. © TheRealGuf

You know, boy, everything is not going well for everyone, thank God, And where we walked the devil would have broken his leg.. © Rem Digga

Jennifer Lopez's butt is a globe And Olya's butt is like a bus.. © N1NT3NDO

I haven’t been to America, I don’t know how to rap correctly... © TGK

A dream turns on a boy like Monica Bellucci © Slim

How many nerve cells have I lost, I won’t earn so much money to restore them... © LM[Re-Play] ©LyamLM

This tattered woodpecker stops us, I throw the grass on the floor, well, supposedly hidden... © Casta

And while the big city gives birth to madmen, the flame dries this gunpowder and brings it to life.. © Kazhe Oboyma

I've been to a lot of places, and a lot of places I haven't been. © Chinana and Tbilis

Alone in the metropolis of dreams and empty promises... © Basta

It’s strange when my house is not you, but just a room... © Assai

It’s rushing at me too, it’s sticking out of my pants... © Pencil

At my birthday, celebrating 80 years, the best gift for me would be a pair of new sneakers.. © 25/17

I so want the sky to be blue And if we are so strong, Then why are we crying separately.. © Loc Dog

Not everything is so simple uncle, when you were out of sorts, There is debauchery and even whores around you.. © KIRR9

I once hinted to my dad that I wouldn’t become an academician, although I understood that without money there was no way. © Ike Smoke

I don’t make fun of anyone, I make fun of – I’m glad to have anasha, This is hip-hop, motherfucking hip-hop! © the Chemodan

And I love Smoke Gray Smoke Bury me young © Lock dog

... years are like beads... pearls darken... © Assai

This rap remains on our grave, The boys will tell you about how they lived.. © the Chemodan

This is reality, not a dream. The special effects here are cooler than in Luc Besson’s films... © 9 grams

There are long waves at night... I went crazy without you, I scoured the thick volumes with my eyes... © Loc Dog

Statuses about rap

After all, rap is not only pain and blood in every track, rap is words of love about a loved one.

Don’t judge REP by Timati, otherwise we’ll start judging ROC by Ranetki.

Rap is, first and foremost, poetry.

Pink girls eat vanilla ice cream, read glossy magazines and love pop music. And I, such a cast-iron butt of reality, drink coffee, love aphorisms and listen exclusively to obscene rap.

Rap is power. Rap is class. We love rap, and rap loves us. Hip-hop is a culture of equality, friendship and brotherhood.

I didn't choose Russian rap, Russian rap chose me.

Rap is a drug that seriously gets you high.

Hmm, if I had a choice of a girl or a rap, I would choose a rap.

Russian RAP is not dead, listen to the “black boomer”.

Rap is not clichéd, it's art!

Who has the belief that rap is when people use their creativity and draw on their Muse in order to lay as much shit on each other as possible? KNOW you are not old enough to understand our product!

There are no fairy tales, but there are miracles and rap - yes. There are no fairy tales, rap and miracles, and the rest is dust and water.

JD: You're dangerous, right? #1: Oh yeah. JD: You probably listen to rap. (Clinic (Scrubs)

I believe in class war. I believe in the battle of the sexes. I believe in my clan. I believe in a righteous, fair and intelligent working class against the gray, brainless, soulless bourgeoisie. I believe in punk rock. To the youth. rock'n'roll . And I also believe that decency trumps commerce. In rap and hip-hop.

Someone makes love with rap, and someone rapes.

I made a choice by putting on a rap tape.

Rappers often shoot on grass, jeeps and beautiful jeeps. If you were shot under the phrase “muv bek motherfucker”, you were shot by a rapper.

I rap... I have three years of education, that’s why there are such pauses.

There is only one normal “rapper” in the world and that is Winnie the Pooh. He is the only one who reads without pathos and show-off.

If Timati’s grandmother had listened to “The Golden Ring” and not 50 cent, Timati would have been painted like Khokhloma.

First, one man left me, making me an alcoholic, then another took me in, making me a drug addict, and now another one has transferred me to something the name of which Eminem immortalized in a tattoo. It is clear that the rapper will not tattoo the name of an antibiotic on his shoulder.

She: I have a friend who is a musician. Him: what does he play? She: He doesn’t play anything. He raps. He: Oh, my friend is a programmer then. He types texts in Worde with two fingers.

Statuses - Rap

The 21st century is a time of technology, human parodies.
There are few people in this world, many more who do not even respect their mothers. There are too many deaths around. Because people don’t respect each other, They send any request to hell, And they don’t reciprocate with others. Evil qualities predominate in this world. I have just one question for you: - What’s wrong with you people? You yourself are confused in your own turmoil! Even the dog won't understand you! Your brain is already overgrown with all sorts of crap. It's like you've been put under anesthesia.

People, please wake up, Take a good look at this world, Wake up from your demonic sleep! You better pray to your god.

I’ll tell you the truth: - Some of your “friends” do not even pass natural selection. At the right moment they will ignore you.

-(I wish you) - Point your life cursor in the right direction. So as not to meet the white corridor ahead of time.

With all my heart, GRIGA THE SPANISH

Appeal to people

That's life! Here she is . The whole world is in the darkness of sleep. Inside is an eternal spiritual song, And all around is human flattery, Which wants to get through somewhere. What's wrong with you? You have some kind of revenge on your mind. You all have already forgotten what honor is! People themselves don’t understand How others quietly buy them! The whole problem is money. Everyone is walking around on show-offs, hoping for luck, but they have been checkmated a long time ago and this is a fact. ENOUGH. People! Please, come to your senses Who you are?! Forget about revenge and flattery, but rather show your honor! Just. Try to read this life! I kindly ask you to take this into account.

With all my heart, GRIGA THE SPANISH


People say that they are in search of love, the most sincere and pure. But they don’t notice the egoist who lives inside them and sings a proud song. In the modern world of technology and human breeds, it is difficult to find mutual love. A word can deal a fatal blow. Think before you carry any heresy. You must be able to forgive and not make stupid mistakes. I hope you understand me and take this into account.

With all my heart, GRIGA THE SPANISH

Friendship in the 21st century


What is friendship? The meaning has long ago changed and it is nothing to you. You are ready to sell it, exchange it for some “papers”. What friendship is in this world, alas, can no longer be understood. And no one can change this, Unless, of course, you come to your senses. And you won't want to do anything. After all, the most important thing in life is to understand each other, and not to destroy ourselves! If you want to change your world, then there is no time to wait. We need to take action. People! I can’t understand you, How you are ready to exchange a dear person. Look around and you will see the whole truth, which you do not see. In this life I am not a writer, Not an employer, not a traitor, But just an observer.

With all my heart, GRIGA THE SPANISH

Declaration of love

I don’t know how to sing, I love to dance, mark a little more and write my own poem: About a beautiful maiden and very passionate! And at the same time, powerful and cool in life!

You want to know who I love? It’s not difficult to guess. B.. be more careful when reading, I.. will highlight the letters.

For me there is nothing shallower than the look of your eyes. Your lips send me greetings, But, alas, I know your answer - And this word: no! But I will understand And I will step aside, Because I live in reality! But still know that I love you!


She is so beautiful, like fire, passionate. It beckons me towards itself. Even God himself preserves it. She suddenly burst into my life and then I dreamed about it more than once.

She is like an angel who descended from heaven, at the sight of which I seemed to be resurrected! I would like to meet sunsets with her, And see off sunrises.

When she is near, the heart, contracting and fearing refusal, does not allow you to speak, does not allow you to come closer to her. She is beautiful, like the morning dew, Cunning and graceful, like a fox. Her eyes pierce the soul itself. And I can't keep it to myself anymore.

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