Statuses about love: beautiful phrases and quotes about love

Beautiful statuses about love

  1. I don’t know what I saw in you, but I know for sure that I won’t see it in anyone else.
  2. Out of 24 hours a day, 16 I think about you, and the remaining 8 I dream about you.
  3. My life, but your heart. My smile, but the reason is you.
  4. We need time to love. Therefore, give me your present, and I will give you your future.
  5. If you think that I think about you all day, then you are mistaken. At night I keep thinking about you.
  6. To love means to leave an indelible mark on the soul, a mark that cannot be erased.
  7. I won't become a clown to make you laugh, but I will be the one to make your life happy.
  8. I may not be your first love, but I will try to be the best of your stories.
  9. We were a story, but we became a novel that I read thousands of times.
  10. Loving is not only a declaration of love, but also an awareness of what your loved one needs from you and what he wants.
  11. I have always liked to call a spade a spade, so I call you love.
  12. I don't want normal, easy and simple. I want difficult, extraordinary and life-changing love.
  13. Love doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be true.
  14. It's not hard to find someone who loves you, the hardest thing is to find someone who doesn't stop doing it.
  15. Stay with the one who kisses your soul, because anyone can kiss your skin.
  16. Love is a free contract that begins with a spark and can end in an all-consuming conflagration.
  17. If I cannot be the pencil that draws your happiness, then I will become the eraser that erases your sadness.
  18. When heaven decides to save a person, they send him love.
  19. Love those who accept your adventures with a smile.
  20. Love is like music, like painting, like books - you don’t look for it, you find it.

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Quotes about tenderness

Prepared by: Dmitry Sirotkin

I present to you a selection of quotes about tenderness .

Tenderness is like the wings of a trusting butterfly .

Quotes are summarized by topic: relationships and tenderness, nature and tenderness, love and tenderness, man and tenderness, woman and tenderness, people and tenderness, life and tenderness, night and tenderness, sister and tenderness, sadness and tenderness, compassion and tenderness, friendship and tenderness, words and tenderness, marriage and tenderness, strength and tenderness, death and tenderness, rudeness and tenderness, eyes and tenderness, family and tenderness, soul and tenderness, mother and tenderness, truth and tenderness, etc.

Relationships and tenderness

Real tenderness cannot be confused with anything, and it is quiet. (A. Akhmatova)

He who cannot take with affection will not take with severity. (A. Chekhov)

Take back that tender look that set my heart on fire. (M. Lermontov)

We are filled with tenderness for those to whom we do good, and passionately hate those to whom we have caused many offenses. (J. Labruyère)

Lull me - but please, be a friend: Not with letters, but with the cabin of your hands: With comforts... (M. Tsvetaeva)

A man is gentle only to torment; a woman tortures only to give vent to tenderness. (M. Antrim)

Your cheerful tenderness Confused me: Why sad speeches, When your eyes Burn like candles, In broad daylight? (O. Mandelstam)

What is unbearable for women: in the affection without love that a man bestows on them. For a man - bitter tenderness. (A. Camus)

She will come, I give you my guarantee. And without me, in her staring gaze, You gently lick her hand for me For everything that you were and were not to blame for. (S. Yesenin)

Usually hostile feelings appear later than tender ones; in their coexistence, they well reflect the ambivalence of feelings that dominates most of our intimate relationships. (S. Freud)

I didn’t understand anything then! It was necessary to judge not by words, but by deeds. She gave me her scent and illuminated my life. I shouldn't have run. Behind these pitiful tricks and tricks one had to guess the tenderness. The flowers are so inconsistent! But I was too young, I didn’t know how to love yet. (A. Saint-Exupery)

One thing is certain: if we are not kind to ourselves, we cannot be kind to others. In order to love your neighbors and surround them with tenderness and care, in order to wish them happiness and freedom from suffering, you need to learn to experience all these feelings for yourself. Then we will understand that other people's despairs are no different from our own, and our hearts will open to love and compassion. (Dalai Lama XIV)

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Nature and tenderness

The landscape with snow-shrouded trees was replaced by a gentle watercolor of spring. (A. Golden)

How clear August is, gentle and calm, Aware of the fleeting nature of beauty. Having gilded the leaves of wood, He put the feelings into a harmonious order. (K. Balmont)

There is a time of nature of special light, dim sun, gentle heat. It is called Indian summer and in its beauty it competes with spring itself. (O. Berggolts)

Well, there is autumn, it gently and carefully prepares us for the cold. Favorite autumn. A time of reflection, hands in pockets, mulled wine in the evenings and pleasant melancholy... (E. Safarli)

