Beautiful statuses with meaning about life: sad to tears about love, friends and family

Short statuses about life with meaning

  1. Take everything you can from life! Then you want to, but you can’t...
  2. You need to be able to refuse people. They have a tendency to become impudent.
  3. Everyone wants to change the world, but no one wants to change themselves.
  4. We are moving to live on the rainbow... Tired of living on the zebra.
  5. If you light a candle for someone, it will light your path too.
  6. It doesn't matter how you fall. It's how you rise that matters.
  7. People used to dream of reaching for the stars, but now they wait until Friday evening.
  8. Those who lose heart die before their time.
  9. I have never been repulsed by a person’s poverty; it’s another matter if his soul and thoughts are poor.
  10. The longer you live, the shorter the years, so seize every moment.
  11. Birth is always painful. The birth of a new you is no exception.
  12. Never be offended by life, because no one promised you that it would be different.
  13. We only live once, but to the end!
  14. You cannot start life over, but you can continue it in a different way.
  15. Things were going well, but no one knows where...
  16. And God said: Be afraid of the tears of the one offended by you, because he will ask me for help, and I will help...
  17. When you start throwing away junk, the main thing is not to start looking at it!
  18. Imagine how quiet it would be if people only said what they knew.
  19. And I believe in miracles... It’s much more pleasant for me to live this way.
  20. When going in search of the culprits, sometimes you should first go to the mirror...
  21. Do not listen to the advice of others, it only benefits them.
  22. A person can do anything. Only he is usually hampered by laziness, fear and low self-esteem.
  23. Be self-taught, don't wait for life to teach you.
  24. Stupid things happen by chance, and then become the best moments in life...
  25. We become what we think about.

Let's look for the good in the meaning of life!

  1. A person can actually survive any difficulty. If he understands why he is doing it.
  2. If you've been injured once, you can't joke about it. If you have been wounded many times, you can joke again...
  3. The older you get, the more you value loyalty. In any respect.
  4. The most unhappy person in life is the one who has made it as difficult as possible.
  5. Move, change and improve. And everything else will come by itself.
  6. The more important your appearance is to you, the more people are interested in your inner world.
  7. You can't even imagine how little people think about your shortcomings.
  8. If you think someone is an idiot, then arguing with him will simply waste your energy.
  9. Do you have people whom you can thank simply for being there?
  10. Jealousy stimulates relationships. But if you've been patient, it's probably not true.
  11. Happiness is, first of all, awareness. The awareness that you simply are, without extra effort.
  12. How wonderful it is if the embarrassment between you finally disappears and you talk about whatever you want.
  13. We can’t even imagine how important example is in life. A simple example, not a ton of chatter.
  14. Violent people are always more attractive. And the weak next to them suffer from greed for this attractiveness.
  15. If it is dear to you, you will ask for forgiveness. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s your fault...
  16. Know how to accept gifts. Learn to give without asking for anything in return.
  17. Morning is for good people. And don’t let the bad ones catch your eye.
  18. Very often we choose partners, hoping that they will change.

Wise statuses about life with meaning

  1. You don’t learn wisdom from others, you come to it yourself, getting back on your feet after each new blow of fate.
  2. How many of you have ever sawed sawdust in your life? Of course, no one can saw sawdust. They are already sawed. It's the same with the past. When you start worrying about things that have already passed, you are sawing sawdust.
  3. He who sees too far is not at peace in his heart. Do not be sad about anything in advance and do not rejoice at what does not yet exist.
  4. If you want to get to the top, don't forget to enjoy life while you're down. Because at the top it is usually cold and lonely.
  5. Keep the house clean as if you were expecting guests. Keep your heart pure as if you were expecting death.
  6. Everything that a person thinks he says about others, he actually says about himself.
  7. Wisdom is life experience that has overcome the stupidity and frivolity of youth. What comes with age to those who have learned to appreciate life.
  8. Don't worry about what other people think of you. They are too concerned about what you think about them.
  9. When you enter the same water twice, do not forget what caused you to leave the first time.
  10. There are no hopeless situations in life, there are only unmade decisions.
  11. Wisdom tries not to burden some people once again... they have enough of the insanity that controls them!
  12. People who talk a lot about everything in the world, as a rule, cannot figure out their own lives.
  13. In life, at first everything is good, then very good, and then so good that it can be bad.
  14. People are divided into two halves. Some, upon entering the room, exclaim: “Oh, who do I see!”; others: 'Here I am!'
  15. Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.
  16. Don't be afraid to lose those who weren't afraid to lose you. The brighter the bridges behind you burn, the brighter the road ahead...
  17. Unfortunately, not all of our thoughts are under our control. We can never forget what we most don’t want to remember.
  18. You shouldn't complain about fate to anyone. This will upset your friends. Enemies will be pleased. But it won't help yourself.
  19. Never judge others who know that maybe in the same situation you would have done much worse...
  20. When it is uncomfortable for a person to lie on one side, he turns over to the other, and when it is uncomfortable for him to live, he only complains. And you make an effort - turn over!
  21. It is impossible to make up for anything in life - everyone should learn this truth as early as possible.
  22. Don't expect things to get easier, simpler, better. It won't. There will always be difficulties. Learn to be happy right now. Otherwise you won't have time.
  23. What is the most important thing in life? The choices you make, the chances you get, and the changes you go through. “You have to make the right choices to have a chance, otherwise your life will never change for the better.”
  24. He who has been beaten by life will achieve more; he who has eaten a pound of salt appreciates honey more. He who shed tears laughs sincerely, he who died knows that he lives.
  25. Living simpler is best. Don't break your head. Pray to God. The Lord will arrange everything. Don't torture yourself thinking about how and what to do. Let it happen as it happens - this is living easier.

