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Proverbs about work tell us about work and hard-working people. A person without work cannot live long. Work improves a person. Read these proverbs and sayings with your children and tell them about the importance of work. A working person is always valuable in society. People who are lazy in life are not very liked, although each of us can sometimes be lazy.

The peasant's only concern is that his work goes smoothly.
Eat to your heart's content, and work until you sweat. Work grunting, eat - take a breath
Lazy for lunch, zealous for work
When there is success at work, a break is not a sin
Don’t put off today’s work until tomorrow
Where there is work, there is plenty, but in a lazy house it is empty.
They’ll set up a table and force you to work.
Work has time, leisure has an hour
Don’t put off work until Saturday, and don’t put off marriage until old age.
At someone else's work and the sun doesn't move
The plow shines from work
At work, he who is afraid of work repents
Hands shake while working, but they hold the glass well
Day after day, and an ax into a stump; I look not at work, but at the sun
Runs from work like a dog from flies
Cleaning is the crown of all work
Worker - work, owner - care
I would drink and eat, but work wouldn’t come to my mind
The earth is a plate: what you put in is what you take out (i.e. what you process
A bad owner starts ten jobs, but never finishes a single one.
Time worker
Saturday is not work: wash and anoint, and go to bed
In autumn, the worker turns red, and the owner turns pale
They don't pay for work, but for style
Works like a child and eats like a child
Not work with padog, but running from work
A golden caftan for a hunter, and a golden pocket for a worker
Work half-shouldered is hard: if you put both of them together, it’s easier to do it
We lag behind in work, but overtake in food
It only works at the end of the fingers; just get out of hand
To work sideways, and from work with a bound

Proverbs about work for children and parents

A hunter of tales is a bad worker
I’m well-fed and rich – I don’t want to work, but the children will get it themselves.
God sent work, but the devil took away the hunt
Don’t scold the master’s servant with bread, but the master’s servant should run (i.e., work)
When am I lazy to work: in winter there is cold, in spring there are puddles, in autumn there is mud, and in summer there is no time
A big talker is a bad worker
If you are at work, you will be held in high esteem
There is so much work that the chickens are not pecking
Artel will teach you how to work
Eating is like a titty lip, but working is like a shackled nose
Anyone whose tool is too clean is a bad master (bad worker)
You can’t recycle all the work
On sowing days there is only one concern - work would not
Everything is there, but there is nothing to put your hands to (no work)
Our Yerema did not affect us at home (from guests or from work)
Walk like that, walk like that, work like that, work
People work and he sweats
Who lives and who rots? Who should work while lying down, who should doze while standing up?
Go to work with joy, and leave work with pride
Take your time - don't rush, and work - don't be lazy
Not only expensive like red gold, but expensive like good craftsmanship
They don’t work for Mary Magdalene in the field - a thunderstorm will kill her
To work is to while away the day; to rest - to spend the night
Work is the best weld. Food tastes better at work
If you're working, you don't feel like sleeping
To know the work and the master
It is not the husband among husbands whom the wife owns; not work in works under wives
The guy is a prankster: he works on holidays too
He eats - he warms himself, but works - he freezes
Don’t scare the young man with work, but give him the rash (i.e., what to grind)
What's the work, what's the pay
Not for work food
While the lazy one is warming up, the diligent one will return from work
What's the work, what's the pay (and vice versa)

Proverbs are the wisdom of the people

Working for yourself is not a shame (not boring)
It’s not a cab, if you can’t earn a whip in Putin
Working children give bread to their father
One concern: I wouldn’t work
Work and hands are reliable guarantees for people
For lack of time and work lies
People's honor for work flows
Everyone works to their own liking
Fit for work - work boldly
Everyone needs it, but no one works for himself (coffin)
One thing to worry about - work until you sweat
Not bought - not a slave, not enslaved - not a worker
He who doesn't work doesn't eat
Early hour for work
The hands work, but the head feeds
Where two people work, there a song can be heard
Work with teeth, but laziness with tongue
Work - time, fun - hour
A bird can be seen by its flight, and a master can be seen by its work.
There is no work without care; and care lives without work
Ax plow first accomplice (earnings)
Send him to card work (instead of: hard labor)
As is the master, so is the work.
People work, and he sells air
Work for the worker, care for the owner
A hundred hands in a good head (pointer and worker)
He chops with two axes, but the work is no contest
It takes your breath away to work, but you don’t need two to eat
From peasant work you will not be rich, but you will be hunchbacked
Work until you sweat, so eat when you want. Eat bread by the sweat of your brow
It’s not the work that makes him skinny, it’s the fat that makes him mad
He takes a tax (from the chapter to lean) in his work
If you love dressing up, you also love dressing up for work.
As is the worker, so is his pay. Work and pay
At a dissolute job and no thanks
If you can't kill with your shoulder, you can't kill with a nag (burlatsk)