In mid-September the weather is changeable and cold. The sky is like a curtain. The nature of theatrical tenderness is full. (G. Ivanov)

Autumn is like an exquisite disease: at first you admire the change of colors, grab the falling leaves with your hands, but you already begin to feel some kind of unearthly sadness and are imbued with quiet tenderness for your loved ones, as if tomorrow they too will disappear with the last leaf that falls on the asphalt. (Al Quotion)

Do you hear the snow rustling against the glass, Kitty? How fluffy and soft he is! How he caresses towards the windows! Snow probably loves fields and trees, since he is so gentle with them! He covers them with a white feather bed so that they are warm and comfortable, and says: “Sleep, dear ones, sleep until summer comes.” (L. Carroll)

Then I felt the tenderness of the world, the deep goodness of everything that surrounded me, the sweet connection between me and everything that exists - and I realized that the joy that I was looking for in you is not only hidden in you, but is breathing all around me, in the passing sounds of the streets , in the iron and gentle hum of the wind, in the autumn clouds swelling with rain... I realized that the world is not a struggle at all, not a series of predatory accidents, but a flickering joy, a blissful excitement, a gift not appreciated by us. (V. Nabokov)

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Love and tenderness

Tenderness is a better proof of love than the most passionate vows. (M. Dietrich)

When you love, you discover such wealth in yourself, so much tenderness, affection, you can’t even believe that you know how to love like that. (A. Chekhov)

Love burns tender hearts. (Dante Alighieri)

I loved you silently, hopelessly, sometimes with timidity, sometimes with jealousy; I loved you so sincerely, so tenderly, As God grant you to be loved differently. (A. Pushkin)

Tenderness is the most meek, timid, divine face of love... (Taffy)

We, women and men, are tender when we love ourselves, but never when they love us.. (F. Mauriac)

Love should be as easy as breathing, as gentle as falling snow, and that is what it is. (D. Krom)

Love at the beginning is always tender. In my memories, she is always affectionate. And if you love, it’s pain! And with greed we torment and torment each other - always. (O. Khayyam)

They tell me: “Khayyam, don’t drink wine!” But what should we do? Only a drunk can hear the tender speech of a hyacinth to a tulip, which she does not speak to me! (O. Khayyam)

Someone's glances are too tender in the gentle air, barely warmed. I am already getting sick in the summer, having barely recovered from the winter. (A. Akhmatova)

Lovers are tender with everyone who is related to their beloved. (A. Dumas)

If prose in love is inevitable, then let’s take a share of happiness from it: After a quarrel, the return of love and participation is so complete, so tender. (N. Nekrasov)

Let the blood in the veins become scarce, But the tenderness in the heart does not become scarce... Oh, you, last love! You are both bliss and hopelessness. (F. Tyutchev)

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Man and tenderness

Anyone who has not experienced the excitement of the barely audible breathing of a sleeping young woman will not understand what tenderness is. (K. Paustovsky)

The woman should be lightly stroked with the pads of her fingers and touched with the tip of her tongue; How could I have guessed if no one ever told me this? (F. Begbeder)

It seems to me that our harsh sex does not like cats and birds because beautiful girls and ladies pour out too much tenderness on them. (E. Bronte)

Everything that my soul owns - and its wealth, go and destroy it! - the splendor that will adorn my step into eternity, and my very immortality, which, thundering through all centuries, will gather the world's ceremonies - all this - do you want? - now I’ll give it for just one kind word, a human one. (V. Mayakovsky)

I love those objects that touch my heart and make me shed tears of tender sorrow! (N. Karamzin)

Do not demand feigned tenderness from me: I will not hide the sad coldness of my heart. You are right, there is no longer in him the beautiful fire of My original love. (E. Baratynsky)

There is no better gift to be found than our sincere tenderness. (G. Alexandrov)

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Woman and tenderness

Woman is the most obvious living flesh, which radiates the most gentle light. (A. Saint-Exupery)

You are gentle and amazing. (I. Ilf, E. Petrov)

An affectionate woman has no flaws. (A. Nadanyan)

Blessed are the gentle and meek women, they will be loved more. (A. Maurois)

Women are never kind, although sometimes they are capable of tenderness. (A. Christie)

Women love differently than men, more tenderly, more strongly. For them, love is everything. (I. Goncharov)

The kingdom of a woman is the kingdom of tenderness, subtlety and tolerance. (J.-J. Rousseau)

And she is all gentle, like a child, not so fragile, but just as soft. Her figure is thin. And when she gets up, walks, turns her head, raises her hand... I can’t find the words... it’s nice to look at, as if... well, as if she was well built. (D. London)

