Statuses with meaning about lies

I hate lies in people. It can be different for everyone, very skillful or idle and unexpected - like a knife.

I hate lies in people. The one that is considered harmless, the one for which I am ashamed. Although it’s not me, but you who are lying to me. I hate lies in people. And my soul suffers greatly when they give it with a smile , so that at first you can’t tell. I hate lies in people. There is half a step from lies to betrayal. Once upon a time, everything was decided by the sword. But now the old style is worthless. I hate lies in people. And I don't accept explanations. After all, a person is like spring rain, And how pure he is, April rain...

Andrey Dementyev

And I hate lies in all its forms. You can’t treat her positively; if they lie to you, then it’s doubly unpleasant, isn’t it? Being deceived is not the best feeling. Lying is definitely bad, everyone knows it. Although, it is impossible to always tell only the truth, not to live, to be such an ideal lover of truth. The realization that everyone is lying and you are an angel is a manifestation of pride, I think so.

So what to do: to lie or not to lie... And can there be a middle ground in this matter?

Lies make us better, but not for long

Lying is a daily habit of almost all people. When we talk about how much we dislike lying, we are also telling lies. The dictionary defines a lie as “a deliberate untruth told with the intent to deceive.” And deception is a way to force someone to verify something that is not true.

The question arises, what is truth? This is the correspondence of reality to facts. Thus, any story that does not reliably correspond to the facts is considered a lie. Even if you embellished the events a little to make a catchphrase, it will no longer be true. This is why all literary works, including biblical allegories, are fictional.

However, most people are aware of the difference between fiction and actual lies. It lies in the intention of the person who tells it. Sometimes people just want to embellish events a little, and sometimes they want to provide deliberately false information in order to obtain personal gain.

Made up stories

Good storytellers have always been worth their weight in gold. But all listeners were well aware that most of them did not actually happen. Those stories that we hear from other people or read in books never actually existed, but were invented for educational or entertainment purposes. But why is a writer who tells a fairy tale considered a creative person, while a friend who talks about a fictitious event at a party is considered a liar? Obviously, there is a difference between these two types of lies, although both stories are made up for entertainment purposes.

Some stories lose their value once the storyteller declares them to be fictitious. Just imagine what a comedian would say before a performance: “I made this story up yesterday morning. One funny thing happened to me..." Agree that after such a start you are unlikely to find it funny. Thus, we are surrounded by lies on all sides. We lie when we say we don't like lies. “The whole world is a stage, and the people in it are actors,” said Shakespeare, and he was absolutely right. Take everything as a stage on which everyone strives to embellish reality so that the audience will appreciate it.

The role of listeners

A lie is impossible without listeners. Even if you are lying to yourself, you must believe what you are saying. That is why many people, when telling lies, gradually begin to accept what they said as reality.

To lie, you need two people who will take part in it. One will lie, and the second will listen. At the same time, you can deceive not only with the help of words, but also with the help of clothes, things and cosmetics. If you take out a phone on credit, you are essentially deceiving others into believing that you have the opportunity to purchase a gadget. In the same nightclub, girls with a ton of makeup on their faces are also liars who wishful thinking.

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People don't like the truth. You can see this if you start saying what you think. “I have daddy problems,” “I feel sad because I’m a loser,” “my baby is driving me crazy,” try saying that to someone you know and you’ll see how awkward they’ll start to feel. A striking example of universal lies is also “male” and “female” behavior or clothing. Clothing, behavior and social preferences do not have chromosomes, so these things cannot have a gender. Deception also includes Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and many other mythical heroes.

Prick a liar with sarcasm

In everyday life, we encounter deception every day. If you are once again told a lie, treat it with humor. Perhaps a liar will read your ironic status about people who lie, and he will feel at least a little ashamed.

