Beautiful quotes about autumn (250 quotes)

Declension of the noun autumn (which case)

Declension of words by case in singular and plural.

CaseQuestionUnitMn. number
Nominative(who what?)autumn
Genitive(who, what?)autumn
Dative(to whom; to what?)autumn
Accusative(who, what?)autumn
Instrumental(by whom, what?)in autumn
Prepositional(About who about what?)autumn

Scope of use

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Essays on the theme “Autumn”

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Autumn has arrived - the brightest time of the year. She painted everything around her in her favorite colors. Now the streets of the city are lined with yellow, red and orange trees. Beautiful autumn bestows coolness on everyone. It's not as hot outside as in summer. The days are getting shorter and colder.

Autumn is the best time for walks in the park or forest. Everything around is full of colors! The leaves rustle merrily underfoot. Autumn gives us its fruits and pleases us with the last warm rays. The rainy season is about to begin. The colors will leave the streets. Gray everyday life with slush and dirt will begin. But this also has its own romance. What a different sorceress autumn is.

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Essays “Favorite season - Autumn”
Autumn is my favorite time of year. After long hot summer days, the autumn coolness seems like a real salvation. At this time the weather changes gradually. The first days of autumn are warm and windless. Then it starts to rain. The nights become cold and the days become short. The leaves on the trees are gradually falling. They cover the ground with a colorful carpet. It’s so wonderful to walk, listening to their cheerful rustling.

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Essays on the theme “Autumn” 2nd grade

At this time of year, the sun hardly warms up like in summer. It got colder. It rains more often. The days are getting shorter. Leaves are falling from the trees. Many birds leave their native lands and fly to warmer places because there is less food. After all, in the fall, insects hide and plants wither. Colder is late autumn, it is the rainiest. Sometimes it even snows. At this time, you can feel the approach of winter in everything. 8 essays

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Essays on the theme “Autumn” 3rd grade

Autumn has arrived and the time of cold weather has arrived. The birds flew to warmer lands and stopped pleasing people with their songs. But the streets did not become quieter. Students returned to the schoolyards. They walk cheerfully along the autumn streets and fill it with their ringing laughter. 8 essays

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Essays on the theme “Autumn” 4th grade

Golden autumn is a wonderful time. I love walks along the alleys and parks of the city at this time. You walk, looking at how nature is changing, and everything is getting ready for the cold season - winter. You walk and breathe in the cool air. Leaves fall from the trees and quietly fall at my feet. The sky is darkening and the cold is approaching. A thick golden carpet of leaves covers the entire path of the park. Nice and fresh. 7 essays

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Essays on the theme “Autumn” 5th grade

Autumn is a very beautiful time of year. It’s a little sad because the leaves are flying away, but standing under the colorful leaves is pleasant and fun. Nature says goodbye to us until spring; chestnuts and acorns shed their unusually beautiful fruits. Yellow maple leaves appear golden in the sun, making the park even brighter and sunnier. You can collect all these autumn gifts and make a beautiful craft out of them that will remind us of this wonderful time all winter. Autumn smells of apples and rowan berries. There is nothing more beautiful than a carpet of colorful leaves. What a pleasure it is to run through it. I love you, my golden autumn! And I will miss you very much. 9 essays

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Essays on the theme “Autumn” 6th grade

Autumn is the time of saying goodbye to warmth and the arrival of cold weather. Every day it becomes more and more noticeable how the days are shortening. The sun rises from the horizon later and later and sets earlier, and with each subsequent day it warms less. It became noticeably colder in the evening. It began to rain more often and cold winds began to blow. The sun was just shining and warming, when suddenly a strong wind appeared, clouds covered the sky, and a light rain began. Autumn is especially beautiful in the forest. Read Golden Autumn in the Forest. I wanted to write an essay on the theme of autumn in my diary. 6 essays

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Essays on the theme “Autumn” grades 7-8

The brightest time is coming - golden autumn. Trees, before falling into a long sleep, put on golden clothes made of rapidly turning yellow leaves. The birch tree glitters in the sun, shimmering with gold. With a light wind, the maple tree drops its copper leaves. Falling leaves, circling in a circle, cover the ground, damp from frequent rains. Multi-colored boat leaves float across the black mirror of the pond. The trees in the forest are full of the colors of golden autumn, but the oak has completely fallen off, and, exposing its dry branches, has prepared for winter before anyone else. 4 essays

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Essay “Autumn Forest”

The autumn forest is very beautiful with its colorful colors. The foliage of each tree is very different from each other in its unique color: purple-red, yellow, burgundy, and in some places you can still see green. The leaves are already rustling underfoot as they begin to fall from the trees.

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Essay “Autumn in my city”

Autumn has come. It's a sad time! You look out the window, there are gray clouds in the sky, it was raining, huge and nasty puddles. A cold wind blows in your face. But there is also something beautiful about this time of year. Golden, elegant trees. Beautiful colorful leaves swirl around. It is especially charming when the sun peeks out from behind the clouds. It is, of course, not as warm and cheerful as in summer. But the rays of the sun play beautifully with the leaves of the trees.

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Essay on the theme “Colors of Autumn”

It’s not for nothing that they say about autumn that it is the best artist. And why? In fact, it’s not difficult to guess. Judge for yourself: in a matter of weeks, autumn can change the summer landscape beyond recognition, so that not a trace remains of the three summer months. Where does your inspiration come from this time of year? I can’t say, the only thing that comes to my mind is that autumn is the muse, bright and spectacular.