Even the most gentle, modest and good girls are always more tender, modest and better when they look in the mirror and find that they have become prettier. (G. Lichtenberg)

Every time a woman doesn’t understand something, a pleasant, gentle smile appears on her face, and then it seems that she understands everything. (E. Ray)

I was a gentle woman, and I became a snowy woman. I stand as no one's wife, under an icy hill. (V. Valley)

She didn’t know whether it was love or not, but with all her heart and soul she felt one thing: that more than anything in the world she wanted to hide in his pocket and sit there forever in peace and security. (F.S. Fitzgerald)

If a woman is waiting for tender confessions, then it’s just like a spider is waiting for a fly. (B. Shaw)

Mature virgins, having stopped dreaming, focus the need to love - on cats, on dogs, more tender souls - on flowers. (I. Goncharov)

Choose from women - cheerful, from cheerful - smart, from smart - gentle, from gentle - faithful. (M. Zhvanetsky)

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People and tenderness

All people in life are given at least a little affection. It helps them live. And it is affection that they expect when they feel tired. (A. Camus)

The amount of tenderness emitted and absorbed every day has a limit. (A. Maurois)

People associate too much with sex, when real intimacy is deeper. She is in a gentle touch, in a calm look and even breathing nearby. (E. Safarli)

He who knows tenderness is marked. The spear of the archangel pierced his soul, and this soul will never have peace or measure. (Taffy)

Boundless tenderness is the greatest gift and heritage of all truly great people. (D. Reskin)

What power does a man have who doesn’t even ask for tenderness! (A. Akhmatova)

There are two different approaches to people. The first is to look at them with a critical eye - perhaps this is fair, but it is harsh, this is the approach of the indifferent. The other is woven of tenderness and humor; at the same time, you can see all the flaws and shortcomings, but look at them with a smile, and correct them gently and with a joke on your lips. This is the approach of lovers. (A. Maurois)

A state of stupid, unbridled anger is just as disastrous as a state of stupid kindness or tenderness. (K. Ushinsky)

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Life and tenderness

There is something in the world that one must always strive for and that is sometimes given into one’s hands, and this something is human tenderness. (A. Camus)

Life, devoid of tenderness and love, is nothing more than an inanimate screeching and creaking mechanism. (V. Hugo)

There is no sin in tenderness. (V. Sorokin)

I bend over every second, try to exhaust it to the bottom, try to absorb it into myself, forever capture in myself everything that it contains - the fleeting tenderness of beautiful eyes, and the street noise, and the deceptive light of dawn - and, however, the minute expires, I don't hold her back, I like that she goes away. (J.-P. Sartre)

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Night and tenderness

Now I’m already with you, and the night is tender, the Moon is the queen on the heavenly throne, There are crowds of star fairies around her... Here there is darkness, here there is silence: And the night wind barely touches between the mossy paths, Bringing its breath from heaven. (D. Keats)

The stars are softer at night in spring, The nightingales sing more cautiously... I love these dark nights, These stars, and the maples, and the pond. (I. Bunin)

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Sister and tenderness

A sister's heart is a diamond of purity, an abyss of tenderness. (O. Balzac)

Look carefully and, if possible, more gently, And if possible, do not take your eyes off her longer. She is in front of you - a child with a necklace around her neck and shoulder-length curls. It contains everything you love, everything that, flying around the world, you will never catch up with, no matter how fast the trains are. It’s not the poet’s love that speaks in me And it’s not the sister’s pride. (M. Tsvetaeva)

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Sadness and tenderness

I don’t know how to admire and I wouldn’t want to perish in the wilderness, But I probably forever have the sad tenderness of the Russian soul. (S. Yesenin)

There is a tired tenderness in Russian nature, The silent pain of hidden sadness, The hopelessness of grief, voicelessness, vastness, Cold heights, receding distances. (K. Balmont)

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Compassion and tenderness

Tenderness is compassion for those we love. (P. Buast)

There is less tenderness in compassion than in love. (V. Luc de Clapier)

If you can afford it, allow it. It hurts me so much, and that’s inevitable. This silent pain is called: tenderness. (V. Hoffman)

Friendship and tenderness

Friendship is a delicate flower. One careless touch and the flower withers. (Sun Li)

An ardent and tender friendship can be wounded even by a rose petal. (N. Chamfort)

There is nothing more tender than the correspondence of friends who do not want to meet again. (M. Proust)

Ah, brother! oh brother! be ashamed, my brother! Warm vows with prayers Have you forgotten? A year ago We were tender friends... (M. Lermontov)

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Words and tenderness

Words are not important, but no woman would mind a little tenderness. (R. Heinlein)