Don't lose what you already have

Each person values ​​something of his own, and statuses about the values ​​of life are very diverse. Therefore, the reader manages to find among them the most important statements for him.

  1. What looks natural to an optimist is a real treasure to a pessimist.
  2. Values ​​don't fall from the sky. You have to work hard for them.
  3. Real art is tested by time, not money.
  4. People often dream of the unattainable. And they often miss things that they cannot get back at any cost.
  5. A dream is only important if it has a chance to come true.
  6. Real treasures cannot be won, they can only be preserved.
  7. There is no value higher than love.
  8. The road is a spoon for dinner.
  9. As you go to bed, so will you sleep.
  10. You need to pay money for the trip. But what it brings is priceless.
  11. The cost of things still needs to be sorted out. What seems like a treasure to one person is of no importance at all to another.
  12. Experience is gained through mistakes and is considered very significant. But most people would gladly give up such wealth.
  13. What is most valuable is given to people not by bankers, but by those who love them.
  14. Any value still needs to be seen.
  15. What is not available always has a higher cost compared to what is available.
  16. It is not condemnation that is expensive, but pardon.
  17. The importance of silence is that it allows you to hear your own thoughts.
  18. A person is valuable for his inner content, not his appearance. Appearance is only valuable when it is traded.

Beautiful statuses about life

  1. If you ever want to find a person who can overcome any, even the most severe, adversity and make you happy when no one else can, just look in the mirror and say “Hello.”
  2. There is nothing better than coming back to a place where nothing has changed to see how you have changed!
  3. Time is an amazing phenomenon. There is so little of it when you are late and so much of it when you are waiting.
  4. Life is a theater. Only the actors are on earth, and the audience is in heaven.
  5. Life is a game. The gameplay sucks, the graphics are awesome, there’s no point, but you don’t want to go out.
  6. What you can't get always seems better than what you have. This is the romance and idiocy of human life.
  7. And it doesn’t matter what foot you get up from, what matters is what mood you live in!
  8. Life is like a rainbow... It always rains before the rainbow...
  9. Dream as if you will live forever, live as if you will die tomorrow.
  10. And the ice melts when we shine, and hearts open when we love, and people change when we are open, and miracles happen when we believe...
  11. Life is like a rose - beautiful, but prickly!
  12. Someone says they are tired of living. And I’m afraid that my whole life won’t be enough for me to accomplish everything...
  13. Three things never come back - time, word, opportunity. Therefore, do not waste time, choose your words, do not miss the opportunity.
  14. Look for the good, not the bad, in everyone and everything. What you are looking for, you will find. What you find, you will experience.
  15. And even if fate is not fair, life is a game, play it beautifully.
  16. I confess to you, the longer I live, the more clearly I understand that the main thing in life is to know firmly what you want and not allow yourself to be misled by those who think they know better.
  17. The best teacher in life is experience. True, he charges a lot, but he explains it clearly.
  18. Fate is a book... Some have a detective story, some have a novel, some have complete fantasy. I think I have a comic...
  19. Remember, if people are talking behind your back, it just means you are two steps ahead!
  20. It is better to remain silent until asked... than to speak until asked to be silent.
  21. To live and rejoice you need only two things: firstly to live, and secondly to rejoice.
  22. People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. One thing people won't forget is how you made them feel.
  23. If you have been wronged, come back and deserve it!
  24. It's hard to forget pain, but it's even harder to remember joy. Happiness leaves no memorable scars.
  25. The deeper you bury your head in the sand, the more defenseless your ass becomes.

The stupidest word you can say to a desperate person is “don’t cry”

You should always have something of your own: your own occupation, your own understanding, your own dream. And then you will understand wise statements in statuses from a completely different perspective.