Proverbs about work in pictures

Sometimes work is bitter, but the bread is sweet from it
Talk less, work more
What use is a fool's mind: his idea is thought out, his work is ruined
A bad worker is one who does not strive to become an engineer.
Don't scare the guy with work
So hard-working that he died with a kochedyk in his hands
Working for yourself is not boring
All the guys are at war, and we work triple time
Your own work - the first profit
Hard working like a bee
We work so hard that we don’t have time to wipe our noses
At work “oh”, but he eats for three
The Lord's work cannot be reworked
If you've worked hard, grab a spoon, but if you're lazy, go to bed without dinner.
The same food for a zealous horse, but twice the work
Ants and bees live in teams, and the work of dispute
I ate pancakes and vareniki, but I don’t have enough strength for the third job - swinging a flail
The work is silent, but the shoulders groan
What you laugh about is what you work with
Talking is not working, there is no need to rush
One who is unaccustomed to work is not an employee
He who is cheerful at work is also playful at rest
Not an employee for a year for a year (not a guarantee)
Skinny belly neither dance nor work
Everyone works according to their own liking
This way and that for work, but a master at food
To work behind the last ones, to food before the first ones
Dmitriev's Saturday - work for the party workers (funeral, for the Battle of Kulikovo
Every edge is good for work
He who eats quickly works quickly
Work - guys, and eat - foals
The work is hard with half a shoulder, but if you put both of them together, it will be easier
If you want to live well, work properly
Food work
What kind of forge (i.e. for forging, work), then what kind of knife
No work and the oven is cold

Proverbs about work for schoolchildren

He who works until he sweats in the summer will eat in winter
If you get up early, you will work more; getting married early, rather help
Whoever finds work a burden does not know joy
Lazy for lunch, eager for work
Even though the hands are black, the work is white
Don't leave today's work for tomorrow
Without a walk you will lose a day, you won’t be able to get it back, but work is always interrupted.
Saturday is not work: wash, anoint, and go to bed
You can see the fine work: and the fingers know
If only there were hands, they would give me a job
Not a burden - a boyar's son (not a burden, not a worker)
The work is hard, but the money is white
A healthy person looks with both eyes and works with both hands
To work - behind the last ones, to food - ahead of the first ones
About Christmas time, bent work is not used (hoops, runners, etc.), but
In times of suffering there is only one concern - there would be no work
Work is not without care, but care lives without work
Neither heaven nor earth is white: two look, three work, one commands
Not for work food. And it won’t thresh what it swallows
They won’t force you to work and they won’t make you eat.
He who is a slacker on Monday is not a worker on Tuesday either.
Healthy for food, but sick for work
Don't piss on other people's work
The work is a hare, but the food is a Jew
Don’t blame the dry winds, but know how to work
Laziness and reluctance - or not work
Work until you sweat, so eat when you want
When I go to work, my back hurts, but when I eat, my ears hurt.
A lot of work requires a lot of care
Work is in full swing, but the day is short
It’s not the ax that feeds, it’s the work
On cleaning days, my only concern is that work won’t stop.
Fiction is more valuable than work