There is no tenderness without nonsense. (C. Laclau)

The tenderness of your voice softens the cruelty of your words. (A. Dumas)

Often a tender thought is conveyed without words. Language sometimes brings us bitter disappointment. (M. Reid)

Tenderness in rigid expressions is annoying. (A. Maurois)

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Marriage and tenderness

Having discovered kindness and affection, you will change your husband. (G. Sachs)

If spouses have loved each other for many years, then love imperceptibly turns into a sweet habit and ardent passion is replaced by tender friendship. (J.-J. Rousseau)

To teach our daughters everything, everything - including dancing! and foam! and tenderness! and sigh! It’s as if we are preparing them as wives for buffoons. (A. Griboyedov)

Strength and tenderness

There is nothing stronger than tenderness and nothing more tender than real strength. (R. Sokman)

Our greatest strength lies in the kindness and tenderness of our hearts. (O. Khayyam)

Oh, this tenderness! How much more powerful is it than force! (C. Bronte)

You will almost always achieve more with affection than with brute force. (Aesop)

With gentle words and kindness you can lead an elephant by a thread. (Saadi)

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Death and tenderness

We always deny the living tenderness, which, repenting, we vainly offer to their shadows. (A. Maurois)

People are alive - they bother. Tenderness is only rewarded for death. (E. Yevtushenko)

Rudeness and tenderness

Joy is given to the rude. Sorrow is given to the tender. (S. Yesenin)

You need to be able to become rougher while maintaining your tenderness. (E. Che Guevara)

A man torments with rudeness, a woman with tenderness. (A. Davidovich)

Oh, if only all men were rude and women were gentle, oh, if only everything were so simple! (M. Cunningham)

Eyes and tenderness

Only those who look at you with tenderness have beautiful eyes. (K. Chanel)

The eyes are always more tender than the heart. (E. Ray)

Black eyes have more power of expression and more liveliness, but blue eyes have more meekness and tenderness. (J. Buffon)

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Family and tenderness

The strongest fatherly anger is more tender than the tenderest filial love. (A. Monterlant)

Yes, the miracle is not that the house shelters us and warms us, that these walls are ours. The miracle is that he imperceptibly transfers to us reserves of tenderness - and it forms in the heart, in its very depths, unknown layers, where, like the waters of a spring, dreams are born... (A. Saint-Exupery)

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Soul and tenderness

The soul of a real person is the most complex, most gentle and most melodious musical instrument. (A. Blok)

That's how it happened. In spring, the soul seeks tenderness. In the summer there is space. In winter - a fairy tale. And in November the soul is looking for Home. (Yu. Prozorova)

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Mom and tenderness

Mother's hands are the embodiment of tenderness, and children fall asleep soundly in them. (V. Hugo)

A person's first word is mom, his last is mom. The world rests on the affection of mothers. (M. Lezinsky)

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Truth and tenderness

You have no tenderness: there is only truth, therefore it is unfair. (F. Dostoevsky)

In relationships between people, tenderness and lies are worth thousands of truths. (G. Green)

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About miscellaneous

Each dance is a unique story of feeling: He and She merge in soul and body, and a flight begins on the waves of tenderness and temptation. (D. Fateev)

The nervous environment of a career is not fertile for growing roses of tender feelings and family happiness. (B. Krieger)

This tenderness is so palpable, full of material signs. And tenderness takes on an appearance and is embodied in an object. (B. Akhmadulina)

If rose petals gently fall on you, see if the pot flies after them. (S. Yankovsky)

As you can see, quotes about tenderness are primarily related to the themes of relationships, nature, love, men, women, people.

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Short statuses about love

  1. The measure of my love is to love you without measure.
  2. If the goal of life is love, then my goal is you.
  3. You are the most wonderful chance that I have had in my life.
  4. The beat of my heart is knocking on the door of your love.
  5. I want to be in your thoughts during the day and in your dreams at night.
  6. Eternal love is always the shortest.
  7. It's not your smile that drives me crazy, it's the fact that you smile at me.
  8. Smile, don't let the world know how you suffer.
  9. There is no worse nostalgia than longing for something that never happened.
  10. I'm not a romantic, but I want to become one if you become the lady of my heart.
  11. In love, the heart sees what is sometimes invisible to the eye.
  12. It's better to be alone than to live in illusion.
  13. Where there is love, there is life.
  14. Turn your wounds into experience and wisdom.
  15. Love makes people stronger, gives them the courage to believe in the impossible.