  1. You won't believe how wonderful it is to simply live without setting any exorbitant goals for yourself.
  2. The goal should pleasantly excite you, and not fray your nerves to the point of exhaustion.
  3. Hey guy, are you still alive? Or are you just getting ready?
  4. Every second you can become kinder. And I need this for you. Do not listen to anyone.
  5. Fat people eat whenever they can, and thin people eat whenever they want.
  6. Live your life insignificantly. Maybe that's what you want...
  7. The more seriously you take what is happening, the more flaws you see in it all.
  8. If you really can’t live in the present moment, at least look forward and not back.
  9. We are so diligently taught to regret and fear that we a priori cannot live a normal life...
  10. If you are very afraid of death, become smarter. And you will become less afraid, and you will approach life more simply.
  11. Life should not be measured in years, but in pleasant moments lived!
  12. Too much of our time is spent waiting: queues, travel, unnecessary relationships...
  13. Don't be sad if you don't have friends. Making friends is a skill like many others.
  14. Or maybe life is too long to enjoy ordinary things?
  15. No matter how cruel it may sound, the way you see this life is how it is.
  16. People will always be unfair to you. It will always be different, but it will be.
  17. No matter how bad your memory is, you remember absolutely all the moments that are important to you...
  18. The more unnecessary meetings, things, responsibilities in your life, the less room there is for new and good things.

Sad statuses with meaning about life

  1. When some doors of our happiness close, others open... But we look at the closed ones for so long that we do not see the open ones.
  2. Life is designed in such a way that when you are sad, you can only find peace with someone who is also feeling bad...
  3. A little sadness is eloquent, but with great sadness you can no longer find words...
  4. Share a smile with a passerby... maybe he feels bad too...
  5. The wider you open your arms, the easier it is to crucify you.
  6. Give us the strength to comfort and not to be comforted; to understand, not to be understood; to love, not to be loved.
  7. Only grief is palpable. And happiness can only be realized when it has been taken away from you.
  8. You will sit and be sad until you understand that no one will color your life except you.
  9. If you are offended inside, life will give you reasons to be offended even more.
  10. A dog is the only living creature that values ​​your life more than its own...
  11. Memories are an amazing thing: they warm you from the inside and immediately tear you apart.
  12. Life is a fatal sexually transmitted disease
  13. And it doesn’t seem sad... And it doesn’t even hurt... But it’s wildly empty... And the tears involuntarily...
  14. If there is aggression inside, life will “attack” you.
  15. I hardly know any evil people. One day I met one whom I was afraid of and thought was evil; but when I looked at him more closely, he was only unhappy.
  16. As long as you are dissatisfied with life, life will end.
  17. Tears sting not because they are salty, but because they are filled with memories.
  18. When you are pushed against the wall, remember: now there is something to push off from.
  19. The whiter and fluffier you are, the more pleasant it is to wipe your feet on you.
  20. There are losses that make you suffer, and there are those when you feel relief.
  21. Don't take life too seriously. No one has ever gotten out of there alive.
  22. It’s hard when you’re trying to put yourself back together piece by piece, but there are no instructions, and you also don’t know where the most important parts are.
  23. Everything in life is temporary. If everything goes well, enjoy it, it won't last forever. Well, if everything is lousy, don’t be sour, it won’t last forever either.
  24. My life is a train. In the best moments it seems to me that I control it. At worst, I imagine myself as a passenger. And sometimes I realize that I’m lying on the rails.
  25. The worst thing is when you want to cry, but have nothing to do with it; I want to say - but there is nothing; I want to leave - but there is nowhere; You can stay, but there’s no need...

Phrases in English with translation

Some users, in order to seem more interesting or smarter, write statuses in English, German, French and other languages, without asking about the translation.

It looks ridiculous and stupid. To avoid getting into such a funny situation, use the beautiful phrases posted on Internet sites. Which sound in a foreign language with translation, and they can be placed on the page as a status.

Let life be rich in interesting events that you can share with friends on the Internet.

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Statuses about life in pictures

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Cherish your life!

Quotes about values ​​are always filled with philosophical meaning. They talk about the joys of life, which people most often do not even pay attention to. Therefore, some of them are worth remembering for everyone.