  1. There is a separate cauldron in hell for liars and all kinds of cheats.
  2. To become a great liar, you need a perfect memory.
  3. Everything secret sooner or later becomes clear, and liars always get what they deserve.
  4. For some, deception is a means of solving problems, for most - creating new ones.
  5. There are people who lie at every turn. But sooner or later they begin to reap the bitter fruits of their lies.
  6. Why are there so many deceivers? Did real men go extinct with the dinosaurs?
  7. Liars do not live long - one day their soul is eaten by their conscience.
  8. There is no need for me to hang noodles on my ears. I haven't liked pasta since childhood.
  9. You can see a liar from afar, just look him in the eyes.
  10. The sea is knee-deep and the mountains are shoulder-deep to a liar. Even if he has never been there.
  11. Don't have liars in your circle. They strike for sure and always on the sly.
  12. Are you building a career on lies? Be prepared for it to fall apart like a house of cards.
  13. A flatterer is the same liar who takes advantage of your advantages.
  14. Stay away from liars - they will drag you into their swamp from which you cannot get out.
  15. How much impudence does it take to lie and not blush?

Lies and evolution

Deception is a trait of more developed brains. Animals simply don't know what lies are. Reptiles certainly cannot deceive in any way, except perhaps with their color. They simply do not have the prefrontal lobe of the brain, which is responsible for lying. People, on the contrary, can do this from birth.

Even babies lie to benefit themselves. They cry, then fall silent for a while to see if anyone has come to hear them cry, after which they continue their activity. One-year-olds can already hide things, two-year-olds can bluff, and five-year-olds can manipulate adults with flattery. In every fifth case, teenagers lie to their parents.

But adults cannot compare with anyone. They lie in politics, journalism, advertising, mailings and training courses. And it turns out that the greatest benefits in life are received by those people who have learned to lie masterfully and selflessly. This vice has been further developed by social networks, which consist almost entirely of embellished facts.

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Phrases about lying and deceiving people

I’m already afraid to get close to people - as soon as I dig deep, there’s emptiness inside with elements of lies and pretense.

It's disgusting to see how people lie and get pleasure from it.

People can be such deceivers that at first you take them seriously.

If you try to get to the bottom of a person, you risk plunging into his deceitful world.

Trusting people does not lead to good. The law of life says that the strongest survive in it. We are divided into those who deceive and those who are deceived.

Nothing changed. There are crowds of strangers around, and everyone tells you what to do. And everyone is lying.

If you don’t deceive, you won’t live; many people act precisely on this principle.

I used to believe that everyone was telling the truth, just like I did, but it turned out that most people don’t even know what it is.

When fate confronts you with a liar, you should thank her for another experience.

After communicating with a liar, you just want to go to the bathhouse and wash yourself.

Don't look for people who don't lie - they don't exist. Look for those who deceive, but do not betray - you can deal with such people.

Strange people have come: they themselves lie, but they demand the truth from me.

People who say they never lie are lying.

Cheating is not good, we all know from childhood, but sometimes people forget about it.

Why lying is an addiction

We lie because lying is an attempt to bridge the gap between who we are and who we want to be. When the gap between the two becomes too big, we try to close it by lying. Not surprisingly, the areas of the brain that control instant gratification also control lying. After all, it gives us an instant feeling of joy and pleasure, just like drugs or smoking. By deceiving ourselves and others, we immediately trigger the release of joy hormones that we could only get if we worked long and hard.

Quotes about a loved one's lies

Again, comforted by that deception, I believed in your ridiculous story... But I knew there was no more faith, not for the first time..

You said you needed me. Apparently, it’s needed to lie...

Once you swore and deceived. Now I don't believe in your gods.

There is no need for flowers, kneeling or beautiful actions. Just don't lie to me...

It was not the fact that you deceived me, but the fact that I could no longer trust you that shocked me.

You have to tell a liar that he is a liar, and even if you once loved him...

A deceitful person - I would never have thought that I could say that about my loved one.

I always paid attention only to your best qualities, not noticing how you simply lie to me.

When you pour on me again, I think: I would rather choose loneliness than you.

It’s terrible to look into his eyes when he’s pouring, but I know the truth.

Love is not afraid of huge separation, it dies from little lies.

You deceive me so often that I am convinced that you have already begun to believe yourself.

I'm no longer at that age for the noodles to stay firmly on my ears.

I think I understand that you deceived me a little... but I can’t believe it anymore...

With your lies you humiliate me and yourself. And that means our love has no reason.

You are so beautiful that even your lies breathe sincerity!

It’s easy for you to deceive me, because I trust you so unconditionally.

When a loved one deceives, this is already a betrayal.

I'll drink to the lies of betraying lips...