  16. With the pain of a broken heart comes strength.
  17. You and I could write a good novel.
  18. Love me without questions and I will love you without answers.
  19. Live in my heart and you will live free.
  20. With love and patience, nothing is impossible.
  21. There is no worse beggar than one begging for love.
  22. There is never maturity for love.
  23. Sometimes life is not enough to forget one kiss.
  24. If life gives you a hard time, turn on your mobile and take a selfie.
  25. Love can't always be understood, you just have to feel it.
  26. The world would not be so beautiful if there was no love in it.
  27. If there is no madness in love, then it is not love.
  28. Love needs to be shown with deeds, not words.
  29. The hearts of lovers are tied together and always beat as one.
  30. When you fall in love, you never feel sleepy.

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Beautiful statuses about love

Is your heart filled with happiness and torn to pieces by a bright and tender feeling? If you think about what the most important feeling in the world is, without which not a single person can live, then anyone will say that it is love. From childhood we are constantly surrounded by love, first maternal, the love of relatives, later we encounter our own first love for the opposite sex, and are often disappointed in it. At such moments, you want to shout to the whole world about your feelings and about the wounds of your heart that cannot heal and bother you during the day and sleepless nights, every moment, every second. The surest way to tell what is going on in your heart is to choose a sensual and tender status for your page.


True love is not physical passion or just romance. True love is the ability to accept everything - everything that was, what is and what will be.


A strange feeling of love….. when the blood boils in the veins…. when you only think about the one who would be next to you....


Everyone asks... “How is your personal life?”... Everything is bold and tender... mutual and crazy... We love and don’t quarrel... but we don’t know each other yet...


I would like to write a beautiful status about love... or about coffee... but unfortunately I don’t like it, and I hate coffee...


If I were your tear, I would fall to your lips to kiss you... and if you were my tear, I would never cry, so as not to lose you...


Happy is the one who can love his wife as a mistress, and unhappy is the one who allows his mistress to love him as a husband.- Statuses for social networks


Life is a box of chocolates, you never know what filling the next one will have!


The problem is that when you find a person with whom you feel good, then without him it becomes very bad.


The word of a loved one heals better than all the doctors in the world. And he kills faster than all the executioners...


If you have love, then you don't need anything else. If you don't have love, then it doesn't matter what you have...


Every day hope does not leave me, I believe there is a person in the crowd with whom I will be together forever.


You need to be a little similar to understand each other, but you need to be a little different to love each other.. (Statuses for social networks)


Love tolerates domestic squabbles so poorly that for lasting happiness you need to find outstanding qualities in each other.


Perfect love is only possible by mail.


Love is such an unimaginably incomprehensible force that has no limits or boundaries to the possibilities of love.


It’s nice when a guy, after a breakup, knows how to take a blow - and instead of saying low words to his ex-girlfriend, with a pure smile he can say: I’m very pleased that she was once my girlfriend.


Life is like a piano. White keys represent love and happiness, black keys represent grief and sadness. To hear the real music of life, we must touch both.


Love is the only thing you can give and still have it.


Someday you will understand how much I loved you!!! You will crawl on your knees, and I will say... I forgot


Love is not chosen, loved ones are not blamed, fate is not repeated, the forgotten are not called...


Love deeply and passionately. Your heart may be broken, but this is the only way to experience life fully.


No matter how many shortcomings a person has, he will always be perfect if he is loved.


All lovers vow to fulfill more than they can and do not even fulfill what is possible.


The most interesting and forgivable of all human weaknesses is love.


For some people, their first love is their last!


Love is when separation drives you crazy, when you wait for a meeting, counting the moments, and when you are close, you forget about everything...


Love is not when people look into each other's eyes, but when they look in the same direction...


The wound in the heart caused by separation from a loved one can only be healed by meeting.


In love there are no winners or losers. There is only you and me.


In reality, you love not those with whom you are waiting to meet, but those with whom you cannot part.


Equality is the best soil for the seeds of love.


My love with all its strength. It happens to those who have lost too much or been burned too badly. Who understands that he is ready to give himself to another again, but if the feeling is not understood by those with whom it is connected, it will completely disappear.. (Statuses for social networks)


Love is like sweet sugar, dangerous like fire and deadly poison. But it’s impossible without her.


I know for sure that love will pass when two hearts are separated by the sea.


Darkness cannot disperse darkness - only light can. Hate cannot destroy hate—only love can.


A real man is so strong that alone with his beloved he can show his weaknesses!


I wish you were here, or I was there, or that we were together in any place!)


The woman who loves with her EARS is deaf... The man who loves with her EYES is blind... LOVE WITH YOUR HEART - THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!


We experience true love only once in a lifetime. And what happens to us after is just an echo of this feeling.