  1. You can be richer, but you cannot be happier. Happiness either exists or it doesn’t.
  2. For the sake of love, a person is capable of feats.
  3. When you hear a chorus of birds greeting the rising sun, you understand how precious the dawn of a new day is.
  4. He who retreats in the face of difficulties does not even know how amazing the intoxication of success can be.
  5. While a person is alive, nothing is over for him.
  6. If someone has committed treason, then his personality has no value even for those for whom he committed the meanness.
  7. There is nothing more valuable in the world than close people.
  8. The greatest happiness is a dream come true.
  9. The exit is good when it leads to freedom. If it serves simply as a passage from one prison to another, then it is worthless.
  10. The most valuable thing in life is not money. But people understand such things too late.
  11. Someone else's wealth does not please even the poorest poor man.
  12. The strength of a marriage is tested by the troubles that befall people, which they cope with together.
  13. Loneliness is treasured only by those who live with loved ones. For truly lonely people, it seems like hell.
  14. It's strange how few people value life.
  15. The importance of presence is tested by absence.
  16. No one values ​​too much of something.
  17. Only your own opinion is important. Even someone else's thought repeated many times is not expensive.
  18. Old age has no value, no matter how people talk about it. Especially lonely.
  19. Changes are only welcome for those who benefit from them.
  20. If there is someone who cares whether you are even alive, then this is very important. Even if you don’t value such things.
  21. Wealth makes sense only when a person benefits from it. Even a whole chest of money will not help anyone on a desert island.

It may seem like this is just another sob story.

Each person around you has completely different life principles. More about this in the best statuses about life with meaning.

  1. Being collected most of the time is already the key to success.
  2. Stupidity and the Universe are equally limitless.
  3. Theory is when everything is drawn and diagrammed with beautiful colored pens. But it doesn’t necessarily work...
  4. You can achieve success only when you are not afraid to make absurd attempts.
  5. Knowledge is limited. Imagination is more important.
  6. The way you think matters. This is especially noticeable when solving a more or less important problem.
  7. Living surrounded by people is also not given to everyone.
  8. When you surpass yourself, then you begin to live. But is the game worth the candle?
  9. There is no need to envy geniuses. One wrong move and they are doomed to failure.
  10. Don't get attached to people if you really want to live your life happily.
  11. And God's anonymity is ensured by coincidences.
  12. Relationships are difficult because it seems to us that somewhere there is a person with whom it will definitely not be difficult...
  13. Even if you don’t think about the future, it will come by itself, and quite quickly!
  14. Try something new. Constantly.
  15. You shouldn't look up to great people. In everything – so true.
  16. We all know quite a lot, but only a few know how to explain.
  17. To get from point A to point B, you need to use logic. And to enjoy the process, you just need to use your imagination.
  18. Poor memory occurs because we remember too many unnecessary things.
  19. You can't read faces if you try to look right through them.
  20. It is worth communicating with those who are not afraid to speak to the point, just as they are not afraid of pauses in the conversation.
  21. Unforgettable is not at all the same as impossible.
  22. The more you live, the more you realize that you don’t understand much even from the lessons that life itself teaches...
  23. Most often you give up when there is too much to do!
  24. Practice has proven many times that if you don’t do something, they will do it for you...
  25. Squirrels spin in a wheel, and especially crazy squirrels also spin in wheels with transfers.
  26. If you fight with yourself, then some fool will definitely win.
  27. Oh, I don’t need this “calling a spade a spade” thing. Go - go read a dictionary.
  28. Being last on the list shouldn't be a shame. It’s a shame not to clarify what kind of list it was.

Statuses about life – it would seem, what could be simpler? What could be more pleasant and interesting?

What if there is no point at all?

Sometimes each of us begins to feel that life is meaningless and brings only pain and disappointment. Quotes about life with meaning will move your followers to tears and help them share your emotions.

  1. Searching for the meaning of life is like searching for a cat in a dark room. There is a much greater chance that she will find you first and scratch you bloody.
  2. What's the point? In love? In family? In developing your best qualities? Maybe it’s just a matter of realizing: there’s no point at all...
  3. It's hard to find something to live for. It is even more difficult to live without knowing why.
  4. Get confused in yourself. Give up searching for meaning in what is happening. Just go into autopilot mode and wait to see what happens. The best behavior strategy during depression. Tested many times.
  5. Cognition? Love? Development? Maybe just accepting the fact that there is no meaning at all and our task is to leave offspring and perish in darkness?
  6. The child does not think about the meaning of life. He is happy. Adults think about meaning. Show me at least one happy adult. It seems that I have solved a mystery that has tormented humanity for centuries.
  7. I'm not afraid to die. I'm afraid to live my life without understanding why I am and who I am. But that's exactly what it's all about.
  8. Do I believe that what is happening is meaningful? Of course not, I'm just trying to move forward. Just breathe. Just do good deeds.

Quotes about life with meaning, that can bring you to tears, short but succinct, about love and the main values ​​of a person will help you open your inner world and share your experiences. Don’t be afraid to show your feelings, because this is the only way to find support and get the attention you need in a difficult situation!

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