Fool. You lie to me, you dodge... You don’t understand that in your eyes I see your whole life.

The sweeter the speech, the more painful the deception.

Will and honesty

Some people believe that the habit of constantly lying can be dealt with in several ways. Some people think that it is possible to prevent the flow of lies with the help of willpower, while others think that this requires a complete lack of temptation.

Research shows that the second group is right. The features of the brain studied by the researchers allow us to understand that during a frank conversation there is practically no neural activity associated with control. Therefore, the surest way to stop lying is simply the absence of alternative options. This fact may shock people who tend to believe that honesty is entirely dependent on moral principles and willpower, but it is true.

Juno's blog

Yesterday was my last day of work at my seasonal job. I sold sunglasses in a shopping mall. There were a lot of people and many of them helped me understand how much we love it when people lie to us. Not rudely and arrogantly, but somehow skillfully, with an attractive lie. In general, now it is very fashionable to learn how to lie correctly or how to identify this lie. Nowadays books and trainings on identifying lies and truth are very popular. “Body Language” and the TV series “Lie to Me” immediately come to mind . At one time I studied them thoroughly! It's always nice to feel that you dominate the conversation, that you know much more about your interlocutor than he says.

Here is a strange human phenomenon - we say that we love the truth, we persuade others to tell us the truth, BUT if we don’t like this truth, then our state is extremely unfriendly. I'll tell you how this happens with my clients. Usually a client asks my opinion about the glasses he is trying on. I tell him the truth or a lie. Regardless of whether it will affect sales or not (in my store we use a non-violent method xD, without insisting on purchasing). Let's say I have three possible answers to the question "Are these glasses right for me?" . 1) Yes, of course! They look very harmonious. 2) No, I personally don’t like it, try these... 3) Yes/No, but it depends on your taste and the style of clothing you prefer.

Personally, my favorite option is option 3, because it is the real truth . 2 people with the same type of face wear the same glasses, but for one it’s vulgar and “how can you even wear this” (at this time I usually think “I like it...”), and for the other it’s super fashionable, bright , cool, I'll take it! That is, it depends on what kind of person you are and whether you like to be the center of attention.

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I've noticed that you can equally tell people Yes, yes, yes or No, no, no, because you still won't be able to accurately predict their reaction to your answer. Clients may take it into account, or they may not care. So, more often I try to discern from body language and facial expressions whether a person liked a pair of glasses or not, and I speak in accordance with his likings. But I'm not a professional at reading minds, so sometimes I miss. And for some reason people don’t like this, they frantically begin to look for another pair, upset that I (sort of) forbade them from buying the first pair with my negative answer. By the way, I won't make a great liar. And it seems to bother my clients more than it bothers me, because they love being lied to! We love lies! When I speak my opinion and honestly add that the decision is theirs to make, because it depends on their taste... they look at me (here I can read their thoughts) and their whole appearance says “Well, thank you, I didn’t make the decision easier no way". This is exactly the reason! People like lies that make their lives easier. My clients love it when they are lied to because it relieves them of responsibility for the decisions they make. If suddenly something happens - “the saleswoman recommended this to me!” Brute xD” So you have to lie in such a way as to bring comfort and pleasure to the person. A sort of sweet harmless lie in the form of answers: 1) Yes, of course! They look very harmonious. 2) No, I personally don’t like it, try these... Because the truth... the truth is that I don’t care. The choice of purchase is entirely your choice and most often, just like you, I don’t understand what suits you and what you should buy.

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How to get rid of lies?

Surely you have promised more than once to be more honest. Even if you are used to deceiving others and don’t see anything wrong with it, deceiving yourself is a very dangerous activity. How can you get rid of lies? The key lies in reducing the discrepancy between your reality and how you imagine yourself and your life.

Face the truth and try to fully accept the true state of affairs. If you have a bad and low-paying job, then stop telling everyone that you are getting a promotion soon. After all, if you understand how little you are valued, you will be able to find another, more worthy job. Otherwise, you will have to work for many more years in the same place in the hope that your efforts will be appreciated.

Tell yourself: “I love and accept myself as I am!” Appreciate your strengths and weaknesses, be honest with yourself and do not exaggerate your achievements. And over time, you will notice how much your life has changed for the better.

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