There are those who you simply like, those with whom it is interesting to talk, just acquaintances, friends.. and someone.. Until you figure out what is happening to you.. But because of this, you no longer sleep or eat someone...


If your eyes meet your loved ones, then it seems they are looking into your soul.. This reciprocity is the greatest happiness.


You are always with me.. If I want to think about you, I think about you. I don’t want to think about you - I think about you. I want to think about others - I think about you. I don't want to think about anyone. Thinking of you.


A woman can become a goddess only when a real man is next to her, and happy - only if a loving one is next to her...


To succeed, men need love, one and only, even if they don’t admit it. After all, behind every great man there is a woman who does not lose faith in him and truly loves him.


Heaven is lying on the hot sand, looking at the beautiful sunset and blue sea... and knowing that you are next to me.


When he hugs me, I bury my head in his neck and close my eyes to understand that I don’t need anything else, just to never let him go.


Love is almost the only thing that really exists in this stupid reality filled with illusory garbage.


Still, you have to love... You have to fall in love, go crazy, make dates, count the minutes until the meeting, suffocate with feelings in anticipation of meetings... Love was, is and will be... In spite of everything... In spite of everything!


I need a guy who, in response to my hysteria, hugs me and says: “That’s it, my love, make some noise and that’s enough.”


You will say - it is impossible to achieve you, but you can tame even a lonely bird... And my dreams, I know, can come true.


Couples who are destined to be together go through the same problems as everyone else. They just don't give up.


I will gently touch your lips... erase the sadness and dispel the sadness. I will open my heart for you, so that you love... me alone.


You can love in different ways... someone wants you to be his... and someone wants you to be happy.


For happiness you need one dream, two souls, and three words spoken to each other.


Love is what people are looking for. Having found it, they often lose it and begin to live with memories. Love is a moment, a moment of happiness.


I love him, I can’t imagine life without him... he’s so dear. But sometimes you just want to hit him with something heavy, for example... an iron.


You will never have a reason to be unhappy as long as you find the strength to love.


- Are you married?... - No... - When are you going? - When I finish university - Are you married? - No. - When are you going? - As soon as you finish university...


Not a pleasant characteristic if he is melancholic and she is selfish. But such relationships have become common in the era of online romanticism...


I no longer always wear high heels and do not paint my eyelashes... I learned to distinguish between what it means to love and to fall in love..


I can only love strongly and sincerely the person who can make me stay with just one look.


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Statuses about love with meaning

  1. Love is not quoting poets. This is when you look at a woman and feel vulnerable when you see your reflection in her eyes.
  2. You meet hundreds of people, and none of them leave a meaningful mark on your life. And suddenly you meet one person who changes your life forever, paving the granite road in it - this is what it means to love.
  3. Sometimes we've all fallen in love with someone who showed up unannounced and left without saying goodbye.
  4. In Broken Love, you won't be able to start the next chapter if you're still reading the previous one.
  5. Sometimes the love of your life only comes after the biggest mistake of your life.
  6. It's easy to fall in love at first sight. The true miracle is that two people continue to look at each other with passion throughout their lives.

  7. Anyone who couldn't love you for who you are doesn't even deserve to be mentioned.
  8. What good is it for someone who falls in love with my virtues? When someone starts going crazy about my shortcomings, that's when we'll talk about love.
  9. Even failed relationships are not a waste of time. Because if they didn't give you what you were looking for, they taught you what you needed.
  10. Love should be held tight while it is there, not when it is about to leave.
  11. Can true love forgive? No! Because true love will never betray.
  12. The best way to forget the past is not to run away from it, but to face it and forgive.
  13. There is no greater love than that which stands the test of time and separation.
  14. When you really love a person, then don't look at his appearance and social status.
  15. The purpose of life is not to find someone to love, but to find someone to be with forever. (We recommend reading short statuses for WhatsApp to update your profile with a love phrase).

Statuses about love for a girl, woman

  1. There are many ways to be happy. Most of all I like being with you.
  2. You are the most beautiful story that love has written in my life.
  3. The phrase “I love you” always seemed corny to me, but I have loved it since you came my way.
  4. It seems to me that I am in love, because every time I look at you I sigh.
  5. No Instagram status is enough to explain in a few sentences how important my woman is to me.
  6. Her smile lights me up every time she looks at me and shares her dreams with me - that's what love is.
  7. Before I met you, my heart was half, but when I met you it became full. So I realized that you are what I have always been missing.
  8. In romance novels they say that love is madness, now I understand why I am crazy about you.
  9. I admit, I didn’t look for you because I was missing something. On the contrary, I had so much that I wanted to share it with you.
  10. I love you because I don't know what else to do with you. I have missed you, searched for you, hated you, and ultimately always love you.
  11. Believe that someone will definitely appear in your life who will turn on the light that others have turned off.
  12. It was love at first sight, at last sight, in general at any sight.
  13. When they ask me about things in life, I just tell them your name.
  14. Have I already told you that I am in love with you or am I still sending you hints?
  15. To be happy, I need only 3 things: the sun during the day, the moon at night and the woman I love for the rest of my life.

