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Original pictures are one of the ways Internet users communicate. Using pictures for Ava, sending them to friends and loved ones in instant messengers, posting pictures on pages on social networks, we share our emotions, convey a message, and reflect on the meaning of life. In the picture gallery you can select and download free images of a wide variety of subjects and content: beautiful, funny, sad, positive. Drawings for avatars
Choose cool statuses for social networks or put them on your avatar in WhatsApp, Viber and other messengers. There may be coolly drawn girls and boys on them. Many users associate themselves with different animals and choose pictures with pandas, tigers, cats, dogs and other animals. Girls often look for images of beautiful fashion models and famous actresses on their images, while guys like to post racing cars, superheroes and muscular, pumped-up athletes. All these statuses have a deep meaning for everyone personally. This is how you demonstrate your inner world, your goals, and open yourself in a new way to friends and strangers.

Statuses about trust

Trust is one of the most fragile things in the modern world. It is very difficult to obtain and almost impossible to recover after loss. Deciding to trust a new person is a risky test that not everyone is able to undertake, so now it’s easier to close yourself off and limit contacts with the world than to take a risk and open up.

You can find statuses about trust, imbued with deep feelings and sacred meaning on the vastness of our website!

Trust can be compared to a piece of paper. If you stumble once, dent it, it will never become perfectly straight!

Trust only those who can lose as much as you do.

Big promises reduce trust.

To get a knife in the back you just need to completely trust someone.

Without communication there is no relationship. Without respect there is no love. Without trust there is no point in continuing.

It takes an eternity to gain trust, but one moment is enough to be disappointed...

There is no way in family life without trust. This is the basics.

If you managed to deceive someone, do not think that the person is a fool, understand that the person trusted you more than you deserve.

Don't lie to someone who trusts you. Don't trust someone who lies to you.

You can only trust those people who, if the situation develops badly, will suffer no less than you!

Trust is like a huge stone: hard to lift, awkward to carry... easy to drop and move on!

The best way to gain your opponent's trust is to pretend that you trust him completely.

Thoughts and phrases

Original topics are needed not only for avatars.
This is a good message to share on social media or via email. This is a beautiful, meaningful drawing or photo that conveys your mood and thoughts. On your page you can put cool pictures about the meaning of life, about love, friendship. These can be quotes from legendary films, aphorisms of famous writers, scientists, and politicians. Such pictures are great for attracting attention. They are often shared and reposted. If you are looking for your soulmate, then a status or picture with inscriptions about men and women will be perfect for you. Such drawings perfectly convey your dreams about a future relationship with your loved one. You will be able to clearly, concisely and originally state what meaning you put into friendship, love and life.

Best Pictures about fidelity (38 photos)

Everyone needs a faithful partner or friend. Who will not betray you for the sake of another person or will not leave in a difficult life situation. Everyone wants to feel warmth and care, support in the present and future. Like a strong friendship or relationship that will eventually turn into a happy family. We present a selection of pictures dedicated to fidelity.

A dog is faithful to a person.

Thanks to those who are nearby, I appreciate it.

Don't go back to the traitors.

The most worthy loyalty is that which occurs in times of difficulty.

Thanks to dogs, we know what loyalty is, and thanks to people, betrayal.


The only thing I’m afraid of more than cheating is not finding out about cheating. It's terrible to love a person who no longer deserves it.

My promises are only as true as the one to whom I make them.


Faithful couple.

Happy couple.

We must remain faithful.

You cannot take away love - as a rule, we give it ourselves, giving up without a fight.

The one who sees you next to you all your life is faithful!

You have to be one of those people who never let you down.

Loyalty is a decision.

Appreciate people who, under no circumstances, will look for a replacement for you.

Take care of those who have been faithful to you.

Loyalty, which can be maintained only at the cost of great effort, is no better than betrayal.

Loyalty is above all.

Loyalty must be in everything, always remain faithful.

Loyalty is the only currency in life that will never lose value.

Where there is no loyalty, there is nothing at all.

A boy with a faithful dog.

Without loyalty, you are nothing and you have no one.

Value loyalty! This is the most precious quality.

Be faithful. Otherwise, what's the point of being together?

Value loyalty, this is the most precious quality in love, in friendship, and in life...

He who has never sworn allegiance will never break it.

A loved one is one for life.

There are things that are worth being faithful to, like coffee.

If a friend betrayed you, break up with him - people don't change.

Almost every woman would like to be faithful, the only difficulty is to find a man to whom she could remain faithful.



Treason is a more shameful thing than murder.

A person dies as many times as he loses people dear to him.

Honesty and loyalty are an expensive gift that you should not expect from cheap people.

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