Proverbs are the wisdom of our ancestors

Let's do the childish work, crawl around (search) under the counter
Behind work is good, but behind deception lies evil.
Where there is work there is plenty, but a lazy house is empty
Love scope in your work, and modesty in your personal life.
If the team works with all their hearts, there will be a big harvest
If a horse gets sick on this day, it will not work all summer.
God's creature works for God
There is a lot of time (work) ahead for the zealous worker
There would be a hunt, but there is still a lot of work ahead
Eats quietly and works quietly
Hand to foot worker (or: farmhand: makes and puts on shoes)
Lying on your side won't earn you even a pinch of snuff
One job (one craft) does not feed
Work and hands are reliable guarantees for people
You can't work without bread, you can't dance without wine.
If you work well, you will have a good rest
It's easier to work with your hands than with your head
Work what you are told to do, and eat what you are given.
Serious little man, he's angry at work
Not bought - not a slave, not enslaved - not a worker
Work is fire, but work is fire
Doing is not me, working is not me, but eating is not against me
The mare has at least seven foals, but she has her own collar (working)
You can't get tired of work, but you can't make someone look good (and vice versa)
I’ll go into the stamping room, look into the workroom, there’s a bottle with a trinket
Work harder and you will be remembered longer
Your own harrow is more expensive than someone else’s worker
For Vespers the bell rings - all the work is done on the corner
Eat until you sweat, work until you chill - things will go smoothly
Lying on your side won't work out even a pinch of snuff
Those who are in harmony with work are not at odds with rest.
You can’t order a year’s psalter with our earnings
Lunch is like three courses, but when you work, your trousers are too tight
If it’s possible, then quit your job in advance
From Ilya's day the worker has two pleasures: the night is long and the water is cold
To the carpenter (employee) a penny, to the contractor (employee) a ruble
Another prankster works even on holidays
Work until you sweat - eat when you want
Your hands won't take your mind off work
Dress up, don't be ashamed, but work, don't be lazy
In times of suffering there is only one concern - work would not

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The work is not a bear - you can see it tomorrow
An earned loaf is better than someone else's loaf
No matter how hard you work, they won’t make a golden coffin
There is a job for the willing worker
Everybody do your job, don’t point at anyone else
It's easy to work on someone else's ridge
Don't leave today's work tomorrow
You won't earn all the money
Don’t work on horses for Frol and Lavr, otherwise there will be death
For those who live by their labor, their work is their second home.
It is not the earth that gives birth (feeds), but the cornfield (i.e., cultivated)
Thank you man, he worked for seven years
Work more friendly - it will be more true
Without work and the car rusts
Work for the hands, holiday for the soul
And the worker Popova does not go to the altar
Work is in full swing, and she’s off to the market
Works in jest, but eats seriously
An earned loaf is better than a stolen loaf
The lazy man's law is simple: work an hour, stay half a shift.
Like the food, like the work
On someone else's ridge the work is easy
You can't recycle our work
The master speaks with his throat, and the man speaks with his hump (works and bows)
The zealous worker has a lot of work ahead
Without work, a day will become a year
The bee does not work for itself
It's not a concern that there is a lot of work, but a concern that there is none
Looking at someone else's work, you won't be full
Eats with hands, but works with belly
Wherever to work, as long as not to work
Conversation whiles away the journey, but song - the work
The bee is small, but it works
Day by evening, and work by tomorrow
The dignity of a horse is learned on the road, and the dignity of a person is learned in work.
From Indian summer - Indian holiday and women's work
From work you won't be rich, but you'll be hunchbacked

We have collected proverbs about work for you

Work is the best weld
You can't change everything. You can't recycle our work
Eating is fun, but working is boring
There is a lot of work ahead for the zealous worker
Saturday is not work: wash and anoint, and go to bed
Work - you will be full; pray - you will be saved; be patient - they will have mercy
Work - you will be full; study - you will be smart
The work in her hands grows moldy
Laziness and stretches at work
We hold in high esteem the one who is first at work.
The road is not a job - it’s an expensive skill
Don’t bother the slave with work, but the master with bread
The guy is a prankster, he works even on holidays
Working for yourself is not corvée
Take a noble one - he won’t be able to get to work
If you are happy at work, then you are also playful at rest.
Working with teeth, but laziness with tongue
The hard worker's work burns with fire in his hands
Why did you hire him? - Yes, work seven days a week, and sleep on yourself
Things are getting out of hand for him. The work in your hands becomes moldy (rots)
We are not afraid of work, we will not go to work
Work saves money, hops drown money
Strength breaks the straw (a hint of harvest, hard work)
To win a war, you have to work double and triple
He who does not work knows no rest
As is the land, so is the bread. As is the master, so is the work.
Not many workers, but many scrappers (eaters)
For good work, skill is not enough: you need habit
Product - worker: lying down, eats himself
You can't work out with work, just like you can't dress up
What you envy, you will work for
Horse - man (unresponsive worker or stupid)
Move, work - the night will be shorter (i.e. you will sleep well)