Read more beautiful words and phrases to a girl about love and its beauty so that it touches your soul.

Statuses and phrases about love for a guy, a man

  1. There is only one happiness in life - to love and be loved.
  2. If you are a beautiful dream, then please don’t wake me up, because I don’t want to wake up.
  3. You pulled me out of a deep hole of loneliness just by telling me you loved me.
  4. Sometimes in your search for love you have to deal with a lot of toads before you meet your prince.
  5. If you love me the way I love you, then the world will explode with love.
  6. The memory of the first time I saw you is a permanent photograph that I keep in my head and it never fades.
  7. The distance between the two of us is something that I hate with all my heart, but I madly love your kisses after a long separation.
  8. You are still the first thing I think of when I am asked to make a wish.
  9. There is a type of love that makes you believe that anything is possible. I want you to know that with you I feel it.
  10. The real problem is that you fell in love with my flowers, not my roots. And when autumn came, you didn’t know what to do with me.
  11. If you think that you can easily convince me with this smile, then I clearly tell you that I completely agree with you.
  12. One of the hardest decisions in love is choosing whether to leave now or try a little longer.
  13. And when it seems that “everything is very bad,” you meet a person who makes you happy with any nonsense and completely changes your life.
  14. One day someone will love me and show me that love is truly magical and beautiful.
  15. Loving is like wanting to jump into the void. Your mind tells you it's crazy, but your heart insists you can fly.

Guys and men also love nice words addressed to them. Therefore, read about what beautiful and pleasant words you can tell your boyfriend about love.

Quotes about love

  1. Love cannot be bought, but you can pay dearly for it. (Henny Youngman)
  2. Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life. (Leo Buscaglia)
  3. Love may be blind, but it will definitely find its way in the dark. (Author unknown)
  4. Anyone can look into the eyes of others, but lovers can look into each other's souls. (Larry Latta)
  5. It seems that I have loved you countless times, life after life, century after century, always. (Rabindranath Tagore)
  6. I can live without money, but I cannot live without love. Judy Garland
  7. The anger of lovers revives their love. (Terence Hill)

  8. A life without love is like a pile of ashes on an extinguished fire when the fire has gone out, the laughter has died down, and the light has been extinguished. (Frank P. Tebbetts)
  9. True love is blind and deaf and dumb. (Patrick Rothfuss)
  10. A man loves little and often. A woman is a lot and rarely. (Basta).
  11. Lovers never get tired of each other because they always talk about themselves. ~ (Francois De La Rochefoucauld)
  12. Love from one being to another can only be in the fact that two solitudes come together, recognize, protect and comfort each other. (Han Suyin)
  13. Love is like playing the piano. First you must learn to play by the rules, then you must forget the rules and play with all your heart. (Michel de Montaigne)
  14. Love while you know how to love. (Ferdinand Freiligrath)
  15. A life with love will have some thorns, but a life without love will have no roses. To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. (Dr. Seuss)

You can also read beautiful phrases about love in quotes from movies.

Aphorisms about love

  1. Where there is love, there is no darkness.
  2. A heart in love with beauty never grows old.
  3. Love, pain and money cannot be kept secret. Soon they will make themselves known.
  4. The truest love in the world is the one that cannot be extinguished even by the biggest fire.
  5. Love and eggs are best when they're fresh.
  6. There is only one true love, but you can find thousands of different versions.
  7. Love, like butter, goes well with bread.
  8. In the face of love and death, courage is useless.
  9. Love makes the impossible possible.
  10. Being loved is the best way to be useful.
  11. Love is like glass that breaks easily if handled clumsily.
  12. Where there is love, there is pain.
  13. Those who love you will make you cry, and those who hate you will make you laugh.
  14. Love kills with golden arrows.
  15. There is no doctor who can cure love.
  16. Love understands all languages.
  17. In the kingdom of love there is no need for a sword.
  18. Love is like a baby that needs to be treated with all tenderness.
  19. Even water is sweet for loving hearts.
  20. Before you love, learn to run in the snow without leaving tracks.
  21. Love is like dew that falls on both nettles and lilies.
  22. All people have three ears: one to the left of the head, one to the right and one in the heart.
  23. A loving heart is always young.
  24. Longing for love hurts, but it doesn't kill.
  25. Love makes time fly. Time makes love pass.

