Everything comes in time to those who know how to wait...

When we begin to analyze our own failures, we fail to understand where we are making a mistake. We just expect that we will achieve everything overnight and do not show persistence. We are acting impatient...

With the advent of the digital age, there has been such a radical shift in our behavior that we seem to have forgotten one of the time-honored traits of humanity - patience. Patience is the demonstration of perseverance in difficult circumstances and the ability to weather long-term difficulties. Patience is based on simple but strong faith. Patience, in a sense, is simply recognizing that some things take time. For example, for career growth or creating an artistic masterpiece.

This is the ability and willingness to experience disappointment, overcome difficulties, and persevere in achieving a goal.

“Patience is bitter, but its fruits are sweet” - Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Everyone has probably thought about when this or that event will happen. Why does one thing come true almost instantly, while another has to wait a long time? I read several positive statements about how everything happens on time. It gave me some thoughts. Here are the statements:

** Everything in your life happens on time. There is no need to rush or close yourself off from future events. Some long-awaited events require more time from you, testing your patience. Go forward, live each day with what it gives you, finish everything that needs to be completed today and begin to act boldly if circumstances require it from you. No one can guarantee that every action taken with a positive intention will produce the expected result. The results of your efforts will sometimes make you wait longer than expected. Conversely, some things will arrive sooner than you hoped to receive them. Compensate for such unevenness in life with thoughtfulness, use every moment to its full potential. Peacefully let go of any worry or resentment about how much time you wasted. Time never stops, it continues to flow, even if it seems that you are standing still. Everything will happen on time, you will receive everything you deserve on time. Looking back, you will know without a doubt that you really made progress.

*Here are some interesting thoughts. They are obvious, but sometimes difficult to simply formulate:

Why does it often seem that one desire or another requires a long time, while another requires less time? In my opinion, there are two main reasons: 1. Fewer people are involved in the realization of small desires. To purchase an apartment, it is necessary for at least several people to have some thoughts, and then events. And to drink water, you just need to go to a carafe of water and pour it from there into a glass. Immeasurably less action, here we have complete control over the entire process. But for larger purposes, we only partially control it, so we have to wait. It will definitely come, but the soil needs to be prepared more carefully, because... acquiring and owning something (that is, not only the fact that it will come to me, but also the ongoing process of owning it) will make adjustments not only in my life, but also in the lives of other people. 2. We don’t believe it ourselves. We must feel that we are good, we deserve it. This is probably the essence of being a grateful, loving person. Then the worldview changes. Then the Universe itself brings us a lot of things and what previously seemed like a luxury now seems familiar, but this is already a new step. If 100,000 is common, then 200,000 will not seem so big. In general, in any case, it takes time to tune in and “tune” other people. But everything really comes on time, when there is a willingness to accept. And in order to accept and not lose, you need to choose your goals, knowing what they are for and what to do with them, visualize, plan, be grateful and radiate love... the main thing is not to stop..

With God, everything happens on time for those who know how to wait EDITORIAL OF THE PORTAL “ORTHODOXY AND PEACE” | FEBRUARY 5, 2021 On February 5, 2006, Archimandrite John (Krestyankin) died. “Pravmir” collected his sayings about faith and God 1. With God, everything happens on time for those who know how to wait

2. Love for humanity is verbal fornication. Love for a specific person, on our life path given by God, is a practical matter, requiring work, effort, struggle with oneself, one’s laziness.

3. We must seek not joy, but what contributes to the salvation of the soul

4. Illnesses - God's permission - contribute to the good of man. They slow down our crazy rush through life and make us think and seek help. As a rule, human help is powerless, is depleted very quickly, and the person turns to God

5. Why don't you become a pianist, surgeon, artist? Answer: you need to study. And in order to teach others the science of science - spiritual life - in your opinion, there is no need to study?

6. The main thing in spiritual life is faith in God’s Providence and reasoning with advice.

Archimandrite John (Peasant). Photo: pravoslavie.ru

7. The world is ruled only by the Providence of God. This is the salvation of a believer and this is the strength to endure earthly sorrows

8. God does not consult with anyone and does not give an account to anyone. One thing is certain: everything He does is good for us, one goodness, one love

9. Sometimes our wings hang and we don’t have the strength to soar into the sky. This is nothing, this is the science of sciences that we go through - as long as the desire to see the sky above our heads, the clear, starry sky, the sky of God, does not disappear.

10. Life is especially difficult now, but do you know why? Yes, because they have completely moved away from the Source of life - from God.

11. There are no obstacles for those who wish to be saved at all times, for those who wish to be saved are led along the path of salvation by the Savior Himself

12. Life itself teaches life. And the most important and important art for a person is to learn to live in peace and love with everyone.