Popular proverbs about work

There is grief - don’t worry, there is work - work
Whoever crosses works, God's help
If you get up early, you'll have a job; if you get married early, you'll be with your family.
Eat - don't be ashamed, and work - don't be lazy
Spring is a woman's work (squirrel of canvases)
To work in the rear means to defeat the enemy in war
Saturday is not work: wash, oil, and go to bed
You can’t earn money from arable land for bread for kvass
For business - not us, for work - not us, but to drink, dance - you can’t find anything against us
Playful, but lazy to work
For a ruble of work, for two of boasts
Without excitement, without care, don’t expect joy from work.
Doing is not me, working is not me, but eating jelly is not against me
Don’t open your mouth to someone else’s loaf, but get up early and get your own (start it)
One with a bipod (i.e. a worker), and seven with a spoon
The work is bitter, but the bread is sweet
Where the machine works, your back doesn't hurt
A quick eater is a contentious worker. Not as a spoon, but as an eater
Good people start their day with work
He who doesn't work makes no mistakes
Works like a child and eats like a child
Don't leave morning work until evening
The work is bitter, but the bread is sweet
The thimble was made to prevent your hands from getting pricked.
Bad work blasphemes itself
.Looking at someone else's work, you won't be full
Eating is like a titty lip, but working is like a shackled nose
Our hostess is all at work: and the dogs wash the dishes
There would be a hunt, but there would be work
What are you working on? - I resin the bark and stand it against the wall, I’ll lift two, I’ll drop three
In the spring there is no terrain, in the summer there is hard work, in the fall there is no road
I eat, but don't do anything. We eat, we eat, but work lies ahead
Know the work and the employee
Food tastes better at work
Weave bast shoes - eat one day (you won’t make more)
Think slow, work fast
Work from the shoulders and even to the stove

Proverbs and sayings about work

It’s not the work that’s expensive, it’s the skill
God has many days ahead: let's work hard
Every work of the master is praised. Every business stands up for itself
Garden work, but national glory
Conversation whiles away the journey, but song - the work
Lunch is delicious when the job is done
From work (from plow) you will not be rich, but you will be hunchbacked
Without a walk you will lose a day, but work is always in front of you
The style is more expensive than the stock. They don't pay for work, they pay for style
The job of a lazy person doesn't like it
The work praises the master
Not everything is done by the miller, but there is plenty of knocking
He who has dexterity works deftly
You won’t work, you’ll stretch your legs from hunger
Didn't make money under a cloud, can't make money under a cloud
A full belly is tight for work (for study)
Eat like a bear and work like a hare
Lazy person sleeps while sitting, works while lying down
They don’t work in the fields on Ascension Day. From Ascension they plow in
It's not the work that's precious, it's the skill
If there is a gap, throw grass into the forge, then the blacksmith cannot work
A crane walks through a swamp, gets hired to work
It's not work that destroys, but care that dries you out
Works without hands
You can’t do enough for everyone (you can’t do enough)
Wool (suit) does not work (i.e. the strength is not in the suit)
The young works, the old mind gives
Where they work together, the song can be heard

The picture shows proverbs about work

He lies on his side and looks across the river. Lying down doesn't work
Like the worker, so is his pay.
The worker receives half a ruble, the foreman (employee) a ruble.
For a skilled hand all work is easy
You can't earn enough for the world
Worker - half a ruble, foreman - ruble
You can’t overwork the master’s (lord’s) work
You can't redo all the work
Rob - guys, and eat - foals (rob, north. work)
Work with your mind, not your back
Work is with your teeth, but laziness is with your tongue
The legs were completed, the arms were finalized, the head came up with the idea
He eats until he sweats, but works just to stay warm
The good are for the good, and the hardworking are for our brother
Walking is no wonder, working is lazy
Looking at someone else's work won't fill you up
From work you will lose weight, from idleness you will become poor
If you have fun, your work will go smoothly
Good work lives for two centuries
What you laugh about is what you work for
Hard work in the summer, cold winter in the winter
You can't dress up, you can't wear out work
Beloruchka is not an employee
It's not the ax that feeds the man, but the July work
There is no work in the fields on Elijah’s day.
They fight not by force, but by skill. Not work is expensive, skill
People work, and he trades
It's not a damn job, it won't go down the drain
Eats for an ox, but works for a mosquito
Lunch is delicious when the job is done
Headache - migraine: too lazy to work, but eager to eat
Work does not dry a person, care does
It worked so well that it would hit your ear (subtly)
Dress up, don't be ashamed, but work, don't be lazy
It’s easy, but caring, it wears out more than scrap (hard work)