*** -Darling, I bought myself a blouse))) They are so tender and beautiful. *** Only those who look at you with tenderness have beautiful eyes. *** Whoever has not heard the breathing of a sleeping girl does not know what tenderness is... *** Real tenderness cannot be confused with anything, and it is quiet... *** I do not ask God for money or fame, but I only ask, May Mom's heart beat forever! *** - I bet you won’t kiss me? - For what? - For a kiss. *** The only one I will run after will shout to me “Catch up, mom!” *** Your “Sweet Dreams” are more important than all “I love you” *** Dance like no one can see you... sing like no one can hear you... love like you've never been hurt and live like Heaven is already here earth... *** A gentle face, every feature, a snub-nosed sniffling... Money, career - all this is unimportant, important - sleeping nearby. *** Remember that there are millions of women in the world who are much more beautiful, smarter and more interesting than you. But all this does not matter if you touched his heart... *** Do you have a favorite actress? -Yes, I have. -Who? -My beloved MOTHER, because she plays an important role in MY LIFE. *** Hey, you! On the other side of the screen... yes, yes, it’s you! Good luck to you, do you hear? *** Tenderness...There is so much in this word. The soft paws of a beloved cat, a devoted dog, fluffy snow, poplar fluff, clouds - this is tenderness. *** 4 things cannot be returned: a stone if it is thrown, a word if it is spoken, an opportunity if it is missed and the time that is up. *** Those who criticize the current generation have forgotten who raised them. *** ... How tenderly the word “mom” sounds on your lips ... *** The best ones are those who make you smile most often. — Beautiful statuses *** I’m having an attack of tenderness))) who wants a piece??? *** I love my (name)! You are the most beautiful and tender! Yours (name) *** Tenderness is so divinely light, It is the rustling of dreams and the stars, It is the wind that sweeps clouds, Into the fragile world of illusions and mysteries... *** It is very difficult for Beautiful Girls to have a good reputation. They always speak ill of them out of Envy. *** You are the sweetest) and your hugs are the warmest) and your hands are the most tender) *** Sometimes a pair of warm hands, beloved eyes, tender lips is so missing.. You really want someone to hold you close, look tenderly at you eyes and gently whispered: “I love you.” *** You spoil me with happiness! I adore you, my beautiful and tender one! ***Will you watch over my heart? I'll leave him with you... *** Indifference can kill even the most tender feelings... *** Many guys ask me why he is... But I just love him... I love his look, his laugh, his smile, even when he's just nearby ... He's perfect... *** Favorite! We will definitely be happy. Me, you and our daughter. *** Wishing you the sweetest, tender, beautiful, unforgettable, most pleasant, delicious, unusual, extravagant, extreme, chic, awesome, cool, soft, fluffy... and also openwork, crystal, colorful, marmalade, chocolate and erotic DREAMS!!! *** Don’t be afraid to admit to a person that you like him... if this is the case, then it’s not difficult at all)) *** Love, heart How I adore the tickling of your fluffy eyelashes... *** THE MOST TENDER BEAUTIFUL WORDS AND FLOWERS ARE EVERYTHING FOR YOU REMEMBER YOU ARE MY DREAM *** Sympathy is when you like your appearance, falling in love is when you like your appearance and character, and love is when you like even your flaws. *** His laughter is the most favorite sound in the world... *** I love you very much, I can’t live without you, I dream about you. I feel very bad without you, I miss you. I visit your page more often than my own... *** If you have a significant other, call or write to her (him), remind her of your love! This will only bring you even closer! *** A child’s smile can disperse the gloomiest clouds, stop heavy rains, and drive away melancholy. *** I saw my father with a stroller and tears welled up. I realized that I still love him dearly. After all, once upon a time he also carried me in a stroller. Daddy. *** You are just like everyone else, only I like you more. *** You are so ordinary, in some ways even strange. I don’t understand what I found in you, but I know one thing - I love you! The most tender and beautiful statuses

Final words

Love is the most amazing and beautiful feeling in the world. And when you are in love, it is difficult to explain your feelings. Therefore, on we decided to collect touching and beautiful statuses about love, with the help of which you can find the right words and express your feelings.

Use these statuses to share with your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife, showing them how much you love them. Do something thoughtful to keep the relationship going, or upload a photo with a short loving caption to Instagram. In general, do everything possible to express your feelings to your loved one.

We advise you to watch the beautiful and wise words of Omar Khayyam about love.

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