13. It is common for people to fall, but having fallen, you must get up immediately.

14. Take care of your family - this is God’s blessing to you and the path of salvation 15. If you live for God, for the sake of God and for the glory of God - this is salvation, this is the true, not the ephemeral meaning of life. 16. A person falls away from the Source of life, does inappropriate things, and his soul becomes sick; but if he becomes stagnant in delusions, the body also becomes ill.

17. If Christianity had been imposed with a fist, it would not have existed on earth long ago.

18. Let us not flatter ourselves with the thought that we can be more just than the Lord, but let us listen to His commands given to us by the Holy Apostles and Holy Fathers, and this obedience will be salutary for us and for those close to us.

19. The source of all troubles and evils must be sought not outside, not around oneself, but within oneself.

20. God has no forgotten people, and God’s Providence sees everyone. And the world is ruled by God, only God and no one else.

Photo: pravoslavie.ru

21. The world is ruled only by the Providence of God, and in this lies the salvation of a believer, and in this lies the strength to endure earthly sorrows.

22. We are given one thing to know: that with God there are no mistakes or untruths and that He is infinitely merciful.

23. The Kingdom of God matures within us and does not depend on the place of life.

24. We go to church not to the priest, but to the Lord. And in any church everything is God’s.

25. All our salvation is in God, but not in hours-long rules, but in a living, trusting attitude towards the living God.

26. Our monastery elder said about himself: “I am not a scientist, but a beaten one.” From such crushed ones the Lord creates the people of God.

27. All our difficulty and pain is precisely because we do not want to accept God’s things and keep striving for our own. But God loves us more than we love ourselves, because we don’t understand anything about the spiritual and are all concerned about the body.

28. Christianity is a feat of life, it is a crucifixion, it is work. But today’s Christianity is only on the tip of the tongue for many, while the sky above is cloudless.

29. It is better to participate in creation little by little than to destroy in one fell swoop - and even out of ignorance and misunderstanding.

30. Three wills guide life: God’s, the enemy’s and our human, and no one will free a person from the struggle of choosing whom he will follow.

Everything comes in time to those who know how to wait...

...or a post about how dreams come true.

Once at school, when all the girls were enthusiastically interested in questionnaires, I succumbed to this influence. But the questionnaire was unusual: it contained complex life questions that are difficult to answer, sometimes even towards the end of life. And one of the questions was: “Your motto or favorite phrase that helps in life.” My motto is in the title. I realized this when I finished 8th grade.

In 4th grade, I suddenly wanted to decide: who do I want to be? Agree, this question arose a little early for me. Usually people think about this in 10-11 grade. And me at 10 years old). And I decided that I wanted to marry a seminarian in order to become a mother, give birth to and raise many children (then just a lot, now these are already definite numbers)))) and teach Russian language and literature at school. Since then, other goals, other desires appeared, but by the 9th grade I realized: the first one was the most correct. And then gradually it began to come true...

It started when in the summer, after 8th grade, I fell in love. For the first time for real. You say: at the age of 14 - for real??? but that doesn't happen! It happens... I bothered my love object for a whole year, wrote SMS, called, wrote poems, cried just like that and rejoiced at his smiles... and a year later he reciprocated)) we started dating and unexpectedly, when I was in the 10th grade in the winter, we got married .Although we wanted to wait until I was 18, we had to do it at 15)) Mom was upset that we couldn’t finish school, but we didn’t change anything: we were so blessed. Needless to say, how happy WE were!!! And I was again convinced of the deep meaning of my favorite phrase: “Everything comes in time to those who know how to wait...”. I’ll warn you right away, the wedding was not “on the fly”, we lived for another 2 months without a pregnant woman, and I became pregnant only after 9 months. It just had to be that way.

Six months after the wedding, one event occurred that we were really looking forward to: the ordination to the rank of deacon. My husband became a clergyman, and I became a mother... Another dream came true!

We really wanted a baby... right away! But at first they simply abstained, and then it didn’t work out: probably, the body was not yet ready for such an event. And so - it happened! We just had to wait a little... B was long-awaited, very easy, without a single problem! I fluttered like a butterfly, my husband was happy, but... the baby was stillborn... everything was fine throughout the pregnancy, why this happened is still unclear.

We took each other's hands tightly and moved on. And now, after a year and a half of our intensive planning, // ! Now we take care as best we can, this B is a little heavier than the previous one. We only have to wait 2 weeks - and our girl will be with us! And soon after this another wonderful event will follow: ordination to the priesthood.

Everything comes in time to those who know how to wait!

Bonus for those who read to the end: just a photo_)))

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