Read proverbs about work with your children

If there was a hunt, all work would work out
I always carry it with me so as not to groan while walking
The work is dirty, but the money is white
Altyn for the worker, and a ruble for the contractor
He eats for two, but working is so breathtaking
Bitter work, but sweet bread
There's a job for a willing worker
Clumsy (bayonet) work
Time for work, time for leisure
It is necessary to teach not by telling, but by working and showing
Work is not a wolf - it won’t run into the forest
You can't rework the master's work
Without hunting there is no work
Every master's work is praised
Our hostess has everything at work: the dogs wash the dishes too
It's not work that dries, but care
A crane walks through the swamp, gets hired
For good work, skill is not enough - you need habit
To work is fire, and work is to fire
It's good to rest when the work is done
Work accumulates strength, but laziness drowns it

Proverbs about work for children

Work is a unique form of love

Quotes and aphorisms about your favorite job


Love and work are the only worthwhile things in life. Work is a unique form of love. Marilyn Monroe


I love work: it captivates me completely. I can sit for hours and watch others work. D.K. Jerome


I sincerely love my job. This profession was a conscious choice. But I don’t like the “paper swamp”. There’s no time for smiling at all, When you don’t have time to do it on time Olga Ovsyannikova


I love my job! After all, there I always have the opportunity to dream... about quitting.


Then I believed that work was the best cure for all ills, as I believe in it now. Ernest Hemingway

Quotes about the team at work


The system of collective responsibility is in fact wrapped up in a system of collective irresponsibility. Grigory Chukhrai


It happens that one honest person prevents the entire team from considering themselves decent. Mikhail Genin


When joining a team, it is not at all necessary to dissolve in it. Vadim Zverev


Only in a group does insignificance gain strength. Vladimir Goloborodko


The collective differs from the crowd in that it does not trample those who stumble, but helps them rise.


You laugh at me, I laugh with you. I am part of the team!


In an ideal work team, everyone should have at least the slightest idea of ​​how their colleagues live. Richard Branson

Quotes about teamwork


Teamwork is very important. It allows you to shift the blame onto someone else.


Working together ignites in people a fury of accomplishment that they can rarely achieve alone. Ralph Emerson


Talent wins games and teams win championships. Michael Jordan


Only people with experience working in a team who are willing to use the team's experience achieve success. Edward Lawlor

Quotes about rest and work


Rest is necessary. I can do a year's worth of work in nine months, but not in twelve. John Pierpont Morgan


The best employees work harder than others and rest more than others. Tom Hopkins


No one died from work, and there is nothing to say about rest.


I am never so busy as during my leisure hours. Cicero


How nice it is to do nothing and then relax! Spanish saying


Fatigue will be over when you don't have to work after days off. Pierre Duck


Work without rest is not a virtue, but a punishment for poor planning of your time.


I rest when I work and get tired when I am idle or receiving guests. Picasso P.

One of the undoubted and pure joys is rest after work. Kant I.

Quotes about relaxation

Prepared by: Dmitry Sirotkin

I present to you a selection of quotes about a vacation beloved by many .

I want to relax at sea longer , although I understand in my head that the tastiest thing is what is in short supply.

Quotes are summarized by topic: man and rest, work and rest, sea and rest, love and rest, religion and rest, women and rest, fatigue and rest, money and rest, pension and rest, vacation, loneliness and rest, education and rest , socialism and rest, death and rest, happiness and rest, old age and rest, nature and rest, idleness and rest, life and rest, mind and rest, activity and rest.

Man and rest

We are deprived of leisure in order to have leisure, and we wage war in order to live in peace. (Aristotle)

Man is the most pitiful creature, having a few hours of rest, a few minutes of satisfaction and a long series of days of suffering in his life. (Voltaire)

And what does free leisure give most people? Boredom and languor, since there are no sensual pleasures and tomfoolery to fill it. (A. Schopenhauer)

A person simply needs a break from himself, at least from time to time. (M. Fry)

Man is created in such a way that he takes a break from one job only by taking up another. (A. France)

He who can rest is superior to him who can take cities. (B. Franklin)

A person’s character is most evident in what kind of rest is easier and more enjoyable for him. (N. Chernyshevsky)

