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Main Universal Law

Our life obeys the main universal law - the law of attraction. It is simple and logical: a person attracts to himself what he thinks about. Our thoughts are signals that we constantly send to the Universe.

She reacts to each of them, that is, fulfills all our requests. But, alas, he does it literally. And when we have thoughts about things that we are afraid of and want to avoid - about illness, poverty, betrayal, disappointment, then as a result we get them. You cannot dream of happiness and at the same time think: “Life is not a success: no money, no health, no love...” The Universe reacts to such an attitude with the helpfulness of a genie from a magic lamp. “Well,” she replies. - As you order. You really don't have any of this. And it won’t.” A negative message comes back as a double negative. But the magnetic energy of our thoughts can make each of us happy.

Quotes about the power of thought, the law of attraction and the fulfillment of desires

I present to your attention my favorite quotes about the power of thought, the law of attraction and the fulfillment of desires of great and successful people.

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To get what you want from life, you must first determine what you want. Keanu Reeves.

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Everything that happens in life is the materialization of someone’s thoughts, I’m sure. They don't necessarily materialize literally, but they do happen one way or another. Many people object to this: “Well, I thought I would win the lottery, but I didn’t win. Why?". But because you really didn’t expect to win. A lot of events have happened in my life only because I convinced myself as a child that they would happen. I brainwashed myself. I have brainwashed the world's mind. I just told him that such and such was going to happen. Like Muhammad Ali, who at twenty years old said he would become the greatest boxer. He could not have known this then, he was not a prophet, but he determined the future with his will. Jim carrey.

Whatever a man's mind can comprehend and believe, he can achieve. Napoleon Hill.

Fate is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. This is not something to look forward to. This is what needs to be achieved. William Jennings Bryan.

In the world of thought, you get back everything you give at a good rate. If you send good thoughts, then good thoughts will return to you with a significant increase, and you will feel good in the company of well-disposed people who treat you kindly, thanks to this you will only benefit. Even from a personal point of view, it is better to have good thoughts. If you try to think in this way in practice, at least for one month, then you will soon notice a huge change in various kinds of phenomena, a huge change in yourself; you will have disgust and disgust for your previous, low, unworthy, bad mental activity and you will not agree to return to it under any conditions and at any price. Before a month has passed, you will already notice the beneficial power of the returning thought waves, and your whole life will change completely. Give it a try. Try it now. You will never regret it. William Atkinson.

The greatest achievement in life is to be able to create the world around you the way you see it in your dreams. Mike Dillard.

Logic can take you from point A to point B, but imagination can take you anywhere. Albert Einstein.

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We always attract into our lives what we think about most often, what we believe in most, what we most expect and what we imagine most clearly. Shakti Gawain.

Just as one step will not pave a path on earth, so one thought will not change reality. To truly have an impact on physical reality, we must "step" again and again. To change our lives, we must think the right thoughts over and over again. Henry David Thoreau.

All kinds of thoughts are sent by the mind, and their vibrations, starting from one individual, affect others to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the strength of the motivating effort. Passive thoughts are less powerful than active ones, but they, repeated constantly, have sufficient power. William Atkinson.

There is no word “impossible” in my dictionary. Napoleon Bonaparte.

As soon as we accept an idea as a given, it begins to come true, and nothing can stop it. For example, if the thought of our own inferiority, of the limitations of our capabilities and abilities, has become entrenched in our consciousness, then it is this idea that will begin to control our lives. Only a change in mindset can solve this problem. What goes around comes around. If you plant a tomato, a tomato will grow. He will not change his mind and become a cucumber just because he decides that you need a cucumber more. As long as you plant tomatoes, only they will sprout from the ground, even if you are allergic to them. Robert Anthony.

If you are able to see beauty, it is only because you carry beauty within yourself. For the world is like a mirror in which everyone sees their own reflection. Paolo Coelho.

Setting goals is the first step in turning your dreams into reality. Tony Robbins.

You are always right, whether you think you are right or not. If you are confident in something, you will support your beliefs. Remember this - everything is your fault. Tony Robbins.

You will only get from life what you ask from it. Don't be afraid, set the highest goals. Oprah Winfrey.

My life is essentially a fairy tale. Once upon a time there lived a poor guy from the village, he slept on the floor - there was no bed, he did not know what a TV and refrigerator were. Well, who could I become at home? Just to herd cows. However, I had a dream - and I did not give up until it came true. The main thing is to believe and not give up, and everything else will work out. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Champions are not made in gyms. A champion is born from what is inside a person - desires, dreams, goals. Muhammad Ali.

If you dream of becoming someone, you become one. Muhammad Ali.

Positive emotions cause a response from the world. When you focus on something kind, warm, good, then life takes on the same colors. Oprah Winfrey.

If thoughts had color (some say that they do), then we would see that our fearful and bad thoughts hung over the earth itself in the form of dark, heavy clouds; We would notice our clear, cheerful, happy and confident: “I can and I want” thoughts in the form of light cirrus, gaseous clouds, quickly rushing and mixing with others similar to them, forming cirrus cloud chains, high above the heaps of dense, suffocating, disgusting fumes formed from fearful and envious thoughts, expressed in the words: “I can’t.” William Atkinson.