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Description essay “Autumn Park”

Our favorite park is surrounded by water on all sides. It is located on an island formed by a river flowing through the city and a man-made canal. To get to that island, you need to cross a small cozy bridge. And you find yourself in an amazing park, or rather, a hydropark. There is a steppe corner here. After any rainfall, you won’t see a single puddle here: the sandy soil quickly absorbs moisture.

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Essay on the theme “Golden Autumn”

Autumn is the most colorful time of the year, the most saturated with colors, and therefore many consider it the most beautiful. At the very beginning, autumn still very much resembles summer - just as green, blooming with variegated asters and dahlias. But a little time passes and everything begins to turn yellow. Each tree has its own time when the leaves turn yellow, one may still be almost green, another may have changed color. And now all the trees change their color. But the autumn palette is not only yellow ocher. There's lemon, and orange, and crimson.

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Meaning of the word autumn

and. (from sowing? from autumn? from autumn, gloomy?) time of year between summer and winter, astronomer. three months during which the sun passes through the signs of Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius; in the hostel, September and October, until the snowy path and recostav. In the north, on Ilya’s day (July 20), they consider the turn of summer to autumn and stop swimming; With Ilyin, the worker has two things to please: the night is long and the water is cold; Anna (July 25) supplies matinees: in August the sickles are warmed, the water is cooled, from the first rescue (August 1) there is cold dew, the bee stops carrying a bribe; second rescue (August 6) meeting autumn, first autumn, seeing off the sunset in the field, with songs: third rescue (August 15) last flight of swallows, snacks, brotherly beer: the sun falls asleep: from Flora (August 18) autumn matinees ; from Lupa (Aug. 23) frosts, frost hits oats; from Ivan Lenten (August 29), the cranes flocked to Kyiv; Simeon the Summer Seller (Sept. 1) Indian summer, first autumn (in the middle zone); the beginning of sittings (with fire) and gatherings; fly funeral; away from the field of hunters; Aspos day (Sept. 8) second autumn; on Fedora (Sept. 11) or on the erection (14) the third autumn, cabbages, caftan with a fur coat moved; cover (Oct. 1) first winter: the cover will cover the ground and the girl (with snow, a scarf); with Sergius (Oct. 7) begins, with Matryona (November 9) winter sets in. Kozma-Demyan with a bridge (Nov. 1); chicken name days, brotherly beer, farewell to autumn, welcome to winter; from Michaelmas Day (November 8) cattle are on winter feed: from Matryona (November 9) winter rises to its feet; on Martyn (November 9) a goose came out onto the ice; Vvedensky frosts. On Fedora, summer ends, autumn begins, September 11. Third meeting of autumn. And Indian summer will not reach Fedora. The second one saved: Pasikov day (Penz. sar.), Lukov day (yarosl. bonfire. Vologda). Bees are removed, onions are collected, September 8. Feed me in the spring, and in the fall I will be full too. Autumn says: rotten (on the ground), and spring: nice, if only it was! Autumn says: I will tuck; spring to say: as I want. Autumn says: I will tidy up the fields; spring to say: I'll take a look! Autumn will give orders, and spring will say its own. Do not count your chickens before they are hatched. They don’t put autumn winter grains in the bins (they don’t pour them). In autumn, the worker turns red, and the owner turns pale. Spring and autumn they ride a piebald mare. In the fall, any guest is treated to milk, but not to honey. In the fall, roam without crossing the river; in the spring, move without missing an hour. Autumn is the queen: jelly and pancakes: and in spring, sit, sit, and look! In autumn, and the sparrow has beer. In autumn, the crow also has a head of hair, not only the black grouse. Don’t be overpriced in the fall, be rich by spring. I was walking in the autumn, I found eight, threw the meat, wore out the skin, and sat down with my head (flax).

Autumn, for hunters, is a year. The dog is in his third autumn, third year. Autumn-Oseensk, all, whole autumn;

every autumn. Autumn equinox, 11 September. Autumn nettnik, Autumn and autumn sowing. eastern last fall, last fall. Osenina f. autumn, autumn Tver. novg. late-mown hay; tough.

Autumn cut wool. Autumn pl. farewell to summer and welcome to autumn. The first autumns, in some places the first, but more the second saved (August 6), or on Flora and Laurus (August 18) or on the third saved, on the young Indian summer (August 15); second autumn on the summer guide (Sept. 1), Indian summer; these are sit-ins, they sit in the evening with a fire; second or third autumn, sposov, asposov day (Sept. 8) or on Fedora (Sept. 11); third autumn holidays, cabbage parties, cabbage parties; and in some places during the cover (Oct. 10), in the south, on Dmitriev, parent Saturday (in the 3rd week after the cover). Belarusian Osenins (Dzmitrovka, Dzyady) celebrate funerals on Saturday, and in some places on Thursday; in general, these are harvests, the end of the harvest or a birthday sheaf, etc. Osennak is a bird of prey caught in the fall as an adult. Osechuk, the same, or animal, cattle of the autumn offspring. An autumnal beast, seasoned, several autumns old, old. Autumn Wed. Sib. autumn arch. autumn curse, duty or handout from the parish, collection of clergy with bread, new goods. To settle where, to spend, to stay autumn. The goose springs and autumns during migration, flies and breeds here, and spends the winter in flight. Autumn, in the countryside. spiritual and the saying: to collect autumn, autumn. The deacon went to visit the autumn season. Osennik m. Psk. hard southwest wind. Autumn Psk. cloudy, cold, rainy weather. Autumn, hunting. arch. time from the Intercession to the Filippov ritual. (Shane).

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