People who cannot find time for rest will sooner or later be obliged to find time for illness. (D. Wanamaker)

It seems to me that few people truly understand what rest is and how important it is to rest properly. Nowadays people compete with each other for recreation, as if it needs to have some extra value to fit into our puritanical view of the world. (D. Nicholson)

By the way, quotes about a person

Work and rest

Peace and rest owe their sweetness to work. (W. Channing)

One of the undoubted and pure joys is rest after work. (I. Kant)

I am never so busy as during my leisure hours. (M. Cicero)

I rest when I work and get tired when I am idle or receiving guests. (P. Picasso)

Rest and work are inseparable, like the eyelid and the eye. (R. Tagore)

Merits and good deeds are the goal of our labors, and the consciousness of such is the crown of our rest. (F. Bacon)

Work by obligation is work, and work by inclination is leisure. (B. Shaw)

Work must be consistent with rest; Stupid is the one who turns leisure into activity. (F. Rückert)

Rest is a rare opportunity to think about business. (G. Malkin)

If you have absolutely no time to rest, then it’s time to rest. (S. Harris)

I firmly believe in my method: first you work hard, then you have a great rest. (B. Pitt)

The best employees work harder than others and rest more than others. (T. Hopkins)

By the way, quotes about work

Sea and relaxation

God knows what will happen next; Yes, it doesn’t matter when you’re lying on the seashore in such wonderful weather. It is enough that you exist. (D. Fowles)

Seaside holidays improve health and weaken morale. (D. Gvilava)

Modest and quiet joys sometimes tone us up much better than any overseas beaches. (D. Lopez)

One day you will find yourself by the sea, and it will carry away the pain of memories on its waves. Each of us has our own sea. (E. Safarli)

In the evening I walked along the deserted seashore. It wasn't funny or sad - it was wonderful. (V. Van Gogh)

When I sit by the sea and listen to the waves splashing against the shore, I feel free from all obligations, and the peoples of the whole world can revise their constitutions without me. (G.D. Thoreau)

By the way, quotes about the sea

Love and rest

Sublime love requires leisure. (A. Maurois)

A bed is a place where one rests alone, but two people get tired. (A. Prevost)

Great passion does not give a moment of rest, and this is its benefit. Anything is better than vegetation. (A. France)

At night with her - it’s either a matter - Dress away - and body to body, Is there time to rest? (P. Beranger)

By the way, quotes about love

Religion and leisure

Eternal vacation is a good definition of hell. (B. Shaw)

Needless to say, “paradise” is a very stupid invention of the priests and “fathers of the church”, an invention whose purpose is to pay people for hellish torment on earth with a soap bubble of hope for rest in another place. (M. Gorky)

I think it was no easier for me to be born than for the Creator to create the Universe. At least he then rested, and all the colors of the world fell on me. (S. Dali)

By the way, quotes about religion

Women and leisure

I believe in manicures, in flashy clothes, and in the fact that on vacation you also need to do your hair and apply lipstick. (O. Hepburn)

The life of any woman is a road to the sea. Even if she goes to work in the morning, she still goes to her sea. In the end, she will reach the point where she will give up on everything and really rush to the sea. (R. Valiullin)

By the way, quotes about women

Fatigue and rest

Rest for those who are not tired is tiresome. (L. Kumor)

Can rest be truly sweet without fatigue? Constant immobility is not even rest. This is nothingness, this is death. (J. Sand)

A person works so hard at work in an office that later, due to fatigue, he cannot enjoy the holidays properly. (F. Kafka)

Money and leisure

I don’t know what could be better than poverty combined with active leisure. (A. Camus)

I don't need to stay in an expensive hotel because I don't see the point in overpaying for extras I don't need. Wherever I stay, I'm Henry Ford. And I don’t see much difference in hotels, because even in the cheapest hotel you can relax no worse than in the most expensive one. (G. Ford)

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Pension and rest

Retirement is a vacation that is imposed on a person when all he can do is work. (J. Elgozi)

Those who dream of retirement dream of rest before eternal peace. (V. Grzeszczyk)

When I retire, I will do absolutely nothing. The first months I will just sit in a rocking chair. And then? I'll start swinging. (F. Ranevskaya)


Vacation is such free time that is given to employees to remind them that the institution can do just fine without them during the rest of the year. (F. Louis)

The shortest distance between two points is the segment between the beginning of the vacation and its end. (Ya. Ipokhorskaya)