Whatever you can do or dream of, go for it. There is genius and strength and magic in audacity. Goethe.

Only a strong person can think about health while surrounded by illness, think about prosperity while surrounded by poverty. People who have this power become giants, able to overcome fate and get what they strive for. Wallace Wattles.

Dreams don't come true, dreams come true. Vadim Zeland.

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When you pay attention to something you don't want, you vibrate it, which means you are resisting what you want. Esther Hicks, Jerry Hicks.

When we think, we send out from ourselves a very subtle current, moving progressively like a ray of light and influencing the minds of other persons, often at a great distance from us; a powerful thought, equipped with a powerful force, will rush to fulfill its mandate and will often overcome the instinctive resistance of other minds from external influence, while a weak thought will not be able to gain access to the spiritual fortress of another, unless the latter is completely guarded. Repeated thoughts, sent one after another in the same direction, are often able to gain access where a single wave of thought, even a stronger one, would have met with resistance. William Atkinson.

When I let go of who I am, I become who I can be. Lao Tzu.

Everything you want is trying to get to you, but you have to find a way to let it in. And you can’t let in what you want if you don’t feel good. Only when you feel good can you let in what you want. Esther Hicks, Jerry Hicks.

Always rely on the idea that your own decision to succeed is much more important than anything else. Abraham Lincoln.

Every thought is a cause, and every state is a consequence. Therefore, it is necessary to control your thoughts in order to create only the necessary states. Charles Haenel.

Determination of purpose is the starting point of all achievements. William Clement Stone.

Conscious thinking is the hardest job in the world. This is especially obvious when what is desired contradicts environmental conditions. Wallace Wattles.

Our consciousness is everything. You become what you think about. Buddha.

When I feel abundance, abundance finds me. Esther Hicks, Jerry Hicks.

I want you to learn to think about what you want and think about why you want it until you can truly feel it. This is the most important thing you learned from me, Sarah.

We should turn to silence more often. Strength comes in peace; It is in silence that we can be still, that we can think, and thought is the secret of any achievement. Charles Haenel.

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Those who look for millions rarely find them, but those who do not look for them never find them! Henry Ford.

You just have to believe that you can - and you are already halfway to your goal. Theodore Roosevelt.

Think of your attitude towards the world as a remote control. If you don't like the program you're watching, you simply grab the remote control and switch the TV to another program. It's the same with your attitude to life: when you're unhappy with the result, change your approach, no matter what problem you're facing. Nick Vujicic.

Walk confidently towards your dreams. Live the life you created for yourself. Henry David Thoreau.

It's all in the thoughts. Thought is the beginning of everything. And thoughts can be controlled. And therefore, the main thing to improve is to work on thoughts. Lev Tolstoy.

Great are those who see that the world is ruled by thoughts. Ralph Emerson.

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Law 1. A person filled with love attracts the love of other people.

This is one of the main tenets of the law of attraction. Like attracts like. All people, events, things in our lives are not random at all. We surround ourselves with them, willingly or unwillingly. You need to force yourself to think only about the good and see beauty in the people and objects around you.

Unfortunately, it is often children’s complexes that shape the position of an unhappy and unloved person. Experts call this “victim consciousness.” It seems to a person that he is looking for a way out, but in reality the following happens: constant conversations about unhappy love plunge him into a small closed world of endless grievances and disappointments, into a vicious circle from which it is very difficult to get out.

The victim simply stops noticing the positive aspects of life, and the more he suffers, the more often he makes mistakes. Expecting happiness in such a state is, to say the least, naive. How to change the current situation? Firstly, realize that love cannot come from outside, force its way to a person. The readiness to love and be loved must first be born in the soul and fill all corners of consciousness. Remember: no one can do anything for us. We and only we create our own reality. Happy people get pleasure from the smallest things.



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Law 2. A happy person lives much longer and gets sick less often

“All diseases come from nerves.” Our physical health is a mirror reflection of our mental health. And we are not talking about mental disorders at all. It turns out that anxiety, fear, grief and other negative emotions destroy the body at the cellular level, giving rise to incurable diseases.

Psychologists who closely study this problem say: people die from negative thoughts. Today, scientists have proven that all processes in the body are under the control of the central nervous system, which creates the scenario of age-related changes. It reflects our ideas about life, traditions and expectations.

For example, if a person is sure that after forty years the time of withering comes, bringing with it a series of illnesses, disappointments and failures, then this will happen.

Having passed the forty-year mark, he will begin to actively grow old, get sick and fade. While his peer will not lose health, energy and joy of life until old age just because he believes that a person is able to enjoy life at any age. In general, faith works miracles, helps cope with incurable diseases, lifts people out of wheelchairs. The feeling of spiritual harmony and happiness heals a person better than any of the most effective drugs.

The doctors of the army of Alexander the Great were amazed at the amazing fact: the soldiers of the losing army died from those wounds that the triumphant soldiers dealt with very quickly. Much later, Napoleon Bonaparte’s doctor formulated this idea as follows: “The wounds of the victors heal faster.” In other words, the success of any treatment depends on the thirst for life. Everything in our body was originally designed in such a way that it is able to heal itself. Correct thoughts and fortitude are the main condition.

Dreams are a preview of what life already brings to the future. Albert Einstein

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