No one needs a vacation more than a person who has just returned from it. (E. Hubbard)

Loneliness and rest

Sometimes it's good to be alone with yourself. The main thing is not to delve into yourself, but just take a break from everything that is happening. (K. Holt)

Solitude is pleasant when it is rest, but incessant solitude is the path to insignificance, for man in himself is a fragment or fragment: only with creatures and nature similar to him does he form a whole. (N. Karamzin)

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Education and recreation

The great secret of education is the ability to ensure that physical and mental exercises always serve as rest for one another. (J.-J. Rousseau)

Rest after mental work does not consist at all in doing nothing, but in changing things: physical work is not only pleasant, but also useful rest after mental work. (K. Ushinsky)

Socialism and leisure

Comrade Pashkin vigilantly equipped the diggers' home with a radio speaker so that during their rest everyone could acquire the meaning of class life from the pipe. (A. Platonov)

I swore in front of the portrait of the deceased and mourned comrade Stalin that I would not have rest until I saw how the capitalist octopus was destroyed. (E. Che Guevara)

Death and rest

If you work all the time and never rest, you can become the richest man in the cemetery. (R. Tagore)

You will have plenty of time to rest when you die. (R. De Niro)

Working without rest, you don’t have time to think about death. (E. Ferrari)

Happiness and relaxation

Happiness, it seems, lies in leisure. (Aristotle)

The secret of our unhappiness is that we have too much leisure to think about whether we are happy or not. (D. Carnegie)

Time lost in pleasure is not considered lost. (D. Lennon)

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Old age and rest

Old age is when you get tired not only from work, but also from rest. (K. Melikhan)

There is no time in life when one could completely surrender to rest; external efforts, and even more so internal ones, are just as, if not more, than in youth, necessary as we grow old. (A. Tocqueville)

Nature and relaxation

People usually go into nature as a vacation. I thought that life in nature should be a permanent state of man. (K. Paustovsky)

Favorite recreation is hunting. There is always the opportunity to walk around, take a walk, hide, wait. (V. Chernomyrdin)

Idleness and rest

Idleness is not rest. (F. Cooper)

Doing nothing does not mean resting. (G. Selye)

From time to time you should take a break from idleness. (J. Cocteau)

From idle rest comes mental and physical flabbiness. (A. Chekhov)

Life and rest

Real life was lived only on vacations and weekends. (D. Orwell)

Of course, lying in a hammock, you risk getting a ache in the lower back, but those who have not tried such a life are worthy only of pity. (F. Begbeder)

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Mind and rest

To be able to manage your leisure time wisely is the highest level of civilization. (B. Russell)

It is useful to relax your muscles whenever possible. But relaxing the brain is deadly. (S. Moss)

Activities and leisure

Rest is a change in the type of your activity. (I. Pavlov)

Rest: what you do when no one is telling you what to do. (D. Prendergast)

Summer and holidays

Summer is the season of irresponsibility. (O.Henry)

Even in the summer, when going on a voyage, take something warm with you, because how can you know what will happen in the atmosphere? (K. Prutkov)

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About miscellaneous

If you have a fountain, shut it up; give the fountain a rest. (K. Prutkov)

The madmen who try to make this world a worse place never rest. How can I? (B. Marley)

As you can see, quotes about vacation are primarily dedicated to people, work, the sea, love, religion, and women.

I wish you to experience pleasure from the holiday itself no less than you anticipated in your dreams about it!

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Fun things about vacation

Funny and cool quotes about relaxation, without which it’s difficult to even do what you love.

  1. Rest is when no one tells you what to do...
  2. You can truly relax only when you don’t have to think about business.
  3. You need to work exactly as much as necessary so that you can afford to rest.
  4. It's simple: the more you work, the longer you rest!
  5. Rest is only relaxation when you take a break from work. The rest of the time it’s laziness and idleness.
  6. No one has ever died from the amount of rest, unlike the amount of work...
  7. The busiest time of my day is my rest time.
  8. What a wonderful way to relax when you haven’t worked... if only you knew!
  9. The best vacation is when you don’t have to remember that it will end.
  10. Most of all, I get tired of contemplating other people's idleness...
  11. How difficult it is to take a break from a job you enjoy.
  12. No other time in life is wasted so aimlessly and fleetingly as free time...
  13. A tourist holiday is perhaps the ideal holiday, after which you need to relax...

Holidays for everyone

Short and beautiful quotes about the rest that everyone needs.

  1. Relaxing is definitely beneficial. Except in cases where it is detrimental to work...
  2. The man who worked the hardest got the most expensive tombstone...
  3. Relaxing after work is just as beneficial as working after rest.
  4. If it seems to you that you have no time to rest at all, then this is a clear sign that you need a break.
  5. Nobody can work endlessly. Sooner or later, even the most stubborn workaholic will need a release.
  6. The next 10-12 hours after waking up are the best time to rest...
  7. Intellectual work seems to many to be a whim that does not require rest... until they try to think with their own heads.
  8. Growing up is when you get tired of running to the bar after work.
  9. You can relax in different ways. For some, it’s enough to just change their activity, while others have to sleep...
  10. At night a person sleeps and does not rest. Sleep is not rest, but sleep. Therefore, you need to rest while you are awake.
  11. Suffering from idleness is not at all the same as rest. This is rather also a kind of form of work for which you are not paid...
  12. Laughing for no reason is a sign that you urgently need a vacation!

Relaxation as a hobby

Interesting quotes about relaxation and unforgettable leisure, which everyone chooses for themselves.

  1. The most important pleasure in the life of any person is the unforgettable and elusive moment of falling from wakefulness to sleep.
  2. The invention of electricity was supposed to be the greatest window into the world of the future... but it became a window into the world of twelve-hour shifts at work.
  3. The most enjoyable vacation in your life is a vacation that you truly deserve.
  4. Retirement is the need to rest when you have just begun to get used to work...
  5. People have become so alienated from nature that they consider time spent with it as a break from life.
  6. If a person is busy doing something he loves, he stops dividing his time between rest and work. He calls it with one word - life.
  7. Old age comes when even rest causes fatigue.
  8. A good rest is, of course, good, but it’s painfully tiring...
  9. You also need to be able to rest! Wasted time is not rest at all, but simply wasted time.
  10. I am from that generation that does not know how to rest. We relax when we work...
  11. The psychos who are trying to make this world a better place don’t know what rest is...
  12. The hardest job in my life is pretending to be a good person who cares about you...
  13. I want to rest as long as possible... but to rest longer, I need to work harder.

Vacation time

Quotes about rest and vacation that were worth working for.

  1. The best part of any vacation is the part where you get to watch others work...
  2. Gossiping about neighbors is a form of recreation that lazy housewives indulge in.
  3. The sweetest rest is when you have achieved what you worked so hard for.
  4. Recreation also has its own culture. Another thing is that there is not much culture in this culture...
  5. I'm not stuck here! I just lay down to take a break from the bustle of the world...
  6. Vacation is a time during which work somehow gets by without you and no one dies from it...
  7. Most men don’t even try to plan a vacation on their own... They trust their bosses with the choice of time, and their women with the choice of place.
  8. Golden rule for vacations: throw away half your suitcases before departure, but take extra money.
  9. A vacation is a rest period after which you should rest a little before getting back to work.
  10. Experienced men meet pale-faced girls on the beaches - their vacation has just begun...
  11. Your vacation should have enough time for your bosses to miss you...
  12. You get tired all year at work, so you can be tired for a couple of weeks on vacation. The ideal holiday for most people...


Not everyone likes to relax alone - quotes about family vacations and more.

  1. Rest is truly sweet and brings untold pleasure only to those who are truly tired.
  2. Vacation is a time when you can go to another country and not wear a mask. It is for this reason that all tourists are considered barbarians...
  3. There is time for work, and two weeks for vacation.
  4. The higher you fly, the more difficult it is to go down to rest.
  5. City recreation is something between computer games and barbecue against the backdrop of high-rise buildings.
  6. A person is subject to wear and tear no less than mechanisms. It also takes time to lubricate the gears...
  7. You need to relax in style and taste, so that all your colleagues envy you for the next year!
  8. He rests well who rests in the shadow of his own labor...
  9. Nowadays, in order to take a break from society, you need to at least climb into a deep forest.
  10. I can only rest alone with myself. With other people, any vacation turns into work.
  11. A fabulous vacation is a vacation that everyone only dreams of, but no one has ever seen...
  12. Laziness is an allergy to work.
  13. All men need only one thing. They dream about it all day at work, and then come home and demand it from you - rest! What unheard of impudence!
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